The Voice Salaries: $10 Million for Christina, $6 Million for Adam Levine, Blake & Cee Lo

Christina Aguilera may be the only female judge on NBC’s talent competition, “The Voice,” but the only ones suffering from gender pay inequality are the men! Xtina will make $10 million and Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo will pocket $6 million.

The Wrap reports that the judges aren’t going anywhere! They just inked a deal for the salaries we just mentioned for the third season of NBC’s hit show!!! All of the judges have thriving music careers, but with paychecks that thick, it makes sense for them to each clear their schedules for a few months to get paid!

I don’t want to watch The Voice if they ever get other judges. I adore the show, and the amount of tension and chemistry among the judges is a rarity on talent competitions.