UPDATED POST: Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria And Drew Barrymore At New York’s Fashion Week

Yeah, that’s Kanye West sitting next to ’em, let’s just not talk about him, k?

Looks like they were into some kind of conversation. I’m sure it was deep – Global Warming, the Iraq war, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, world hunger, AIDS,… ya know, the usual topics J.Lo likes to cover. Actually, they could have been talking about something semi-deep. Eva Longoria looks confused.

Lopez in red


*** OMG! I was all kinds of busy this week! And I was blogging for another blogger as well. Workin’ 2 blogs. One of her readers in particular pissed me off when he left a comment and said:

if it weren’t the paparazzi, your no-talent ass would be back to shlepping drinks in a sleazy bar.

He gave me way too much credit! First of all, everyone knows I could never bartend because I’d get drunk while serving shots. Der!

But, I got a bit worked up although I’m aware that insults come with the gossip blogging territory. That angry nerd reminded me to thank you all.

We all know I’m no Chris Rock at times. Shit, I’m no Ryan Seacrest at times either.

It’s a challenge to consistently write “lmao,” “lol,” or “chuckle out loud” posts when you’re a gossip blogger for various reasons. So thanks for putting up with me through the good, the bad, the funny, the sucky, the lame, the annoying, the (fill in the blank). There’s not a day that passes where I’m not grateful for your visits.

Did I do enuf talking typing? Hope not. I know I thank you visitors like a billion times, but I just can’t help it. Luv ya, luv ya. See ya Monday. 🙂

* Joy A *