Real Housewives of Atlanta is Fake, According to Phaedra Parks

Many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans lashed out at Phaedra Parks, calling her a racist for saying that "White people eat canned foods." The high profile attorney backtracked and claimed that she's not racist, she's just an elitist. With Phaedra's second season on Bravo's popular show underway, Phay Phay sounds like she's still trying to do some damage control.

Phaedra Parks attorney

"When people watch the show, they realize it's for entertainment. Once [filming] is on the editing table, it might look like something else. That's part of reality TV."

Parks said that reality TV "isn't as real as you think it is." Just what Bravo execs want her to say, we assume! Phaedra is the least politically correct lawyer we've ever seen.

Phaedra said that everyone has a character and her RHOA character is "not who I am, but who the producers think I am." The married mother claims that she tries to live without regrets, and business at her law firm is booming.