Usher’s New Girlfriend is an Industry Executive

From the beginning of his relationship with Tameka Foster, 38, Usher’s friends and family have told the talented singer and dancer that she’s not right for him. His mama even boycotted their planned August 2007 wedding after Tameka tried to have her fired from her post as Usher’s manager.

Usher and Tameka Foster fight

Tameka Foster also threatened to ban her very own mother from her wedding ceremony because her mom had lost her false teeth. Hahahaha! Good reasoning. No, seriously. Radar reports,

The ceremony in question never took place. A week after the scheduled date, Usher and Foster exchanged vows in an attorney’s office in Atlanta, GA. It’s been downhill ever since. A shady criminal past on Foster’s part skewed their trust–she’s been busted for petty theft and even welfare fraud when in her teens and early twenties.

Even recently, when the singer “traveled to Cleveland for basketball play-offs last month, Tameka followed him. You had the farcical situation of Tameka running around town trying to find him and Usher ordering friends not to tell her where he was staying.”

Friends were all happy to oblige in concealing his whereabouts. It remains unseen how they feel about his new, and older, lady love.

Usher‘s taste in “women” is weird to say the least. Of course his new chick is older. Again. There’s nothing wrong with that, but hopefully she won’t feel like she has to go international to get her tummy tuck like Tammy did.

People magazine is reporting that Usher made his ex-con wife sign a pre-nup. Usher should just focus on his music and being a good father and hold off on getting married again for at least half a decade.