Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne Breakup

Yes, Taylor Swift was dating some British actor named Eddie Redmayne, and yes, she’s been dumped again. At this rate, she’ll never run out of new song material.

Taylor Swift Sad Walk PhotoEddie Redmayne Photo

According to Us Weekly, Taylor and Eddie met while she was in London auditioning for the film version of Les Miserables. The two hit it off, Taylor “developed feelings for him fast” and “loved the image of a British boyfriend,” but when she didn’t land the part, Eddie decided he wasn’t feeling a long distance relationship, and dropped Tay Tay like a hot rock. Dumped and fired on the same day! Knowing Taylor, she went home and wrote 4,000 songs about the experience.

From the sound of it, Taylor and Eddie weren’t dating very long, (my guess would be he didn’t even consider her his girlfriend), but still, getting dumped, like, 15 times in the past year has gotta sting. Guess she has one more reason for those teardrops on her guitar, or some dumb crap like that.