Vanessa Paradis Denies Johnny Depp Breakup Rumors

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis allegedly broke up two years ago, according to new rumors. Johnny has remained quiet, but Vanessa finally spoke out in a new interview.

Vanessa Paradis looks good here

Vanessa was pretty ambiguous about the break up rumors, saying: “Here, this [rumor] could hurt my family. After that … they say that we have 52 houses in France, we separate in winter, we get married every summer. Me, I’m in my 12th pregnancy.”

When asked specifically if the rumors are true, Paradis replied “they are false.”

No one knows which rumor Vanessa was referring to that “could hurt” her family. No one even knows WTF she was talking about, tbh. The only thing I take away from Nessa’s admissions is that she doesn’t really know what to say at this point cause she and Johnny are so comfortable with their estranged relationship.