Bethenny Frankel Says 75 Percent of Real Housewives are Broke!

The queen of TMI is throwing the network that launched her business empire under the bus. Bethenny Frankel appeared on the Real Housewives of New York City before getting her own Bravo shows which she parlayed into her own talk show, not to mention her Skinny Girl empire.

 Bethenny Frankel at her book signing for Skinnygirl Solutions

Bethenny was broke before becoming a Real Housewife and she says that most of Bravo’s reality stars are faking it because the network wants big personalities more than big savings accounts.

Bethenny wrote a new book called Skinny Girl Solutions and she did a radio interview with 95.5 PLJ Radio where she said:

“I think, because I’ve been around it, that Bravo likes to cast someone that lives a larger than life life and that people look at and think they’re so wealthy and want that and think it’s aspirational. It’s way more than some. If I were to track I would bet probably like 75 percent.”

Many Housewives have lost their homes and filed for bankruptcy. Bethenny speaks the truth, I just don’t think she had to go there. She used to be broke before she became a part of Bravo’s thriving franchise. She thinks too highly of herself. Frankel is holier than thou and her face looks just like the friggin’ Joker. I admire her as a business woman, but now that she’s going for sole custody of her daughter, I just think she’s cruel, selfish and empty inside.

She continued: “I find it interesting, the people that are in trouble are driven to attracted to fame and TV like moths to a flame.”