Willow Smith: Debut Album is Almost Finished

Willow Smith is almost done with her debut album. Willow’s hit single, the platinum-selling “Whip My Hair” was actually released last year. Folks are dragging their feet on releasing her debut disc!

Willow photo

Ronald “Jukebox” Jackson is Willow’s producer, and he told MTV News that the final product is almost ready. “I did like eight, nine songs on [Smith’s debut] Willow, so right now, we’re in the process of just trying to close out the album.”

Ronald hints that it’s taken so long for Willow to drop an album because she’s young.

“You’ve got to think about it: she’s a 10-year-old girl. She’s gotta have a life, she’s gotta be a kid. Willow isn’t just an pop star, she isn’t just an urban artist, she’s very international.”

I guess.

Photo: Fame