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Adele Net Worth

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I feel like we should all just hurry up and admit Adele is the strawberry haired female version of Jesus. Fans go crazy over her voice, throw in a down to earth vibe and stunning features and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Adele Net Worth

Adele took a 4-year break, with the exception of her Skyfall soundtrack song, she pretty much went M.I.A. so she could raise her son, Angelo. The break only made her fans crave her music even more if you ask me. Her sales would still be sky high, but allowing fans to miss you and appreciate what you have to offer is always a good move when you’re as talented as Adele. If you suck you should totes strike while the iron is still hot, before your fans sober up and disown you.

Simon Konecki‘s baby mama brings home the bacon, and the frying pan. Let’s all pretend I’m sense-making. Thanks. Adele’s net worth is $75 million. She’s made $32 million just within the past three years. And remember, that was during her break from the scene!

One report claims that Adele made more than $70k/ day last year, with most of her funds coming from royalties from her previous albums.

But with Adele’s new disc breaking just about every record, and a European tour on the way, Ms. Atkins will have a massive year in 2016. Adele’s 25 album was downloaded nearly 1 million times on iTunes on its first day of release. In the UK, 25 sold an additional 737k copies, making it that country’s fastest-selling album ever.

Like Taylor Swift, Adele is smart enough to make sure she’ll receive royalties for her hard work. Her new record isn’t available on streaming services like Spotify. She has blocked her disc from streaming services in the past as well, but usually makes them available around 4 to 6 months later.

She is very dedicated to her craft and isn’t a singer for all the unrelated opportunities she could take advantage of. In 2013, Adele actually turned down a $19 million L’Oreal endorsement deal. It would have been fun to see her promos, though. Adele’s so hot, I would have bought any product she rep’d cause she’s so flawless.

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Simon Konecki: Adele’s Boyfriend is Her Everything

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Adele is a bit of a feminist nightmare. She pretty much says Simon Konecki and her lookalike son Angelo complete here. Over and over and over again. She’s whole all by herself, but we get it. She’s in love with her Mr. and being a mum is the best thing evah.

Adele is gorgeous. Here she is laughing.

Adele gushes about Simon with every single opportunity that she gets. The praise is coming from a chick who wasn’t much older than 20 when she began dating Konecki, a man 15 years her senior. Adele hasn’t had much relationship experience. And based upon the confessional lyrics of her older songs, her relationships gave her all the feels, the bad ones. But when it comes to Konecki, Adele only has positive things to say about him, like:

“Being in such an amazing relationship with someone that’s so there for me and so loyal and is really part of my core now, that’s what made me write about everything I’ve ever done, because I’ve got his love. It’s only because of him and because of our kid and stuff that I’m all right.

“We’re like in a solid relationship and he’s my soul mate and my best mate, and he sees it as my art and my outlet and something that I did before him… My love is deep and true with my man, and that puts me in a position where I can finally reach out a hand to the ex. Let him know I’m over it.”

Is it just me or does anyone feel as though Adele thinks she has to convince the world that she’s happy now? The Adele the world was introduced to sounded broken and sullen, but she’s clearly moved on. Now if anyone else was talking about their “amazing” relationship in every interview I’d be worried, but we’re at ease when Adele speaks of hers.

Adele is an old soul and completely mature beyond her years. The chart-topper says that fame is “fake.” Its clear that she ‘gets it.’ She’s genuine and she isn’t threatened by the same things that many other stars are threatened by. Adele lives her truth and she’ll tell you what that truth is exactly if you’ll listen. She wants the world to know that Simon is her forever. Her fans should be nothing but supportive, because as long as she keeps making great music it shouldn’t matter what her relationship status is.

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Simon Konecki: Biography of Adele’s Boyfriend

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Simon Konecki is Adele’s boyfriend since 2011. Simon is 15 years older than Adele and he is the father of their 3 year-old son, Angelo. Simon is allegedly still married to someone else and he knocked Adele up around after only 1 year of dating. Despite how this sounds on paper, Adele is manly in love with her low-budget Zach Galifianakis, so whatever works?

Simon Konecki biography

Before Simon became one of the luckiest men in the world by locking down one of the most successful singers in history, he was working as the CEO of a charity organization called Drop4Drop.

