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Carrie Underwood Celebrates The Holidays With A Miley Cyrus Parody

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Carrie Underwood helped to mark the beginning of the festive season by singing a rendition of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ by changing the words to “You made me cook a butterball”.


Thankfully this isn’t Carrie’s next single, but just part of a funny skit on Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy, Carrie and Rashida Jones all sang popular songs but changed the lyrics to make them all relate to the holidays.

The Daft Punk hit ‘Get Lucky’ turned into “We’re up all night to eat turkey”, Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ was changed to “you’re gonna hear me snore”, while Lorde’s song ‘Royals’ became “And we get to spin dreidels (Dreidels!)” to celebrate Hanukkah.

Carrie’s version even included the weird singing cat who was last seen floating over Miley Cyrus at the AMAs. Although it was obviously supposed to be a joke, I was surprised to find that Carrie’s version was actually quite beautiful and unlike Miley, the singer didn’t need to wear her underwear to disguise a an obvious lack of talent.

Even the lyrics were improved: “You made me cook a butterball/ And then a green bean casserole/ All you did was sit and watch football/  And ignored all of your fa-a-mily/  Ignored your fa-a-mily”

Icona Pop’s hit ‘I love it’, Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ and The Lumineer’s song ‘Ho Hey’ were also parodied in the medley. Check it out above.

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Carrie Underwood: ‘I Want to be a Hot Wife!’

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Uh, should someone tell Carrie Underwood she’s got ‘hot, sexy, talented and sweet’ covered? Carrie is already a hot wife. She’s also a dedicated partner; the popular country singer tells People magazine that she’ll quit her job at any moment if her husband Mike Fisher tells her to. We doubt that’ll happen. Carrie’s bringin’ home too much bacon!

Carrie Underwood Instagram

On her husband: “Even when he’s like, ‘I’m so out of shape,’ he still has a six-pack. Having Mike there – I want to be a hot wife!”

On her marriage and career: “If Mike ever told me he needed me to quit, I’d quit. When you make that promise to somebody, and you stand before God and your family and friends, you’ve got to do everything that you possibly can to make that work.”

Mike and Carrie’s third anniversary is this July. For Underwood, “frequent texts, hosting wine-and-grill nights at home with friends and meeting up for casual dates – at Subway” is part of what makes her marriage work.

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Carrie Underwood’s 2013 Grammy Dress Lights Up the Stage

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Carrie Underwood belted out "Blown Away" in a 4 feet 5 inches-wide Theia gown that lights up. Carrie was the first celebrity to wear Theia four years ago. Underwood says that she likes to just stand still sometimes and sing so it was perfect.


Carrie told reporters backstage: “We wanted it to be artful and dramatic. I just like to stand still and sing sometimes, so this seemed like the best way I could do that and still create something visually attention-capturing.”

That it was. Carrie's dress, and performance, is not to be forgotten.



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Taylor Swift Hates Carrie Underwood, Carrie Hates Taylor

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Taylor Swift told Ryan Seacrest that she's opening the 2013 Grammy Awards. Taylor will attend the 2013 Grammys with her competitors and peers, one of those people being Carrie Underwood. Unlike Swifty, Carrie is no one trick pony. And she's beautiful. Carrie has a lot that Taylor could be jealous of.


Us Weekly exclusively reports: Grammy execs were ordered to keep Swift, 23, and Underwood, 29, "from crossing paths" at the Feb. 10 show "since they hate each other!" We guess Harry Styles won't be attending.

Says a Swift pal, "Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steers clear of her."

If Carrie doesn't like Swifty, she doesn't have to be fake like everyone else in Hollywood is! This rumor just makes us love Carrie even more.

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Carrie Underwood: ‘Mike Fisher Would Never Cheat On Me’

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Welp, Carrie Underwood isn’t the first woman to think that her man will never stray. She wholeheartedly trusts her hockey player husband Mike Fisher and that’s great. The beautiful singer graces the cover of Allure magazine. Clearly in love, Carrie says that she is married to Prince Charming.

Carrie Underwood 2013 Allure magazine cover

On her marriage: “We’ve seen a lot of celebrities, professional athletes, not exactly always being on their best behavior away from girlfriends, wives, families. People would say, ‘Do you ever worry that—you know—he’s an athlete, he’s young, he’s good-looking?’ And I’ve never had to worry about him, because I’ve never trusted anybody so completely. Or I didn’t know the true meaning of trust. He just…he just wouldn’t do that.”


Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood Top Forbes’ ‘Highest Paid American Idols’ List

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Although Adam Lambert “lost” American Idol and Carrie won, the handsome singer from San Diego has earned the #2 spot on Forbes magazine’s Highest Paid American Idol Alumni list.

In Grey

Carrie Underwood is in the top spot, earning $20 million last year, while Lambert holds the second place slot, along with Chris Daughtry. Adam and Chris both made $6 million last year.

The totals were put together by calculating the singers earnings on a pre-tax basis, before subtracting agent and manager fees.

Carrie recently surpassed Kelly Clarkson as the best-selling Idol of all time.

Lambert, 29, makes his first appearance on the Forbes list for his $6 million payday between May 2010 and May 2011. The season 8 runner-up played 116 concerts worldwide in the last 12 months, Forbes reports.

Forbes list:

1. Carrie Underwood: $20 million
2. Chris Daughtry: $6 million (tie), Adam Lambert: $6 million (tie)
3. Fantasia Barrino: $4 million
4. Jordin Sparks: $3 million
5. Kelly Clarkson: $2.5 million
6. Jennifer Hudson: $2 million
7. Kellie Pickler: $1.8 million
8. Clay Aiken: $1.5 million
9. Katharine McPhee: $1 million (tie), David Archuleta: $1 million (tie), David Cook: $1 million (tie)

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Carrie Underwood was a B*tch to Leighton Meester?

