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Blue Ivy: Nappy Hair Isn’t ‘Natural,’ Comb Hair Petition Scandal

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Blue Ivy’s nappy hair has upset black Twitter in the past. Now Jay-Z’s mini-me was recently photographed with a very nappy afro with Beyonce walking behind her. Blue Ivy’s hair has always been natural, e.g., hasn’t been straightened and no one has a problem with that, but some people have an issue with Blue’s matted, dry dirty hair with lint in it that is growing into dreadlocks at the ends.


Beyonce is much older than Blue is in the photo above, but B’s mom is a hairdresser. She knows better than this.

I completely support the petition urging Beyonce to do something right with Blue Ivy Carter’s hair! Those who say that the petition is wrong because “BLUE IVY IS A CHILD!” don’t understand that the petition was made BECAUSE she’s a child.

Blue is too young to comb her hair herself, which is why being photographed with a dirty, nappy afro is so sad. She has no choice but to look a mess because her parents and their staff don’t do anything with her hair, which is why she’s growing dreadlocks and has lint in her hair.

Beyonce’s stans are furious about this petition and those fearing the wrath of the Beyhive are defending Beyonce. But this is simple. This isn’t about how much one enjoys Beyonce. The petition is urging her mother to not allow her daughter’s hair to become dreaded. It’s already matted, dry and dirty and will only become more matted if her parents keep this up.

Meanwhile, Beyonce’s hair is laid and she only wears high quality fake hair, that’s styled perfectly. So why isn’t Bey combing her daughter’s hair? If she doesn’t want to comb her hair herself because Blue cries when her hair is combed, she has staff that can take care of it. And if Bey and Jay-Z don’t want other people touching their daughter’s hair, they should shave it off.

The Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair petition reads:

“As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyoncé has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.”

Never in my life have I seen a child with hair in such poor condition. The petition is not an insult to Blue Ivy, who can not read but will be embarrassed by the photos of her nappy hair. The petition is a call to action to her negligent parents who refuse to comb their daughter’s hair. How can you even wash your hair if your entire afro is turning into a friggin’ rat’s nest?

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Blue Ivy’s Nappy Hair Revealed, Face Covered in New Beyonce Tumblr Pics

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Blue Ivy has some of the nappiest hair in celebrity baby history. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have avoided combing their 2-year-old’s daughter hair for some reason and it’s not like they can’t afford to get someone else to do it if they don’t want to, but I digress.

Blue Ivy 2014, Beyonce hold hands

What also remains unknown is why Beyoncé only posts pictures of the back of Blue’s head. We already know what she looks like! We have the paparazzi to thank for that. So what’s the big deal?! Some people say Blue is ugly, and we’ll always have new photos of her thanks to the paps, so covering up her face doesn’t make any sense. It won’t make the haters keep quiet. Just keep her out of the pics altogether!

UsWeekly reports “In images from backstage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the tiny tot is  wearing a red and black plaid skirt and a Magna Carter World Tour  sweatshirt in support of her father’s current tour.

Beyonce also posted a photo wearing an “IV” ring. The Roman numeral, which  represents the number four, is very important to the family. Beyonce, Jay Z, and  the “Diva” singer’s mother Tina Knowles were all born on the  fourth and that’s also where Blue’s middle name comes from.” Who knew?!

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Beyonce Shares Blue Ivy Pictures, New Year’s Eve Photos

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Beyonce showed her Tumblr followers just what she got up to during the holidays and on her daughter Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday.

 Blue Ivy 2014 photo Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce 2014

The superstar dressed up to the nines for the NYE celebrations where she can seen in a slinky black and gold number with hubby Jay-Z and a host of unknown faces. With the glitzy location in a Versace mansion in Miami, the stylish guests and the unposed shots it gave the impression that her life in one perpetual glamorous fashion shoot, which it probably is.

Blue Ivy’s bday party was thankfully more low key, Bey and her daughter both wore face paint with Blue looking cute in a ‘birthday girl’ crown. The star was joined by her ex-Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the event.

Beyonce claims to be a private person, but I’ve seen more snaps of her life in the last few months than I have of my own family. I can never resist a chance to sneak a peak into the lives of the rich and famous so I’m not complaining.

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Blue Ivy Carter Hair Picture, Beyonce and Jay-Z Vacation Photos

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Beyoncé’s Tumblr remains one of the best things to happen to the Internet. The fiercely private star posts beautiful photos of where she goes, what she eats and how many ways she can look hot with no makeup.

Beyonce abs picture

Queen B posted a picture of her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, whose hair surprisingly doesn’t look as nappy as it always does, along with photos of her husband, sister, and friends and family on vacation.

Blue Ivy Carter hair image

Based upon the short dress and shirt that B was wearing, some of these pictures were snapped in Jamaica and Costa Rica. The Carters live such a charmed life and B is so gorgeous, she never takes a bad picture. We love seeing glimpses of some of her many vacays and all the food that she enjoys. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are currently on a vegan diet, but you know they’ll be making up for that when their 22-day “challenge” ends on Christmas day!

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Blue Ivy: Pictures With Beyonce

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When Beyonce posts photos of her daughter on her Tumblr or Instagram, she doesn’t show her face. The most we get is half of her face and I find it all horribly insulting. It’s weird. It’s like she’s embarrassed.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce Tumblr

Like, can you fathom your mother only posting pics of your scalp, back and legs online? WTF. Get over it Bey.

Blue Ivy looks JUST like Jay-Z. Hey B, We know what Blue’s face looks like and your fans adore you. Your stans are going to say she’s the most beautiful baby ever, like Kim Kardashian fans say that about North West. Your stunts are so obvious, it’s kind of sad.

