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90210 Gets Cancelled

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Bad news for you 90210 fans, the show has been cancelled. The CW told TVLine that the series will end in May after five seasons of ridiculous plots and bad acting.


The reboot of the 90s hit launched in 2008 with a lot of people excited to see where the show would go and how different it would be from the original. Unfortunately, the reboot didn’t have the ratings necessary to keep going.

Most of theses actors will have no problem finding work after this. We’ll probably see Shenae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord again and Jennie Garth will always be around doing made for TV movies.

So long 90210. Now let’s wait and see what show the CW revives next.

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90210 Bad Girl AnnaLynne McCord Talks to Pop On The Pop!

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AnnaLynne McCord, 21, is one of the most gracious celebrities in Hollyweird. She's sweet, funny, glam, and courteous.

I got some Q&A action with 90210's resident bad girl and unlike her character Naomi, she was a homeschooled "dork growing up."


AnnaLynne is passionate about making a difference. While talking to various media outlets, at any opportunity the rising star mentioned the charity organization she works closely with called The Blind Project, an organization that raises awareness and money for victims of sex trafficking.
AnnaLynne says,

Actors are so lucky. We have so much power and it's wrong to me, criminal even, to have that kind of power and not use it."

At L.A. Direct Magazine and Planet Funk's L.A. Fashion week kickoff party on Friday, 0ct. 10, AnnaLynne talked to Pop On The Pop about on-set romances, the importance of good hair, her "badankadonk" and why she wants to work with Bruce Willis.

How's everything going on the set lately?
Really good. We obviously we're all obviously very excited that we got picked up for a new season. I was kind of wanting a vacation, but now we're excited.

I hear Adam and Jessica [Lowndes] are taking their romance off screen now?
Which Jessica? I can't keep up; there's four Jessicas on our show. There is a lot of chemistry, I mean, we're good actors.

What do you enjoy the most about working on 90210?
The paycheck [laughs]! I think it's so funny because going into it I was a little scared. I had several reservations about taking a show and it ended up being so awesome, such a good choice. It's been great for my organization. Going into a show and locking yourself up for a couple years is a little scary when you have fear of commitment like me, but actually everyone's been so super cool and we're just a big family now.How would you describe yourself if you could give yourself a role on set?
I'm kind of the clown. I love doing twirls and cartwheels at three in the morning when I'm delirious. [The 90210 cast] is just like, ‘Oh, it's AnnaLynne again, she's being a dork!' I was kind of the dork growing up, and I kind of maintain that role on set. They just roll their eyes [laughs]. It's so bad!

What kind of roles are you interested in?
I love to kick ass, anything with a little martial arts action. For me, at this point, I obviously want every actor's cliché – I wanna try everything. I have gotten offers, which is exciting, but I can't do anything because I'm so busy! I'm pulling through a couple projects, one of which I'm pretty much signed onto unless another one that I really want comes up. It's one between the two since we got picked up. My ideal role would be strong, female lady, lots of ass kicking!

Any actors you'd like to work with?
God. That's a hard one. I'd love to work with Bruce Willis. He's the badass king. I wanna do Die Hard 5 [laughs]! Seventy-five, whatever it is.

What are you wearing tonight?
Intuition, Express, super great, super flirty, Bebe, Nine West, Dolce and Gabana. A little bit of everything.

What's something about fashion you would change if you could?
I think hair. I think hair is such a statement. If you pull it back and make it crazy, frizz it out, let it be blown. I feel like so many people kind of just let there hair go a little bit, and I would like to see a lot more edgy hairstyles, like I try to bring out in the show. I would definitely make it mandatory that everyone goes crazy with their hair, lots of backcombing!

What's your Halloween costume this year?
I'm always some form of a vampire. I like to do this little thing where it's a subtle vampire, so I'll dress up like something else. Last year I was a French maid, where I smile and have nice little fangs coming out. I'm not exactly sure yet. I might be like superwoman, Wonder Woman with fangs, Wonder Woman, so I'm a girl dressed up like a vampire dressed up like Wonder Woman!

Thanksgiving's coming up. What are some things that will be on your dinner table?
Everything that I cook. I like to cook a lot. I'm a big casserole girl. Actually, last Thanksgiving I cooked all casseroles and then my boyfriend at the time got a little annoyed.
Are fans recognizing you on the street?
It's begun! It was a lot sooner than I thought it would be. I had a little from Nip/Tuck. But now people are like, ‘You look like that girl!' and I'm like, ‘I know, I get that a lot! That's not me [laughs]! It's cool, though. I was in the mall the other day and a little girl who was maybe 14 or 15 was like, "Are you from 90210?" And I'm like, ‘yeah!' and she's like, "Wow!" And she looks at her friends and she's like "This is cool! This is really cool [laughs]!" So it's nice when it makes someone's day.

Do you wanna set the record straight about eating disorders on [the 90210] set?
I have small bones. I love to eat. I'm an In-N-Out girl. I get to eat what I want. I obviously work out. I really like to keep this region nice and worked out [rubbing her stomach], have a little badankadonk action [rubbing her butt without touching it]. Um, so everyone's gonna say something good, something bad. The people that I care about know the truth. That's all that matters to me.

