Teen Mom: Maci Bookout Talks About Bentley’s Loser Father Ryan Edwards

Teen Mom Maci Bookhouse opens up about her relationship with Bentley's father Ryan Edwards. Maci tells Us Weekly she hardly speaks to her ex-fiance to try and avoid arguments as much as possible, and also said he spoils Bentley too much.

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On this weeks episode of Teen Mom, Maci had been working on weaning Bentley off of his pacifier, but while he was staying with Ryan, that pacifier was quickly back in his mouth.

"He's just going to get [his pacifier] at Ryan's house. I think Ryan spoils Bentley and really has no boundaries as far as discipline. With me, I don't want Bentley to grow up and be a brat when he's 4 years old."

She also makes it clear that Ryan hardly does any daddy duties when Bentley's at his house, and I'm talkin' simple things like changing a diaper!

"As far as Bentley getting fed, his diaper changed, taking a bath, it's mainly Ryan's mom doing all of that."

Ryan needs to pull his head out of his *ss and start taking on his responsibilities as a father. Of course I only know what  see on Teen Mom, and frankly with the way he's portrayed, he sucks as a dad. He's been a total d*ck since Maci was pregnant!

Man up, Ryan!

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