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Jennifer Garner Doesn’t Trust Ben Affleck

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This one is coming from Star, so this story is more than likely not true.  According to the tabloid, Jennifer Garner is afraid that is she leaves Ben Affleck alone while she goes off to film a movie, he will cheat.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner 2013

Earlier this year Ben gushed about hoping back into the ring and being Mr. Mom while Jen was off filming, but according to a source, Jen plans to take the kids with her and leave Ben all alone.

This story kind of doesn’t make sense. If Jen is so worried about leaving Ben alone, then why would she take the kids with her? Sure, Ben quite often refers to his marriage and raising kids as “work,” but he actually seems to be genuinely in love with Jen. They look like a solid couple and when you do see Ben with Jen and the kids he seems to be happy.

I’m gonna chalk this up as just a rumor because I refuse to believe that he would cheat.

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Ben Affleck Cries During Oscars Speech

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Aww, I used to hate Ben Affleck for no real reason, but after seeing him cry last night at the Oscars, I couldn't help but give the guy some respect.

Affleck won the Best Picture award for Argo. His outcries to Jennifer Garner were so authentic, I think that they'll stay together and work through any issues in the years to come. Garner looked pleased, as did the rest of the audience, captivated by the emotion we all have to deal with somehow: love.


Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck to Star in Romantic Comedy, Focus

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Kristen Stewart's career hasn't taken a hit since she had an affair with Rupert Sanders. She's been cast to work with another older married man. This time it's A-lister Ben Affleck, 40.


Kristen spoke to The Huffington Post about her role in Focus.

"It's a comedy. I'm really excited about it. We start shooting in April."

When asked about KStew, Ben said: "She's terrific and hopefully it will work out."

Uh oh.

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Jennifer Garner Gives Birth to a Boy!

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Third time's a charm for Jennifer Garner, 39, and Ben Affleck. The happy couple welcomed a baby boy today in Santa Monica, California. Jen and Ben's son has two older sisters: Violet, 6, and Serafina, 3. Garner told Jay Leno in January that Ben said that he was okay with having another daughter.

Jennifer Garner children

"[Ben] kind of said, 'Well, we have girls. We know how to do girls. My girls love me. I'm the big guy in the house.' So, now I'm not sure," Jen said.

Ben wanted a son, it's a no brainer, and now he has one! Good for him! Matt Damon, who has three biological daughters and his wife's daughter from another relationship, must be jelly.

Congrats to Bennifer!

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Blake Lively Nude Photos Were Meant for Ben Affleck?

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This one may qualify as “wild speculation,” but it’s a rumor that’s making the rounds, and it kinda makes it sense, and, hell, it’s fun, so we’re bringing it to you.

Blake Lively Hot With Red Hair

The second round of Blake Lively nude photos has made it clear that the actress took the shots while on the set of the 2010 film The Town. People who claim to have inside info about these types of things are claiming that Blake took the pics for her co-star and director on that film, Ben Affleck. This accusation has scandal potential written all over it, because Ben is happily married to ice queen Jennifer Garner

Again, there’s little in the way of actual evidence to support the Ben/Blake affair, but there’s also a proud history of married directors banging their actresses. Of course, all of this assumes that the controversial photos are actually of Blake. Which they totally are. 

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Violet Affleck is a freakin’ Jack O’Lantern. Dayum. Are any two of her teeth together or does each tooth have its own gap on each side?

School’s out! Jennifer Garner scoops up daughter Violet, who turns 3 next month, at school in Santa Monica on Monday

Ben Affleck shirtless

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