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Ugly Betty: Canceled!

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One of the gay-friendliest shows on network television, Ugly Betty has been canceled. ABC announced the sad news today.

America Ferrera plays the main character Betty Suarez and she won an Emmy for her role. Ugly Betty is a based on the popular Colombian soap Betty la Fea. Salma Hayek is an executive producer of ABC’s Ugly Betty.

ABC president Steve McPherson said: “We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.”

Low ratings are to blame, but Ugly Betty will be sorely missed!


Lindsay Lohan Cut From Ugly Betty, Hated by America Ferrera?

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Oh shiz!

Sources close to ABC’s Ugly Betty confirm to me that Lindsay Lohan has been cut from the show.

Lohan's weave

“They don’t plan to have her back for more episodes,” says a high-level insider. “And they are cutting her out of the episodes they have already shot.”

The main driving force for this decision is that Lindsay was not gelling creatively with the series. “She was not so interested in creating a character,” another reliable insider close to Betty tells me. “She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn’t work on a show like this with such heightened reality.”

“Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people … and refused to go on set until America was there — it was a power play. America was mean to Lindsay. Producers give her too much power. Lindsay didn’t do the last two episodes because America didn’t like her and got her kicked off.”

Hot dayum, I love a fun rumor.

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America Ferrera Says Shows Like The Hills and Gossip Girl Are Bad For Female Relationships

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Before I even quote the USC alumna, I just have to say America Ferrera is one of the most talented, grounded, well-spoken young females in Hollywood.

Since I’m a grown woman, I didn’t even consider the effects of ingesting superficial, unrealistic shows like The Hills and Gossip Girl. To young, impressionable girls, and possibly even adults, these shows segregate us even more. Females are competitive enough, but these shows glamorize being a frienemy. Being a bitch is pretty much the entire storyline.

“Close, genuine female relationships are not what generally gets depicted in movies and TV shows. Like, if you’re watching The Hills or 90210, all the backstabbing shapes the way we act �” you go to school, and you think your job is to find a sworn enemy and be jealous of each other.

“I mean, I love Blake [Lively, her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star]; she’s a wonderful friend of mine, but shows like Gossip Girl kind of condition us to be mean.”


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Premiere Pics

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I still don’t know why they would make a part 2 to this boring ass movie. I saw it, like, opening weekend and I was so bored. Where the hell were the sex scenes? I didn’t care that it featured teens, I wanted some action, dammit. And the story line is just dumb. Four bitches, one of em being very curvy at the time, America Ferrera, can fit into the same pair of jeans and they take turns wearing it because it’s, like, majestic and shit?


Snooze!The Gossip Girls attention whore cast made sure they’d show up for this photo op. How desperate. Luvs it!


Blake Lively nude photo scandal

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Girl, I Didn’t Know You Get Down Like That

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Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera and her boyfriend, Ryan Piers Williams, are hunting for a crib so they can shack up. The talented, Golden Globe winning actress is pretty serious about her unsuccessful dude.

One of their friends said, “They’re excited about it. All that matters to them is that they are together and that they find somewhere private. They aren’t one of those flashy couples.”

Ferrera, 23, first met Williams, an aspiring director, at University of Southern California when he cast her in his student film. Together, they have a golden retriever named Buddy.

Ryan’s some aspiring director while America’s career is on fire. Gee, I wonder who’s gonna pay the rent?

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