Stephanie Birkitt: Diary Filled With David Letterman Sex Details

David Letterman‘s former personal assistant Stephanie Birkitt kept a diary in which she detailed her sexcapades with her former boss.

According to Stephanie’s diary, Letterman would drive Stephanie to her Norwalk, Conn., home at least once a week. She was sharing the house with Robert Halderman, the alleged extortioner, since he divorced his wife in 2004.

Stephanie and David also hiked together while her boyfriend Joe stayed at home. Steph told Joe that Letterman was just a good “friend.”

Robert found the diary in December and discovered that Stephanie Birkitt was with him and David at the same time. The wheels in his head also began turning and he decided to try to get $2 million from Dave.

Robert copied the diary and included it in his ransom package which included a note requesting $2 million dollars or else Dave’s sexual affairs could even be made into a feature film. This Robert dude needs meds!

Stephanie also told Robert that she wants to have children with him and that she would make a lot of money working as David’s personal lawyer, a job the late night host offered Stephanie after she graduated from college.

This is one of the messiest stories I have ever reported on in three years of blogging! I honestly don’t feel sorry for anyone. David’s a dog, Stephanie’s a dog, and Robert’s a pig! Karma is delivering like Domino’s.