Taylor Armstrong Lesbian Lover, Fernanda Rocha, Speaks Out

After Taylor Armstrong‘s husband Russell ended his life, she got involved in a lesbian relationship. Real Housewives of Orange County star Fernanda Rocha is a smoking hot lezzie, and being an opportunist, Taylor seized the opportunity to hook up with a fellow Bravo star.

Fernanda Rocha pictureTaylor of RHOBH

In Touch magazine says that Taylor dumped Fernanda because their passionate affair wasn’t good for her image.

Fernanda sounds upset about it, saying: “Be responsible for your actions. And don’t dismiss the other human being that you are connecting with. When people started asking, it was like, ‘Don’t say this, don’t say that …’ That is hurtful.” Awww.

Fernanda continued: “I couldn’t really be open about how I felt because I was protecting her.”

This story sucks!! So sad. Taylor’s rep says the claims are “untrue,” as if she’d say otherwise. Meanwhile Fernanda says: “A lot of straight girls want to have an experience with another woman, but they don’t take into consideration that we’re human!”

Women should never treat other women like sh!t in romantic relationships. We’re supposed to behave better than men!