Willow Smith at the Breaking Dawn Premiere: Age Inappropriate?

Willow Smith was among the many stars at last night’s premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part I, and as usual she looked right at home in the star-studded setting, as though she’s been going to these types of events her whole life (which she basically has). But the idea of the 11 year-old star sitting down to watch the controversial new film has raised some eyebrows.

Willow Smith Laughing Photo

Yes, it’s rated PG-13, and it’s an understatement to say that Willow is mature for her age, but by all accounts Breaking Dawn is a hard PG-13 and features a graphic sex scene that’s probably a bit much for the average pre-teen. Granted, a lot of tweens will probably be seeing the movie this weekend, but Will and Jada don’t seem like the type of parents who keep a close watch on what their kids see and do.

Who Knows? Maybe she just got her picture taken and then they snuck her out a backdoor of the theater. Either way, she killed it on the red carpet, as usual, and she’s probably more mature than several of the adult Twi-hards in attendance. Looking at you, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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