Teen Mom 2 Recap: Adam Forces Megan Out

Up to this point, the living arrangements between Chelsea Houska, Aubree, Adam, and Megan have been just swell but it will change soon. Chelsea’s dad wants Adam to help pay rent, but he thinks it’s impossible to pay $300 for rent and $300 for child support. He wants Chelsea to tell the system that they’re legally living together so he doesn’t have to pay child support. Whatever douche, step up and be a man! Adam’s being an @ss because Chelsea hasn’t asked Megan to pay rent. Chelsea talks to Megan about coughing up some dough for rent and Megan believes all three should pay. When Chelsea talks to Adam about the new payment agreement, he gets defensive and thinks Megan should move out. You knew it was gonna happen…

Chelsea Discusses Rent

Adam and Megan have a huge blowout and she goes to her parents’ house. Chelsea thinks Adam should have to apologize to Megan, but he doesn’t even want her to live there. Because Chelsea won’t tell Megan to move out, Adam takes matters in his own hands and sends her a text that she should pack her shiz and go. Megan calls Chelsea and tells her she never sticks up for her and what a complete dick Adam is. Chelsea tries to make herself sound like the victim yet she’s allowed her douche boyfriend to ruin her friendship with Megan and basically forces her to move out. Chelsea’s dad is mad and thinks Adam could have made more of an effort to diffuse the problem. Chelsea doesn’t understand why her dad always blames Adam but her dad points out everything is Adam’s fault, and it always has been since he and Chelsea got together. Good lord, I hope Chelsea moves on and finds a decent man.


Jenelle Evans was kicked out of the house during last week’s episode and is staying at a friend’s house. She still needs information from her mom to apply for financial aid and if she doesn’t get the forms, she may not be able to go to school. Jenelle may think her mom’s a complete a-hole for kicking her out of the house, but at least she was nice enough to get the financial aid forms filled out so Jenelle can attend school. Jenelle stopped by her mom’s house to thank her for doing the financial forms and expresses that she wants to spend more time with Jace, and she’s completely amazed when she sees Jace walking on his own. Barbara invites Jenelle over for Jace’s birthday party, but when Jenelle tells her what she got her little man for his first birthday, Barbara gets her panties in a bunch as usual. She thinks babies turning one year old don’t needs presents, and she admitted she didn’t buy her kids Christmas presents when they were babies because they wouldn’t remember them. WTF is that? Jenelle bought him a cute little Spiderman 4-wheeler which I’m sure he’ll enjoy more than the silver cup her mom suggested. There was major tension when Jenelle and Keiffer showed up to the birthday party, but everything went smoothly.

Kailyn Lowry and her ex or not ex-boyfriend Jo’s living situation is still in shambles. While talking to one of her friends, Kailyn pretty much decides she doesn’t want to be with Jo anymore and just wants to be friends. When she got a job after Isaac was born, she realized how trapped she is with Jo. Kailyn talks with her mom about the drama with Jo and his family but mom doesn’t try to help her at all, but she does tell her that being a single mom is one of the toughest things Kailyn will have to do. Her mom knows because she did it with Kailyn and she’s knows it’s a tough and scary choice. Awww, mom you may not be able to help out financially but at least you’re there to give your daughter someone to talk to. Jo and his dad talk about the recent fight they had and his dad lets him know he never meant for the argument to go that far. Jo and Kailyn can move back in, but the drama has got to stop. Kailyn decides she’ll live at Jo’s for now, but will eventually move out on her own. She’s hoping now that she will be honest with Jo and his parents about how she feels, and that they won’t kick her out before she can afford to live somewhere else.

They’ve still got a month to go before Ali can get an MRI, but a physical therapist comes over to show Leah Messer how to work with Ali and help get her more mobile. You can tell Leah is heartbroken watching Ali struggle, but she’s doing everything she can to help her. She’s making sure everyone in the family learns all of the physical therapy work she needs so they can do it too while they’re watching the girls. Corey hasn’t been open about his feelings about Ali’s problems, but Leah explains to him that they need to talk to each other about her situation and be strong for Ali. They both have fears she may not be able to walk. Leah is getting five year birth control but Corey wants to have another baby soon, and he’s hoping for a boy. He’s not realizing what’s already on his plate and he wants to pop out more babies? He’s also ready to run down the aisle and get hitched! Leah thinks he may be joking about the marriage idea, but she doesn’t realize he picked out a ring. Slow down there, Speed Racer.