Taylor Kinney: A Matter Of Time Before He Cheats On Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is enjoying the company of her latest beau Taylor Kinney, but should she be worried about him cheating on her? He cheated on his previous girlfriend with Lady Gaga, so chances are, he may do the same to her.

Lady Gaga Looks Fabulous

Taylor’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Sackett has opened up about her failed f*ckship with Taylor telling Star magazine, “She was with my boyfriend and I found out he was cheating on me… I feel like she’s a home wrecker.”

Yeah, Taylor may have fallen for Gaga’s super vag, but it might not be enough to keep him around and faithful.

“All of her friends are telling her to watch her step, Taylor is bound to break her heart. It’s only a matter of time before he finds someone else and cheats on Gaga, leaving her shattered.”

If Taylor is dumb enough to screw Lady G over, she’ll just write an album about it, make millions off of it, and move on. His loss!

Photos: WENN