Suri Cruise Is Still Hittin’ The Bottle

Speaking of spoiled brats, here’s a kid that is gonna be hell on wheels when she gets older if her parents can’t even get her to stop drinking from a bottle. Suri Cruise was photographed getting tipsy on a bottle while sitting on Katie Holmes’ lap during a break from filming a movie in New York City.

The kid is three frickin’ years old and wears high heels, yet they can’t wean her off the bottle? Because they’re famous and all, Dr. Jennifer Shu has put her two cents in about Suri’s drinking habit.

Suri Cruise wearing lipstick

“By the time kids are nine months old, they have the physical development and mouth coordination necessary to be able to drink out of a sippy cup or a cup with straw.”

It’s probably a hard habit to break because behind closed doors, Tom Cruise still drinks from a baby bottle himself. Not only that, but he also wears a diaper and makes Katie hold his ankles up and wipe his butt. Actually, it would be nice to pee yourself and have somebody clean you up and throw a little baby powder on your a*s.