Susan Boyle is Still the Boss Lady, Sells 500k More Albums

Susan Boyle is unstoppable. The innocent, homely singer from across the pond is absolutely huge in the States, and anyone who said she wouldn’t attain international success was talking rubbish!

Susan Boyle #1 again

Susan Boyle owned the U.S. Billboard charts last week. She sold 701k copies of “I Dreamed a Dream” and had the best-selling female album debut in Billboard SoundScan history. This week she has sold an additional 500k copies. Her album has only been out for two weeks in the States but she’s already gone Platinum with sales over 1.2 million. I can add, y’all! 

And with Christmas just a few weeks away, Susan’s debut disc is bound to become a stocking stuffer. At this pace, her first record should sell at least 2.5 million copies in the States, which is huge in this music piracy-friendly era.

Once again, congrats woman!