Stacy Keibler Wants to Have Kids With George Clooney

When will these chicks learn? You can get a lot of things from a relationship with George Clooney – 15 minutes of fame, a spot on Dancing With the Stars, a lesson in how to mash a Viagra pill up in your man’s oatmeal so he doesn’t even taste it, but what you will not get is a baby.

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Picture

In fact, just talking about marriage or kids is enough to get your gold-diggin’ @ss kicked to the curb, but that didn’t stop George’s new piece of the month, Stacy Keibler, from saying all the wrong things to friends and reporters at the start of their relationship. According to the Enquirer, Keibler told friends she “desperately wants to get pregnant” by Clooney, saying, “Oh my god, we would have such beautiful children!”

Sure, it’s the Enquirer, but in this case I believe them, because, let’s face it…of course Stacy said that! The only reason to sign on as the newest Cloon poon is to try and lock his ancient @ss while there’s still some functional sperm left in his withered prune bag. George will likely wanna settle down and sire a male heir at some point, and every chick he dates is just hoping to be the one who’s around when he gets too senile to keep playing the field. He’s old, is what I’m saying.

Unfortunately for Stacy, she effed up by saying it out loud. The first rule of having the Clooney baby is, do not talk about having the Clooney baby. Look for a break-up announcement later today.

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