Taylor Kinney Cheated On Girlfriend Brittany Sackett With Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is apparently a homewrecker! Her new beau Taylor Kinney was allegedly still dating his girlfriend Brittany Sackett when he started hooking up with Gaga. A pal of Brittany’s spoke with Star magazine and claims Taylor told Gaga he had a girlfriend and he never tried to hide it, “but Gaga didn’t care.”

Lady Gaga Holding Hot Dog

Lady G wasn’t just on the prowl, Brittany’s pal also claims “Brittany told me, ‘I got a pocket dial from him and recognized Lady Gag’s voice. Brittany went on saying, I heard them making out. She was saying to him, “You’re so sexy. I think what you do is so creative.”‘

Gaga’s pulling an Aniston and stealing another woman’s man! Taylor is under her spell. She’s the kind of kinky he wants, and apparently homewreckers are hot.

Photos: WENN

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