The Kim Kardashian Divorce: What Does It Mean For Her Career?

Kim Kardashian is famous simply because she’s rich and gives the world access to the most intimate details of her life.  She’s turned her so-called life into a real world soap opera, in which she’s the 24-hour star. It worked for a while and made her an incredible fortune. The problem is, Kim thinks her fans are idiots, and her latest scandal may be the final insult.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Kissing Photo

Kim’s star seemed to rise overnight, and the more we learned about her, the more it became clear that she did nothing to deserve her worldwide fame.  Her personality is non-existent, she has no discernible talent, and while she’s certainly an attractive girl, there are millions of those in the world, and they’re not all one-woman empires. Kim and her family quickly realized that the only way they could keep people interested in their lives was to bring the drama, and there’s nothing more dramatic than a marriage.

So Kim and her network hunted down a suitable Mr. Kardashian in the form of Kris Humphries. The two dated for as long as they needed to in order to be taken seriously, then they immediately tied the knot. Millions watched the wedding, and the honeymoon pics came with a heavy price tag. But weddings are exciting and marriages are not, so just about ten weeks into her life of wedded bliss, Kim decided to pull the plug.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Awkward Photo

The public is understandably skeptical about Kim’s sudden change of heart, but the worst part was not that she asked her fans to believe that her ratings-grab of a marriage was legit, but that she’s now feeding the press a slew of ridiculous excuses. She married an unemployed basketball player, then was apparently shocked to find out he might have to move someplace that’s not New York or LA. She’s asking the public to believe that she genuinely thought Kris was the love of her life, yet she wasn’t even willing to invest a few months into keeping up appearances.

So why go to such ridiculous lengths just to grab a few headlines? Because for some people, fame can be as addictive as any drug, and Kim will do anything to get her next fix…


Just as she milked her marriage for everything it was worth, so too, will Kim squeeze every drop of publicity from her divorce. She broke the news on a Monday, to ensure that she’d be able to keep the tabloids and blogosphere buzzing for an entire work week. In fact, she was so eager to go public that Kris reportedly found out from the media that Kim had filed divorce papers. Also, the announcement coincides with the launch of a new season of Kim and Kourtney Take New York, which will likely enjoy record ratings in the wake of this scandal.

Kim and Kris apparently already filmed a scene in which in which they decide to “take a break,” and E! execs are said to be scrambling in an attempt to figure out how to turn the divorce into ratings. It brings to mind previous sham couples such as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, who eventually admitted that much of their relationship was staged for the cameras.  The problem in Kim’s case, is that her husband isn’t the experienced famewhore that she is. He seems genuinely taken aback by Kim’s sudden decision to split and he’s likely not concerned with the ratings boost that will result from his failed marriage.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Kris was in on the act from day one, and is simply feeding us a convincing jilted husband story. Either way, he’ll probably make more money from his first post-divorce interview than he ever did playing basketball because in 2011, fame is more valuable than talent.

As for Kim, the marriage was a once-in-a-lifetime stunt, and she’ll likely look back on her 4-hour televised wedding special as the height of her fame. As the dust from her divorce settles and the tabloids turn toward more interesting trainwrecks, she’ll reluctantly slouch her way toward “Where are they now?” status. But rest assured, just like Spencer and Heidi before her, she won’t leave the spotlight without a fight.