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Turns out that Lil Miss Perfect, Carrie Underwood, isn’t as sweet as she looks.

Carrie Underwood hosted the Country Music Awards again this year. Backstage Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl was allowing her nerves get to the best of her. Carrie was unsympathetic.

Carrie Underwood short shorts

Us Magazine reports: “Leighton was nervous before presenting an award, and Carrie said, ‘Get out there and don’t f-ck up,’” says the insider. “It made Leighton more nervous. Later, someone said to Carrie, ‘That was mean,’ and Carrie said, ‘She’ll get over it. Someone said that to me once and I got over it.’”

Team Carrie all the way! Fierce b!tches are the worst kind of b!tches. Of course Carrie has a lot of J.Lo in her, at least she has the talent and looks to back it up. Go ‘head now.

Seriously, what Carrie told Leighton isn’t nearly as harsh as the criticism and critiques entertainers receive all the time. Telling someone “Don’t f*ck up” when he or she is already super nervous is hardcore diva b!tch behavior, and I love it!

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Kellie Pickler Shouldn’t Stand Next to Carrie Underwood

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Is it just me or is Kellie Pickler looking all kinds of wax figure museum here? She looks diff, and gaining weight is a very effective way to fug up a person. She also looks more pasty and Botox-filled than she’s ever appeared to be before.

Kellie Pickler gained weight

Kellie is engaged to be married and it looks like she’s letting herself go pre-wedding and future divorce. Carrie Underwood, on the other hand, still looks gorgeous. People talk sh!t about the Jersey Shore kids promoting tanning, but then you see Snow White hoes like Kellie Pickler, and you know why Snooki thinks it’s great to be dark enough to write “Tan” down as your ethnicity on applications. I don’t see ghost people like this in SoCal, so I’m especially frightened.

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Carrie Underwood Wedding Pictures: In Demand

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Carrie Underwood is gorgeous, Mike Fisher is easy on the eyes, her wedding cost a reported $500k, and, once again Carrie's beautiful. We wanna see some wedding pictures damn it, and Carrie's are in high demand on search engines. However, the pics have yet to leak and something tells me that People magazine will feature a spread.

Mike Fisher Carrie Underwood Grammy Awards red carpet

In front of 250 friends and family, Carrie Underwood, 27, and Mike Fisher, 30, tied the knot at a luxury resort in Georgia on Saturday evening. The couple has released the following statement, signing their names "Mike & Carrie Fisher" –  “We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us!”

Underwood wore a Chantilly lace dress created for her by Monique Lhuillier, who also designed the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Congrats to Mike and Carrie Fisher!

In related news, everyone is having hot honeymoon sex right now: Lala Vazquez, Emily Blunt, and Martin Lawrence all got married THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Carrie Underwood got hitched too, of course. I think we have ourselves a record.

Lala got hitched in New York, John Krasinski of The Office and Emily Blunt got hitched in Italy, Carrie said "I Do" in Georgia and Martin Lawrence got married in Beverly Hills. Megan Fox got married the other weekend in Hawaii, Mena Suvari got married the other week in Italy, Jessica Simpson is banging her dude's brains out right now in Italy and Ryan Seacrest was spotted getting smooched by Julianne Hough in Italy too. I love it!

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Carrie Underwood Gets It Right

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Now this is a classy, very smart, successful young lady. Carrie Underwood graces the cover of the March 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and she talks about balancing her career and her love life.

Carrie Underwood so hot

Carrie said, “I didn’t want to be one of those people who has an amazing career but ends up alone and unhappy. I want to be happy. I want it all.”

Many women who are literally geniuses are completely retarded when it comes to men and relationships and they just don’t get it. They work so hard on their careers, then before they know it they’re pushing 40, hunting for sperm like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s trying to find her dream guido.

Getting married and having kids is a very personal and complicated choice for a lot of women. But too many females wait so long for a ring, sometimes they realize that they’ve waited too long and they just can’t get preggers anymore. Carrie, on the other hand, got the man first and the babies are coming down the road. Plus her career is hot! She knows exactly what she’s doing and I commend her for being so in touch with what’s really important to her.

Carrie Underwood Cosmopolitan magazine 2010Carrie Underwood so hot

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Mike Fisher Hits the Red Carpet With Carrie Underwood

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It remained uncertain if we’d ever see Carrie Underwood and fiance Mike Fisher hit the red carpet together. Until last night! Carrie and her favorite hockey player appeared at the annual Sens’ Soiree fundraiser in Gatineau, Quebec.

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood together picture

Carrie and Mike got engaged days before Christmas and they plan to wed next summer.

She said she isn’t sure who she wants to design her dress, but will probably go with “someone I’ve worked with before that I know I can work well with.” She wants something “pretty traditional, maybe with flowers on it — not like real flowers!”

Carrie also said that Mike is helping her to plan the wedding and that she needs his help. They’re adorable! I didn’t think Mike was cute, but he looks great in the picture above. Some people just aren’t always photogenic, as may be the case with Mikey. It’s so good to see them together! Finally.

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People’s Choice Awards Photos

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The People's Choice awards were last night and man, were they awesome! Actually, I didn't watch it, so I would have no freakin' clue.


Jessica Alba went for a dress that could be considered a shirt if it was about an inch shorter. If any little people happened to be at the show and got a chance to walk by Jessica, they had to get a good shot of her naughty spot. She totally failed with the shoes. They look cheap and made out of rope, which is a look that only Lindsay Lohan can pull off.

Check out some more pics from the carpet and show below!

Lea Michele Red CarpetAshton Kutcher At The People Choice Awards

Mariah Carey Looks StuffedTaylor Swift Short And Sassy

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