Spencer Pratt Is Writing A Tell-All Book About Heidi Montag

My favorite fame whore is back in the news! Spencer Pratt has announced to Us magazine that he’s writing a tell-all book about his relationship with Heidi Montag, and it’s no hold barred!

“My last book, How to be Famous, didn’t make the New York Times best-seller list because it was in the self-help section. This one is going to be totally different. I’m not holding anything back.”

I think a tell-all book from Heidi Montag about Spencer would be a hell of a lot more entertaining. I’d like to read about how and why he kept her prisoner from her friends and family for so long, mind f*cked her into loving him, and allowed her to end up having such a crappy image of herself, that she had her entire body completely remodeled.  Besides all that, I’d like to know how many tabloid reporters and paparazzi photographers Spencer sucked off to keep ’em coming around.

Heidi Montag naked, completely nude