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Diddy is Gay, Rick Ross is Gay Too, According to 50 Cent

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Diddy gay rumors have been rampant for a very long time and now 50 Cent is adding fuel to the fire by coming out and saying that Diddy, Rick Ross and Steve Stoute are gay together.

Diddy gay, Rick Ross kiss

Fiddy posted the pictures above on his Instagram on Sunday and wrote “I ain’t  saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.”  Possibly being aware of what a PR nightmare his controversial pics could ignite, he deleted the photos a short time later.

TMZ reports: “The photos were the latest in 50’s ongoing feuds with  the rap titans — Stoute recently appeared in a VH1 documentary about hip hop,  in which he called 50 a has-been. 50’s been feuding with Rick Ross and Diddy for years.”

Very interesting! The pictures speak for themselves, if you ask me and Diddy won’t marry a woman because he’s “still learning how to be a boyfriend,” lol. He’s suspect. I didn’t think of Rick Ross being gay, though. That would be awesome. We need more gay rappers, right? As long as they’ve got the skills to rap about women, why should it matter? Athletes are even coming out these days. Politicians and rappers should step it up and step outta that closet more often.

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50 Cent Domestic Violence Scandal

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Curtis Jackson has been charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic violence and four misdemeanor counts of vandalism. Fiddy’s ex-girlfriend, Daphne Joy, dated the rapper for 3 years.

50 Cent domestic violence

Jackson allegedly injured the unidentified woman and destroyed $7,100 of her property during an altercation at her Toluca Lake, Calif., condo on June 23, the City Attorney says, adding: “Domestic violence is a serious crime and alleged perpetrators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by this office… We will continue to seek justice for the alleged crimes.”

When police arrived, they discovered broken chandeliers, broken furniture, a ransacked bedroom closet and broken television through the living space. If convicted, 50 faces up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines.  Arraignment is scheduled for July 22.


50 Cent Responds to Kanye West’s “Perfect Bitch” Song

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Awww, 50 Cent! I haven't been a fan of his in the past, put he's become a total philanthropist over the past few years, and Chelsea Handler has spoken so kindly about him; I think there's a lot more beneath the surface with this guy.


50 has hated on many people in the past and he and Kanye West had an epic feud years ago when they both challenged each other to see who would sell the most albums. Snoop has said that the only thing Kim is good for is sleeping around and 50 Cent doesn't sound like he's a fan of Kimmy's either.

After Fiddy found out that pussy whipped Kanye said that Kim Kardashian is his "Perfect Bitch," 50 told XXL magazine:

"I mean … if that man feel like she's perfect, then she's perfect. You know how it is? One man's trash is another man's treasure."

And with that, my job here is done. No further commentary is necessary.


Photos: Fame/ Flynet

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50 Cent: Hospitalized After Car Crash

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50 Cent was rushed to the hospital late last night following a collision between his SUV and a mack truck.

50 Cent Image

TMZ reports that the crash occurred on the Long Island Expressway and 50 was removed from the scene on a stretcher with injuries to his neck and back. According to website affiliated with the rapper, 50’s truck “nearly flipped over” after being rear-ended. He is reportedly in stable condition, but details are scarce at this time.


50 Cent Nude/ Penis Photo: Coming Soon?

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50 Cent is either so confident that the New York Giants will win the Super Bowl, or he just wants bragging rights. 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, promised to post a photo of his penis on Twitter if the Giants lose to the New England Patriots.

50 tweet

50 accepted a fan’s request to post his dick pic if the Giants lose. So ladies, who do you want to win the Super Bowl?! I’m no Patriots fan, but I’m hoping that New England wins. A blogger can always use a good traffic spike.

The Super Bowl goes down next Sunday, Feb. 5. Be ready to see the “magic stick” that 50 has been rapping about for years.

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Pauly D Signs with 50 Cent’s Label

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At any given moment, a guido or guidette from the Jersey Shore is selling something or another. Whether it’s perfume or tuxedos or a line of shoes that look like they came straight off a Cabbage Doll, you can pretty much guarantee whatever they’re hawking is going to be more LOL-tastic than legitimate. But when it comes to Pauly D’s rap career, apparently 50 Cent thinks he’s got what it takes to make it for real.

Pauly D, 50 Cent

50 Cent confirmed on Twitter that Pauly D has officially signed on to his G-Note record label, and promises “Big Big Things In The Works.” Alright.

He’s opened for Britney Spears, so maybe he has some legit rap skillz or whatever, but I cannot look him in the face or listen to a word he says without thinking about how many holes he has single-handedly inflicted on the ozone layer, based on all the hairspray that boy must use.

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