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Charlie Sheen Must Shut Up About Brooke Mueller or Go To Jail

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The Sheenius needs to delete TMZ’s number from his phone, because if he calls Brooke Mueller an “evil whore” again, he’ll end up behind bars.

 charlie sheen hat

Charlie Sheen called the judge fat and he wasn’t impressed. Brooke and Charlie were in court yesterday where the judge warned the warlock: “Don’t forget, I’m  Italian!”  The judge issued a temporary restraining order against Charlie and prohibited him from speaking about the case.

TMZ reports: “Charlie is prohibited from going within 200 yards of  Brooke.  He’s also not allowed to contact Brooke. To that we’re told Charlie told the judge, “Thank you.”

The judge didn’t hand out any penalties for Charlie violating his gag order. Brooke tried to get Sheen’s visitation rights suspended but the judge said no. She also tried to get Denise Richards removed as temporary guardian of the twins, but the judge didn’t go for that either.

“Brooke’s lawyer made a big deal about the pic of the birthday cake for Brooke with a grenade on top … but the  judge didn’t make a big deal of it

We wish Bob and Max well. That is all.

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Brooke Mueller is Fighting Charlie Sheen After TMZ Insults

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Brooke Mueller is furious that Charlie Sheen called her an “evil whore,” drug addict and a terrible parent and she’s trying to make him pay for it. Sheen could go to jail. Brooke was unable to get a restraining order against Charlie last week, but she’s still fighting with her ex.

 Brooke Mueller Dines Out At Mr Chow

Mueller’s lawyers have sent a subpoena to TMZ because TMZ posted a video interview with the Sheenius where he insulted Brooke and Child Protective Services. TMZ tends to play both sides. The website posted:

“Where to begin.  Charlie said Brooke has damaged their twins emotionally,  to the point they’re on the verge of getting kicked out of school.  He says  every time the kids visit with Brooke, they come home completely freaked out and  suffer from night terrors.”

Brooke says Charlie violated the gag order and should have his visitation curtailed or serve jail time.

“Charlie told us the L.A. County Dept. of  Children and Family Services cares more about protecting and rehabilitating  Brooke than protecting the twins.  He also calls  the judge in the case “The Dishonorable Judge Douchebag.”   Charlie also called him fat.”

TMZ needs to stop exploiting people in their moments of weakness and Charlie needs to STFU already. Brooke’s recent actions just prove Charlie right. She’s an awful person and a bad parent. Brooke is an alleged drug user. The kids are better off with Charlie and Denise Richards, but Brooke doesn’t care about that!

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Charlie Sheen Says Twin Sons Are in Danger With Brooke Mueller

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It’s never a good thing when Charlie Sheen comes off as the sensible, responsible one. Sheen worries about his 4-year-old twin sons because their mother Brooke Mueller has issues.


Charlie says his sons have already suffered physical and emotional damage from the  time they’ve spent in Brooke’s care. He also says that Brooke has pet lizards, insects and other critters around her house, which scares their boys.

Charlie also says Bob suffered a bad rash on his face after recently  spending time with Brooke — a rash that “looked like somebody burned  him.” Charlie says he’s complained to L.A. Child Services — but they  refuse to help. Instead, Charlie claims, Brooke is getting MORE custody … and  he doesn’t understand why, TMZ reports.

The Sheenius had a Twitter rant last night, saying that Child Protective Services are “doosh bags” who haven’t protected his kids and Brooke is an “evil and pathetic uber loser” and a “whore.”

Mueller is supposed to have her first unsupervised overnight visit with the twins tonight and Charlie is concerned for their safety, saying: “She’s as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up.”

I know Charlie wants to party, but he should try to get sole custody of his sons. Denise Richards and some nannies could help him take care of them. They’re better off being kept away from Brooke Mueller. Her parenting skills are just as good as Farrah Abraham’s.

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Brooke Mueller Has Overdosed Six Time in Last Two Years

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Ugh, Charlie Sheen should be thanking whatever higher power he believes in that his ex-wife Denise Richards was granted temporary custody of his two sons because his other ex, Brooke Mueller, has some serious issues.

Drug addict Brooke Mueller

Radar recently learned that the troubled mother of Charlie’s twins has overdosed six times in the last two years. She’s overdosed on crystal meth and Adderall and probably a number of other drugs. A source says,

“It’s amazing Brooke is still alive. The only thing that has saved her when the overdoses occur, is that someone has always been with her, and able to call 911. She doesn’t get how lucky she is to still be alive.”

Her drug issues have led the Department of Child and Family Service to conduct an investigation and they are currently building a case. Mueller is also said to be furious that Denise has custody of her children.

She clearly doesn’t know how lucky she is that they weren’t place somewhere else. Brooke is currently in rehab for the 20th and hopefully, last time.

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Brooke Mueller Checks Into Betty Ford To Hang Out With Lindsay Lohan

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What do Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Mueller have in common? Well, they’re both a the Betty Ford center and they both are somehow connected to Charlie Sheen.


Both ladies are staying in the hospital wing for the rehab center and apparently, they’ve already run into each other. As well all know, Brooke is there after going on a bender and putting her kids in jeopardy and Lindsay is there because she just has too many problems to list. Both have been to rehab multiple times.

I would love to know if these two hang out and talk about drugs and the Sheenius. They both probably have some crazy stories and I’d like to think that they would support each other while seeking treatment.