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Blue Ivy Will Have a French Nanny

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This story came out a few weeks ago, but better late than never. Beyonce and Jay-Z want their daughter Blue Ivy to speak French so they’re hiring a French-speaking nanny.

Blue Ivy, Jay Z's twin

Bey and Jigga spend so much time in Europe that they feel it would be beneficial for Blue Ivy to learn French.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”Beyoncé and Jay have started advertising for a nanny who is happy to travel the world with them. They want a French speaker for a number of reasons. The family have a real connection with France and Beyoncé’s nephew Julez is a French speaker, because his dad is French.”

Blue Ivy Carters parents are wasting no time. ”They’ve already started seeing candidates and have been getting advice from friends including Gwyneth Paltrow.”

This is smart. Whether you’re able to enjoy the yacht life all around the world or you’ve never seen a beach, it’s great to have bi-lingual or tri-lingual kids if you can. They’ll make more money at their jobs and have several opportunities that others won’t have. Two languages isn’t enough for Blue! I expect her to speak at least 5 languages by the time she’s three. No pressure.

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Blue Ivy’s Nappy Hair Upsets Black Twitter

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There is something very wrong with Blue Ivy’s hair. It needs to be combed. Anyone of any race can have nappy hair. It happens when you just leave hair alone to get knots in it and you don’t comb it out. Check out Beyonce’s weave. She styles her hair but neglects the hair on her husband’s mini-me’s head. It’s a bad look.

 Blue Ivy nappy hair

Blue Ivy’s nappy hair is looking awful and “black Twitter” isn’t feeling it. What do you think is going on here? Is it a big deal that B keeps Blue Ivy’s hair in knots? Should we let it go? Are we being too hard on Beyonce and her camel hubby or is it no big deal?

My issue with Blue Ivy’s hair is that Beyonce’s doesn’t look similar. If she can take the time to make sure she’s looking good, than she should take some time and spend it on making sure her daughter does too. If Bey’s hair was looking the same way, at least that would be consistent but this just makes it pretty damn obvious what Beyonce main priority is: herself.

Read the angry tweets about Blue Ivy’s nappy hair at ImpeccablePerfections.

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Blue Ivy Carter: New Pictures With Beyonce

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Now that the paparazzi has taken photos of Blue Ivy Carter’s face recently, her mom Bey decided to publish a new pic of her daughter’s face herself. Beyonce was on vacation in Miami and she’s added several photos from her lil vacay to her Tumblr.

Blue Ivy and Beyonce 2013

Jay-Z’s mini me is seen enjoying the yacht life with her wealthy mom and some friends and relatives. These new photos allow fans another glimpse into Mrs. Carter’s extravagant life. Bey works hard and she plays hard. She’s a good role model and living proof of what hard work can bring.

Back to Blue, they need to figure out what to do with that poor child’s hair. It often looks like it hasn’t been combed, washed or brushed.

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Blue Ivy Carter: Picture From the Park

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Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce are just like us! The 31-year-old chart topper went to the park with her daughter Blue Ivy and she posted the picture below on her Tumblr to prove it.

Blue Ivy 2013

So why is B just out in the open with her daughter like that? She’s only wearing a hat and some sunglasses. No one in the background seems to know that they’re in the midst of Queen Bey.

Beyonce and her husband are so good at evading the paps and keeping their lives to themselves. It’s so impressive. Was this post supposed to be about Blue Ivy, cause I don’t care about her. We only see the back of her head or the side of her face!

Blue Ivy 2013 Beyonce 2013 shorts

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Blue Ivy Carter’s Hair is Growing, Face Remains Hidden

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Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t want us to know what their daughter looks like. Well, we already know what she looks like. Blue Ivy looks like Jay-Z far more than she does her mother but she continues to get cuter as she gets bigger.

Blue Ivy Carter hair

Blue Ivy’s hair usually isn’t combed but she got groomed and can be seen sitting in the chair Beyonce brought with her on her Mrs. Carter world tour.

Blue looks cute, from the back. We just wish that we could see what her friggin’ face looks like! WTF? No one posts pics of their kids like this IRL on Facebook. It would be pretty hilarious if they did though.

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Blue Ivy Photos From Paris: She Looks Like Jay-Z

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Beyonce is stunning, Jay-Z looks like a camel and Blue Ivy sometimes looks like Drake. New photos of Blue Ivy Carter surfaced today when the Carters went out to eat in Paris. Her face wasn’t shielded. I don’t understand why B doesn’t comb her daughter’s hair! WTF.

Fame/ Flynet Blue Ivy looks like Jay-Z

Blue definitely looks like Jay-Z. She has her camel father’s fat face and features. She definitely looks more like her dad than she does her mother. Her looks continue to change though (and she’s cute), but I’m still waiting for Bey to give birth to her mini-me.

Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce 2013 Blue Ivy Carter pacifier Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter 2013 Blue Ivy Carter 2013 in Paris Blue Ivy Carter face pic Blue Ivy Carter hair Blue Ivy 2013 face, Jay-Z

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Blue Ivy Carter Picture: Spotted in New York

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Blue Ivy Carter’s face will remain a mystery to us for the most part. Beyonce covers her up to make sure that the paparazzi can’t take pics of her daughter’s face. B was spotted in Brooklyn this morning when someone snapped this pic of Jay-Z’s daughter. Check out her little Timbalands!

Blue Ivy Carter 2013, hair

Beyonce went to Buttermilk Channel, out to one of her favorite restaurants for brunch. Beyonce was with her mom and her family.

I still don’t know what Blue Ivy looks like! One minute she looks like Jay-Z’s twin, the next she looks like Drake. We’re confused. All the secrecy is working.

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