*questions via three reporters including poponthepop.com. Come back tomorrow for my one-on-one with New York of New York Goes to Hollywood, I Love New York and Flavor of Love!

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AnnaLynne McCord: No Makeup, Acne Photo Posted on Twitter

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AnnaLynne McCord is a bit of an attention whore. She went topless on Twitter and now she's jumping in on the "no makeup" trend by posting her bare face on Twitter. Surprisingly, Snooki is the one who began this trend! Stars like Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rihanna and more have followed suit.

AnnaLynne McCord acne picture

AnnaLynne has one-uped everyone though because she has several blemishes. The aforementioned stars look good without the face paint, while AnnaLynne looks like one of those "before" images taken straight out of a ProActiv commercial. Zooey Deschanel recently went makeup free for People magazine, and Robin Thicke's wife Paula Patton did also.

The 90210 star said: “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls(and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me!”

Uh… Okay. Anna, don't be offended when ProActiv hits you up for an endorsement though! Just sayin'.

AnnaLynne McCord hairAnnaLynne McCord NudeAnnaLynne McCord toplessAnnaLynne McCord bikini

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AnnaLynne McCord: ‘Topless Twitter Pic Was an Accident’

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No one was really talking about AnnaLynne McCord a few days ago, but yesterday she “accidentally” Tweeted a topless photo of herself. The cute 90210 star claims that she did not mean to post her gorgeous photo that doesn’t even show her friggin’ nips online for all to see.

AnnaLynne McCord topless picture

AnnaLynne said: “My only response to all these lovely people is, ‘He who be without sin case the first stone. If you have never messed up or done anything wrong in your life, then please, feel free to judge me.”

She’s such a fiesty retard. She continued: “I’m a human being and we make mistakes.” – That’s all she could come up with. Sad!

Notice how hacked celebs don’t look nearly as photoshoot fresh as AnnaLynne does! Who does she think she is, Anthony Weiner?! You can’t just Tweet someone a topless photo “accidentally.” She should be embarrassed that she didn’t think of a better way to execute this publicity stunt.

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AnnaLynne McCord Topless Photo Posted on Twitter

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AnnaLynne McCord posted a beautiful photo of herself on Twitter, minus a bra or a top. The 90210 star sent a message to one of her followers on January 5, saying: “This is for you… You rock! Xxx”

AnnaLynne McCord topless picture

AnnaLynne sent her photo to @meganraee, aka the entire world cause she knew this would go viral. The original photo showed more of her breasts than this cropped version does. Now why exactly AnnaLynne sent this picture to one of her fans is pretty obvious. I think it was for publicity. It worked, and hopefully there will be more photos like this one!

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AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures With Her Sister Angel

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AnnaLynne McCord does not starve for nothing!

As soon as the sun starts shining, the 90210 star will be photographed in some bikini made outta dental floss and she loves it. I love it that unlike most of these famous chicks, AnnaLynne doesn’t get in the water with sunglasses and a hat on just to look famous and hot. She actually goes for a swim.

Girls with the Kate Hudson boobs can wear any top and any bikini. Can you imagine Kim Kardashian rocking that black bikini? It’s virtually impossible. Annie also took her attention whoring one step further and smooched her sister Angel for the paparazzi. Classy.

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AnnaLynne McCord Still Needs to Eat Something

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90210 breakout star AnnaLynne McCord is a funny as hell chick with a love for big hair, exercise, homemade recipes and embracing her inner dork, but when it comes to food, it doesn’t appear to be one of her faves.

Not only does the camera add weight, but AnnaLynne has clearly lost weight since 90210 began. She doesn’t even have enough meat going on to make a nip slip happen even when she bends over. Tragical. No wonder she doesn’t wear a bra. That would be a waste of money. Eat, b*tch!

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AnnaLynne McCord’s Nipples Spotted on the Set of 90210

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AnnaLynne McCord’s nipples are such attention whores. Wherever AnnaLynne goes without a bra, there they are, on high alert for the paparazzi.

AnnaLynne McCord‘s a bit of an attention whore, too, and her nips take after her; AnnaLynne likes to show up to just about any red carpet event. She was recently spotted walking around in a white tank top without a bra on and every woman knows that you don’t do that, especially on the set of a television show. But she’s proud of her bee sting boobs, cause those nips never let her down!

AnnaLynne McCord gets wet


AnnaLynne McCord’s Golden Globe Dress: Undeniable Fug!

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AnnaLynne McCord's hair, purse, jewelry, makeup, and nails all looked great. But the most important part of AnnaLynne's outfit – her frickin' dress – was a hot mess! She looked like a skanky mummy meets a sculpture meets dumbass.

AnnaLynne's dress was a major fail in the fashion department; but it was a major success if she wanted people to talk about it, which I totally think she did. Well done, babe. At least she's wearing something only an A-cup could wear, might as well, and I think she had fun with it. 

AnnaLynne McCord bikini


Just Pics: AnnaLynne McCord Saddles Up

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It seems like every time I post for POTP there always seems to be new pics of AnnaLynne McCord.

I swear I don’t search them out, they just pop up on my quest for news. I guess I don’t have to post them, but why not? She’s cute, and people seem to like her. The pics were snapped at a charity event at Saddle Ranch.

AnnaLynne McCord Nude

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