Vienna Girardi Bikini Contest Photos: She’s Flexible

Damn! Vienna Girardi can give a blow job while doing the splits? I am so jealous. I should have never quit ballet cause I used to be a friggin rubber band, touching the back of my head with the bottom of my feet, but I digress.

Vienna Girardi blowjob

As if we needed any more proof that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi were one of the most mismatched couples of all time – we have these pictures!

Vienna entered a spring break dance contest in March 2009, and as you can tell, she’s one wild and very flexible slut.

It all went down in The Bahamas in March 2009 — mere months before Vienna met Jake. The guy who delivered the package was a total stranger. Besides the genital face-plant — Girardi also struck a pose in which she stared down the barrel of a big, brown loaf launcher … with the same guy.

I hope she won the contest, but maybe it would have been mentioned if she did? If Vienna’s able to do the splits and give head at the same time and dance in a semi-coordinated fashion while possibly drunk of her ass, I have to give her props. She’s ready for the pole and there’s a bright future in the porn industry waiting for her.

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