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Brooke Hogan: Engaged to Phil Costa

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Congrats are in order for Brooke Hogan. The 25-year-old former VH1 reality star got engaged to Phil Costa of the Dallas Cowboys. Phil got on bended knee in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Brooke Hogan engaged

Brooke posted her engagement pictures on her Instagram. She’s seen on a balcony at the Bellagio, looking completely shocked. Brooke posted the following caption: “Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I wouldn’t choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful.”

Brooke  Hogan and Phil Costa

She looks so surprised that she thinks she looks “scary” but explained that she was just in “total SHOCK.”

Brooke’s brother Nick and her mother have already sent their congrats on Twitter as well. Congrats!!

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Brooke Hogan’s Legs Photo: Tweeted by Hulk Hogan!

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Hulk Hogan’s boner for his only daughter Brooke Hogan is still alive and throbbing. Hulk Hogan’s sex tape scandal blew up the Internet last year. Hulk’s ringtone is his daughter’s song. He’s flashed his penis with Brooke in the room and rubbed suntan lotion all over her body years before that. They’re gross.

Brooke Hogan legs picture

Hulk Tweeted the photo above because he thinks that Brooke has some great legs. Hulk’s followers sent him angry tweets about how disturbing this is so he quickly removed the picture.

I wonder if or when Brooke will ever marry. We’ve seen glimpses on his reality show, but Hulk’s cock blocking skills are on a whole other level.

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Brooke Hogan is “SO Sick” of Hulk Hogan Relationship Comments

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Brooke Hogan unveiled her nude PETA photo on Thursday and she posed with her father Hulk Hogan at the media event. Brooke, 23, says she doesn’t understand why anyone was trippin’. Brooke claims that she and her father don’t have a perverted relationship and we should all just go home, yo!

Brooke Hogan PETA

Brooke Tweeted: “Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship. Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me!”

We don’t need to “go home” in order to avoid talking sh!t, b*tch! All we need is a keypad.

Brooke and Hulk have a sexless relationship and I don’t think we’ll “stop picking” on ’em just like I don’t think she’ll refrain from having her dad rub suntan lotion all over her a*s or cock block her from potential boyfriends. Their relationship works for them just like talking about ’em works for folks online. We are doing our own thing hun. You just don’t like it.

“When Hulk saw the racy photo of his daughter, he posed in front of her picture hiding her private parts with his hands,” the source says.

Photo: Wenn

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Brooke Hogan Nude For PETA

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Hulk Hogan would never miss out on an opportunity like this! The man who flashes his penis while his grown a*s daughter is in the room was on hand to watch the unveiling of Brooke Hogan‘s nude PETA photo.

Brooke Hogan naked picture

Brooke is actually the perfect spokeswhore for the sexist company. She’s always been interested in animal rights. Hulk actually turned 58 years old, and he and Brooke celebrated the occasion at Cafeina in their hometown of Miami, Florida.

Brooke was wearing a low cut mini-dress and was photographed bending over to give her daddy a kiss on the cheek. They’re so in love!

Brooke Hogan is tallBrooke Hogan buffBrooke Hogan Performing At Seminole Hard Rock HotelBrooke Hogan PerformingBrooke Hogan DancingBrooke Hogan looks fat on stripper poleBrooke Hogan crotch shot

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Hulk Hogan Flashes His Penis With Daughter Brooke in the Room

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I am a daddy's girl through and through. You mess with my dad, you're messing with me, and vice versa. That being said, I don't have my dad rub suntan lotion on my ass cheeks, nor would I pretend that he's innocent after cheating for decades on his wife and then picking out a girlfriend who looks like my identical twin.



In Brooke Hogan's eyes, her father Hulk can do no wrong. Case in point, Hulk whips his dick out with Brooke right next to him and she's all chill about it, like one of her friends did it and it's all good. There's nothing to see here, folks! Brooke's reaction is very telling. She's obviously seen all kinds of incestuous crap like this while growing up and she's desensitized by it. I kind of believe that if Brooke and the Hulk are cool with it, than that's all that matters, really. I also believe that they would have been married for at least three years by now had she been born and raised in the Souf or on a Polygamist ranch. Those damn Hollywood careers always break up wholesome couples.

Jump in for the disturbing, or not so disturbing (depends on what you're into), madness.



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Brooke Hogan Says Cassie’s Vagina is ‘All Stretched Out’

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I like Brooke Hogan cause I agree with everything she said in this interview. Brooke has no music “career” and she’s bitter, but that’s okay, she speaks the truf!

Brooke Hogan crotch shot

Brooke took on her successful peers and she didn’t hold back during her Sirius radio interview this week. She also brought her midget boyfriend Yannique Barker with her and her entire interview was entertaining.

Brooke Hogan

On Heidi Montag: “I don’t like Heidi Montag. I made a diss record on her.”

On Cassie’s nekkid pics: “Don’t show it if it’s not right. It’s all stretched out.”

On Beyonce: “She needs to go and make some babies and chill.”

And that’s how you hate properly! If you’re going to hate, be interesting when you do it.

* Have a great weekend, all, and be sure to pop back on Monday when I’ll be running a new contest.



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