Born in the States, Konecki lived in New York until he was 10 years old before moving to London Town where he attended a prestigious boys school named Eton for two years. He worked as a director of an investment group and met his future business partner, Lucas White, in England. When Simon was only 17 years old he began working as a foreign exchange broker. At 24, he was in charge of running teams of senior brokers at Lehman Brothers. Konecki’s confidence was growing as his experience was. He exceled at sales and felt that with his knowledge and connections, it was time for him to start a charity.

Three years after joining Lehman Brothers, he joined forces with Lucas and raised enough money to launch Drop4Drop. Adele’s man was “appalled by the growing distance between rich and poor” and “felt that water was a human right.” Konecki felt that fixing this problem was relatively easy.

His charity is supported by actor Sid Owen and the comedian Stephen Fry.

The world found out who Adele’s man is when the couple was spotted on vacation in Florida’s Everglades National Park. Simon’s parents live in a waterfront house in Florida.

Simon married fashion stylist Clary Fisher in 2004 and got divorced around 2010. He has an eight year-old daughter with Clary. Many speculated that Konecki was still hitched when he began boning Adele, but Adele posted a message on her official site saying that her boyfriend had been divorced for 4 years.

Adele gave birth to Simon’s son, Angelo James Konecki, on October 19, 2012. The couple currently lives with Adele’s dog, Louie, in her $8 million mansion in the UK.

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VIDEOS: Adele Target Commercials for 25 Album

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Adele belts it out while sitting around in different rooms of an empty home in her Target video commercials for her new album, 25. Adele is seen wearing a green sweater and black leggings as she gifts us with her flawless vocals, all before giving the camera an intense, if not downright eerie, gaze when some of these videos end. These commercials are brilliant and Adele is simply perfection!

I used to think that Adele was all hype. It’s not like I didn’t appreciate her music, but some people swear the woman is the Messiah and they need to relax. But I like her new material more than her older songs. I swear it’s like her voice has gotten even better. Her songs are just so rich and beautiful that you’re basically just a hater if you don’t give this woman props. You don’t have to be an Adele fan, but she has one of the best voices period and her lyrics aren’t bad either.

Simon Konecki is one of the luckiest men on earth. Makes you wonder if any of Adele’s ex-boyfriends regret losing the now mega-star?

It’s unfortunate that Adele and Taylor Swift are being compared. Taylor has accomplished so much, then Adele sweeps in and breaks record after record. There is room for the both of them, though, so I won’t compare the two. Both women made me want to actually go out and purchase their cds. I have Spotify so there’s no Swifty there and Adele takes months to put her records on the streaming service. I haven’t purchased either record, though. I used to download, but I digress. It’s incredible that Adele’s talent drives people to stores to purchase her music. But Adele is more than a gorgeous face, emotional performer and strong vocalist. Her personality is down to earth and endearing. Even if Adele were a diva, it arguably would not hurt her sales at all, but her personable energy makes you want to root for her and support her. Obvi.

Basically, what I’m tryna say is that on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for Adele. It’s always inspiring watching anyone who is immensely talented share their gifts with the world. I find her inspirational and I believe that we should all take inspiration wherever we can get it.

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Adele Rejects $19 Million L’Oreal Deal

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Adele is a natural beauty, she’s talented and she’s rich. She doesn’t need more money, but everyone could use nearly $20 million more, right? Well Adele doesn’t think so. She’s rejected a lucrative deal because she wants to keep it real.

 adele beautiful photo

Adele does license her songs to be used in commercials, shows and movies, but she considers working with cosmetic company L’Oreal to be crossing the line. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Lea Michele and other A-listers work with L’Oreal.

The Daily Mail reports: ‘L’Oreal was in negotiations for the deal with Adele and it looked to be happening – but she just changed her mind on it. L’Oreal is gobsmacked that she turned down such a huge amount.’

Adele was in negotiations since March! She said that she doesn’t think celebs should sell out and sell products for easy money.

“I don’t want my name anywhere near another brand,’ she once said. “I don’t wanna be tainted or haunted. I think it’s shameful when you sell out.” Adele won an Oscar earlier this year for her James Bond theme song, “Skyfall.”