To think that Linds and Brooke are checked in and Charlie Sheen isn’t… If he can get it together, so can they.

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Charlie Sheen’s Kids Removed From Brooke Mueller’s Home

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Officials removed Charlie Sheen’s kids from the home of their mother Brooke Mueller after the house was deemed an unsafe environment.

Brooke Mueller twin sons

Officials arrived at Brooke’s home Thursday with a warrant and took the twin boys. The children are now in the care of Denise Richards, Charlie’s ex-wife and mother of his two daughters.

Sources say that officials determined Brooke’s house was unsafe after suspecting that she may have began abusing drugs again. A court date has been set for next week to find a permanent solution to where the children should live.

Charlie should be thanking whatever higher power he believes in that he has Denise Richards in his life.

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Brooke Mueller Agrees to Go to Rehab

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Brooke Mueller has finally agreed to go to rehab, after being arrested earlier this month for cocaine possession. It’s like she’s heading back home!

Brooke Mueller is a mess

Though Brooke has vehemently denied that she’s a major drug addict with serious issues beyond her control, Brooke is now admitting that she still has a substance abuse problem. She was “reluctant” at first, but her friends persuaded her to get the help that she so desperately needs. Not that it’s helped her the other fourteen times.

According to TMZ
, the troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen is finalizing arrangements for treatment somewhere near L.A. and will be checking in soon (assuming she doesn’t back out at the last minute). While she’s in rehab, Charlie and her parents will be taking care of her kids, which should probably have already happened a while ago–or, uh, right now.

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Brooke Mueller Denies Being a Violent Cokehead

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Although Brooke Mueller has been in rehab many many times and she was allegedly caught with four grams of cocaine on her over the weekend, she’s claiming that she’s innocent. Maybe she was wearing someone else’s jeans perhaps?!

Brooke Mueller hat photo

Brooke’s rep says that her lawyer wants “all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light.”

Charlie Sheen has offered to help the troubled mother out with her kids, but Brooke insists that her 2 year-old sons should stay with her. She has no immediate plans to check into rehab although people close to her are urging her to.

Brooke will be back in court on Dec. 19.

Also noteworthy, because Brooke had four grams of cocaine, that’s the lowest class of felony arrest. She may only get probation!

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Brooke Mueller “Can’t Stay Sober On Her Own”

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Brooke Mueller got arrested on Friday, but that’s probably a good thing! She’ll be facing the Colorado District court on December 19th, for the charges of cocaine possession and assault. According to People magazine, Brooke’s friends think this might actually be a good thing, serving as a wake-up call for her to get some serious help.

Brooke Mueller in trouble

“Brooke can’t stay sober on her own. Maybe this [arrest] will force her to go into a treatment center for a long stay. Thirty-day rehabs won’t work for her…She has enough family to take care of the kids while she’s away.”

It’s obvious that Brooke has got some major issues and needs major help. She went to rehab this summer (on ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s dime) and has already f**ked up. So, uh, based on what we know about what’s going on her life, shouldn’t her kids already be in the care of not-insane family?

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Brooke Mueller Arrested for Cocaine Possession, Assault

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Brooke Mueller was arrested on Friday night in Aspen on suspicion of felony cocaine possession. Brooke allegedly assaulted a woman “at a nearby drinking establishment” before she went clubbing at Escobar nightclub.

Brooke Mueller arrested again

Charlie Sheen‘s ex was booked on a misdemeanor 3rd degree assault charge and released from the Pitkin County jail on $11,000 bond. Brooke has been in rehab many times and has had many run-ins with the law.

On the bright side, Charlie seems to be done with the nose candy and he got his sh!t together. Brooke’s twins should be ok while their mother remains hooked on drugs.

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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Together Again

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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller might be the two biggest hot mess parents in Hollywood history. However, they seem to think that spending time together is a good idea for the sake of their kids. This should end well.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, and Twin Sons, Max and Bob

Never mind that the whole Charlie Sheen media sh!t storm began when Chuckles was arrested for holding a knife to Brooke’s throat last Christmas, and that Brooke is currently so effed up she’s considering illegal hallucinogens to help her get off drugs. On Sunday, Chuck, Brooke, and their twin 2 year-old sons, Bob and Max, looked like a normal, happy family.

“Harmony is our goal,” Sheen told TMZ about the visit. “Sunday was a wonderful start.” Sheen also announced that he’s looking to help Brooke find a home in his neighborhood when she finishes her latest round of treatment. Could the tiger-blooded warlock finally be turning things around? Or will he ditch his new family man lifestyle the second he comes across a new goddess or crack rock?

(Photo: TMZ)

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Charlie Sheen is Paying for Brooke Mueller’s Rehab

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Charlie Sheen wants the mother of his twin sons to get off of drugs so badly, he’s paying for the trainwreck to go to rehab for like the 14th time, literally.

 Brooke Mueller headband

Charlie didn’t like the idea of Brooke going to Mexico to take a dangerous drug used to curb drug cravings, so he flew to Mexico in a private jet and brought Brooke Mueller back to the States. That’s so sweet! Something about a man flying on a private jet is romantical cause it means he has good money.

Brooke was only south of the border for 12 hours before Charlie scooped her up. Charlie decided to bring back his own team of doctors — the ones he used a few months back when the “Two and a Half Men” people wanted him to get treatment.

Brooke is receiving treatment at an undisclosed location and Sheen is paying for everything.

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