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Ashley Greene’s Condo Fire Kills Her Dog

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This is so tragic! Investigators confirmed Saturday that the fire in Ashley Greene’s West Hollywood condo started because a living room couch caught on fire from an unattended candle.

Ashley Greene bra

Ashley was asleep in the condo, as was her boyfriend and brother, when the fire started. The three were able to escape before remembering Ashley’s two dogs, Marlo and Theo, were still inside. The boyfriend and brother attempted to rescue both; one dog died, while the other was taken to an animal hospital and is in stable condition.

It has not been confirmed which dog survived. It was reported Ashley wanted to keep the body of whichever dog had died, so firefighters wrapped it in a blanket before handing it over to the Twilight star.

No other deaths were reported in the building. Investigators confirmed three nearby residents were injured, but are now in stable conditions.

The condo will be completely gutted — as in floors removed, walls taken down, everything gone — and four other units near Ashley’s will need repairs as well.

Ugh — a story like this makes our heart ache. Everyone please remember: blow those candles out before hitting the hay!


Ashley Greene Bikini Pictures: Because She’s Hot

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Ashley Greene of Twilight seems like a conceited C U Next Tuesday, but I can’t deny that she’s pretty gorgeous. Here she is in British UK magazine, stripping down to promote Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Ashley Greene swimsuit

Gawd I hope her career won’t be over (you know it will be) within a year.

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More Ashley Greene DKNY Hotness

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Ashley Greene of Twilight is looking sexy as hell in her DKNY photos. She looks like she’s been doing this forever and her standout looks make her the perfect choice for DKNY jeans. Ashley’s first round of photos were in color, but most of these new ones are in black and white.

Ashley Greene in the window

It’s rare that I give a sh!t when some chick poses for a new ad campaign, but Ms. Greene is nailing this. I think they Photoshopped her boobs a bit to make ‘em look bigger, but that’s my only complaint. She looks great!

Ashley Greene in black and whiteAshley Greene modelingAshley Greene in the windowAshley Greene goes pinkAshley Greene thinAshley Greene sunglassesAshley Greene DKNY purseAshley Greene and a male modelAshley Greene DKNY dressAshley Greene DKNY pink dressAshley Greene DKNY modelAshley Greene DKNY

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Ashley Greene Heats Up Esquire Mexico

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Twilight‘s Ashley Greene is smoking hot and she looks gorgeous in her Esquire magazine photos. Unlike Kristen Stewart, and Nikki Reed, Ashley is conceited as hell. You take one look at her, and it’s not hard to figure out why.

Ashley Greene Esquire cover

But Ashley’s well known for Twilight, and there’s only one movie in the franchise left, so she needs to chill already.

I love all of the photos. Especially the first xlarge_pnail below, where she’s showing cleavage and legs while slouching over a table. So many women would look more tired than smoking hot while posing like that, but Ashley still looks sexy there. She could seriously be covered in mud and dudes would still line up begging to clean her off with their tongues.

Ashley Greene cleavageShort red dressAshley side shotAshley Greene legs pictureAshley Greene hotAshley in Esquire

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Reeve Carney and Ashley Greene are Dating

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Full-time prostitute and part-time actress Ashley Greene is dating Broadway Spider-Man star Reeve Carney. An insider says that the Twilight star has had a crush on Reeve “for a long time.”

Reeve Carney pictureMs. Ashley Greene

“She’s super close with Reeve’s family and loves spending time with Paris, his sister, when they’re both in L.A.”

Ashley went to Dream Downtown in NYC on Tuesday night where she was spotted dancing with Reeve.


Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz: Moving In Together?

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The Twilight cast is probably about the most incestuous of any franchise out there. It always seems like someone’s getting sumthin’ sumthin’ from someone else on the cast, like one giant, horny carousel. And this merry bit of news won’t stop the speculation at all.

 Ashley Greene Comic-ConKellan Lutz close up

Kellan Lutz revealed to E! that he might be getting a place with costar Ashley Greene–but only because they’re more BFF than boffing-each-other.

He says, “I was talking to Ashley about maybe sharing a place out here in New York. We’re never here at the same time but we both love New York. So we’d be roommates without being roommates…more like housemates!”

That seems like a cute idea. I’m firmly supportive of the idea that boys and girls can be ‘just friends’ and I think it’ll also be really convenient for them. Because if they ever want to start doing the dance in one another’s pants, for any photos of them leaving the same place at the same time, they can just say, “Well, we live together.” Wink, wink.

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New Breaking Dawn Part 1 Photos Are Out

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I don’t know much about the Twilight series other than I think Robert Pattinson is hot and Taylor Lautner isn’t hard on the eyes either. In Breaking Dawn, Twilight’s third installment, Edward and Bella get married, consummate their marriage, and have a child together.

Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn

So does Bella get knocked up on her honeymoon, cause that’s a wonderful lil birth control PSA right there: “It only takes one time.”

Summit Entertainment has released nine new images from Breaking Dawn – Part 1. In the photos, Edward is wearing a wedding ring and there are blonde vampire bridesmaids! Part 1 hits theaters on November 18.

Bella and Edward Cullen Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn Part 1Ashley Greene Breaking Dawn pictureJacob Breaking Dawn pictureTaylor Lautner Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn vampires pictureBreaking Dawn bridesmaids pictureThe Volturi photo

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Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone are Dating?

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Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson topple as Twilight’s “It” couple? Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the soapy vampire series, may be dating her on-screen paramour Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale.

Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone

While the two have been close for a while, murmurs of romance are bubbling up again. The two have been photographed having chummy-chummy lunches together and were also spotted, along with co-star Kellan Lutz, arriving at the Vancouver International Airport–but they purposefully didn’t take the same flight.

Jackson ended up taking a different flight than Ashley, as they’ve been rumored to be romantically linked as of late.

These may seem like stupid reasons for thinking two people are dating, but honestly it doesn’t matter if the rumors are true. They’re going to do wonders for her street cred. When you date a Jonas Brother, you can’t go anywhere else but up! Even whispers about you dating Hot Topic-wearing tween magnet Twilight stars will make you seem more edgy. And that’s saying something.

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Ashley Greene Moves On From Joe Jonas To Jared Followill

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I think Ashley Greene was done with her relationship with Joe Jonas long ago because it didn’t take that hoe any time to move on to the next one. It was just reported the other day that Ashley and Joe split up, and she has already been spotted looking cozy at Avenue in NYC with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill.

An onlooker said Ashley was “dancing and flirty” with Jared at the club Tuesday night, and it looks like her rebound f*ck is continuing. Ashley was spotted hanging out with Jared and her father on St. Patrick’s day.

Wow, it didn’t take long to move on to the next one!

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