Eh, Adele has it all twisted! She doesn’t get it. It’s not that serious. The only person who would think that Adele sold out is Adel,e and anyone who would accuse her of selling out isn’t worth caring about anyway! Sigh. I hope she’s smart with her money. Although she’s reportedly made $55 million already, many people have made much more than that and have managed to blow right through it.


Miley Cyrus and Adele Join Forces with Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa is collaborating with two singers we never thought he would ever join forces with. Amber Rose’s husband revealed that he’s going to work with Miley Cyrus and British sensation Adele.


“I’ve got songs with Miley, I’ve got songs with Adele,” Wiz told Fuse TV. “I’ve got a lot of guest appearances that I’ve already done but none of them have been cleared for the album yet.”

Before we go any further… Adele? The same Adele who is a nine-time Grammy award winner? Kudos to him for that one! If Adele’s collaboration with Wiz makes it onto his forthcoming album entitled Blac Hollywood, it will be the first time we have heard from her since her “Skyfall” song.

But besides Miley and Adele, when asked whom else he would like to partner with for his album, the scrawny rapper only had one monster in mind… Mother Monster. “I want to do something with Lady Gaga really bad.” He isn’t the only one.

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Adele Gets ‘Paradise’ Tattoo

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What’s a new mum from Great Britain to do but get some new ink while in Americur? Adele went to Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City to have the word “Paradise” inked onto her left hand.

Adele tattoo

Adele has a few tattoos, but she’s classy with it. Unlike Rihanna and Harry Styles who are dump enough to get huge tattoos across their chest, Adele’s ink is subtle and mostly covered up. The talented star is fiercely private. We’ve just seen what her son Angelo looks like eight months after she gave birth!

I love the tattoo. It’s pretty dumb cute.

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Adele: Baby Photos of Son Angelo Surface

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Adele is good at keeping things a secret. The 25-year-old British mum has finally been spotted with her 8-month-old son Angelo. It all went down at the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan on Wednesday.

Adele baby son

Adele was at the park with a group of friends. Angelo and Adele were escorted by security. They looked at various animals and spent time at the park’s petting zoo.

It looks like Angelo has some red hair “peeking out from under a bucket hat,” Yahoo news reports. The singer is rumored to be interested in buying a house in Los Angeles. She recently hung out with magician David Blaine and tweeted about his magic tricks, saying: “Never seen anything like it! Blew my mind!”

I kind of loves it when celebs leak baby photos via the paparazzi. It’s a thousand times more exciting than some People magazine cover pics of an infant that looks just like every other infant.

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Joan Rivers Makes Funny Adele Fat Jokes

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Joan Rivers did what she does best when she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. Adele, like Karl Lagerfeld, said that “Adele is fat.” Except Joan was funny about it.

Adele 2013 Oscar winner
“What is her song? Rolling in the deep? She should add fried chicken!”

Besides Karl, Lady Gaga also complained that “Adele is bigger than me!” after fans slammed her for gaining weight.

After Adele gave birth months ago, Joan Tweeted: “Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy.”

I love it and I bet Adele does too. Simon Konecki‘s baby mama has a great sense of humor and she is absolutely beautiful!



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Adele added one very prestigious award to her collection tonight as the beautiful English singer-songwriter picked up an Oscar for her James Bond themed song, Skyfall. Adele kissed Simon Konecki and thanked him during her brief acceptance speech. An emotional Adele was pretty hilarious as she cried on stage. She's so adorable. Congrats!!



Adele 2013 Oscar Dress: Rubbish!

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Adele wore another ugly dress to a major award show. Adele’s Golden Globes dress was tragic. Now Simon Konecki‘s baby mum wore a big black dress that made her look bigger than she is and like she was dressed for a funeral.

 Adele 2013 Oscars dress picAdele 2013 Oscars red carpet

She has a beautiful face and her hair always looks nice, but once your eyes go lower than her neck, the presentation it’s disappointing.

Adele said that her Oscar dress is very heavy and it will be harder for her to perform in. Maybe that was a sign that she shouldn’t wear it?!?! The sparkles can’t save her. She looks like a glamorous grandmother, or in the words of Nene Leakes‘ a “glamother!”

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