Taylor Swift Boob Job: Before and After Pictures?

Taylor Swift sleeps her way through Hollywood yet she pretends to be completely virginal. She’s the type of girl who bakes cupcakes with Selena Gomez and hangs out with cute Glee star Dianna Agron because she’s a down to earth girl’s girl who would never do anything that she couldn’t do without having her parents in the same room?

Taylor Swift bikini bodyTaylor Swift breast implants

We’re shocked that little old Swifty may have bought herself some new t!ts, and I personally don’t really know what to believe. I find it odd that Taylor would be using padded bras and chicken cutlets type of sh!t to make her breasts look bigger while hanging out with a bunch of chicks! Unless she was trying to show her friends what a good surgeon she worked with. Maybe she’s gained some weight in addition to going for thick bras these days.

One things for certain though: Most folks don’t believe that TayTay got her boobs done which means that if she did get a boob job, she got a really good one! Stars like Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani and Brandi Glanville got small breast implants that compliment their figures instead of making ’em look like they can’t walk without falling over. Taylor may have done the same.