The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert is “Happy With the Way Things Turned Out”

The Bachelorette starring Ashley Hebert premieres tonight at 9 PM on ABC. Ashley had a conference call to promote the show, and she sounds, uh… content?!

Ashley Hebert topless picture

Ashley said: “You’ll have to tune in to find out. I will say I’m happy with the way things turned out with me, but you’ll have to tune in and see the rollercoaster.” Hmmm, I’m pretty suspicious. If I found the love of my life, or if my ex finally drops the restraining order, I would say “I’m really happy,” or “so in love!”

Considering the track record of ABC’s hit franchise, Ashley and her guy may have broken up during the flight home.

Ashley is also so over last season’s idiot “The Bachelor” douche, Brad Womack. Ashley said: “I think Brad is a great guy but we both needed different things in our life. And especially after meeting all these men, I realized how Brad wasn’t the best fit for me and I wasn’t the best fit for Brad.”

Best of luck to Ms. Hebert!

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