Whitney Houston Talks to Oprah About Drugs and Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston‘s voice has gone unmatched. Her wide range and ability to hold notes is a gift, no doubt, but her glory days are over. She can no longer sing, she now sounds like a hoarse moose when she speaks, and what irks me about this short video is that Whitney’s trying to be proper all of a sudden?

You only had to watch a few minutes of Being Bobby Brown to know what an undercover hoodrat she is. Whitney WAS a major talent and I do wish her the best of luck. I also hope she stays away from rock cocaine sprinkled in a joint – her drug of choice.

Maybe I sound so annoyed cause she didn’t get ghetto enough in this interview like she did with Diane Sawyer. “If I do crack… SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS! Crack is wack!”

The former HBIC does look hot, though. Ms. Houston still knows how to work it out.