Taylor Momsen Sluts it up in Spain

As I’ve said before, I differ from the other POTP writers and the rest of the world, in that rather than hating Taylor Momsen, I actually sit at home scrawling her name all over my textbook covers, with the “o’s” replaced by little hearts. Unfortunately, despite acting like a 48 year-old biker bar skank, Taylor is only 17, which means that To Catch a Predator dude is probably on his way to my house right now.

Taylor acted like her usual slutty self in Madrid recently, taking her habit of flashing audiences to new, weird levels by showing her @ss to a crowd of randy Spaniards. If this is the new trend, I guess I can get behind it (no awful pun intended). Then again, Taylor Momsen could tell me the new trend was guys putting razor blades under their eyelids and I’d sit there crying blood while I pretended to like her awful band.

Lifting it up

Anyway, with the way Taylor’s been showing her boobs to the entire world, I’ve been getting a little bored with them. It’s good to see her mixing it up by mooning Madrid. God knows how she’ll try to keep things interesting once she’s legal.