Vinny Guadagnino Had Sex With Jasmine Waltz

It’s about time Vinny Guadagnino used his watermelon-like wang for good instead of skanky. Apparently, Vin banged Hollywood ho of the moment, Jasmine Waltz, aka, the chick who David Arquette screwed right after Courtney, aka the chick who punched Lindsay Lohan in the face, aka the most awesome person on the planet.

Aside from the fact that she punched Lindsay Lohan and should therefore have her face on money, Jasmine is a step-up in the looks department from some of the grenades we’ve seen Vin hook up with (Snooki, I’m looking in your direction) and he’s the perfect guy for her, because he’s, ya know, kinda famous.

Jasmine Waltz and Banana

Vin and Jasmine apparently met in LA last month when he was in town for the VMAs and according to Jasmine’s friends, they wasted no time in getting down. In case you’re keeping score at home, that’s 6 (!) confirmed celebrity kills for Jasmine, and that’s just the ones we know about. The problem is, if this chick is trying to f*ck her way to stardom, she needs to start getting with more famous dudes. I mean, c’mon…Jesse McCartney? Chris Pine? Doug Reinhardt? These guys are D- and C-listers at best. Take a hint, Jazz – you can’t sleep your way to the top, by only bangin’ the middle.