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Porsha Pulls Kenya Moore’s Hair, RHOA Reunion Fight Video

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Kenya Moore brought a scepter and a bullhorn to the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion taping this year. Last season, Kenya brought a big fan that she was using to fan herself. Andy Cohen and Bravo’s staff allowed Kenya to bring props to the reunion show while the other cast members brought none. Because Bravo knows that Krayonce is good for ratings, they allowed her to call Porsha a dumb hoe with her blowhorn. Porsha had already warned Kenya by telling her “I ain’t playin’ wit you,” but Kenya Moore Whore continued to provoke Porsha.


Kenya claimed that Porsha was cheating on her ex-husband, and that’s when Porsha snapped. What was much more dramatic than the “fight” itself was Porsha’s reaction to it. Rarely do you see someone so hysterical on TV all the while cameras film their panic attack. Porsha had no reason to be embarrassed for defending herself. Before Porsha drew hands, she told Kenya “Your vagina is rotten, that’s why no one wants to claim you!” LMFAO. Porsha kept winning on the reunion and it’s a real shame that Andy sent her home!!

RHOA fans love Porsha and almost unanimously hate Kenya Moore. I was so disappointed to learn that Kenya was asked to return to the show for a second season. I hope this season was Kenya’s last. From a viewer’s perspective, she is such a frustrating, insane person who is “rotten” and ugly on the inside. Watching Kenya on the series is stressful because you’re unable to jump onto the set and shut her up yourself.

The questions at the reunion were also awful, the worst questions I’ve ever heard at a reunion show. Andy Cohen enjoys getting people worked up and it’s sad to see that RHOA has become more ghetto than Love & Hip Hop. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s hoping that Kenya gets fired. We love you Porsha!

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Beyonce Photoshops Thigh Gap in Bikini Pictures

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Beyoncé’s fans are unhappy that the iconic singer isn’t happy with her bootylicious body, allegedly. Bey posted two bikini pics onto her Instagram and the Photoshopping was horrible!

Beyonce 2014 Photoshop bikini Beyonce Photoshop instagram

Check out the huge thigh gap and the unsmoothed out thighs.

The photos were posted yesterday, showing Blue Ivy’s mom golfing in the Dominican Republic…. I can’t remember where the pictures were but wherever they were taken, isn’t the setting gorgeous?

One shot shows Beyonce holding a golf club and lining up her shot.  Behind her is an enviable tropical scene, complete with palm trees, sparkling  waters, and a pool with umbrellas. Jay Z’s wife wore an unconventional outfit for the  day of putting, sporting a high-waisted pair of striped bottoms and a  midriff-baring pink bandeau top. Beyonce topped off the relaxed vacation look  with bare feet and her highlighted hair flowing naturally.

Yonce knows that she’s stunning and she’s probably pretty cocky in real life. The problem with Beyoncé is that whoever manages her Instagram doesn’t know what they’re doing. They post pictures by the dozen and naturally they’re dumb enough to take a poorly Photoshopped image and share it for her millions of fans. I don’t think Beyoncé doctored the picture herself. She’s too much of a perfectionist to approve of such sh!tty work. Someone needs to get fired!

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Alexa Ray Joel Rejects Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Us Weekly ran a story suggesting that Alexa Ray Joel had all kinds of plastic surgery done on her face. The 28-year-old was less than thrilled about the allegations, and she sounded furious in her response.

Alexa Ray Joel 2014 plastic surgery

Joel said: ”The only thing I have ever had done is my nose, which I have always been completely candid, honest, and open about- and I can swear on my Beloved Gypsy-Stella The Cat that this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God! (But hey, there could be worse rumors circulating, so, I’ll take it).

“Any visibly-positive alterations in terms of my public-image are an absolute and sole credit to my brilliant makeup-artist and stylist, @darlingcait … Who is a true beauty-wizard and visionary.”

Alexa says her weight loss has come “simply from maturing.”

She continued: “I have only gotten one nose-job done. That is the absolute extent of the surgeries I have had. I’m very sorry to disappoint everyone who wants to believe that I have had multiple surgeries, but that just simply isn’t true.” [The only secret is] makeup and a push-up bra.”

It’s pretty hilarious that Alexa gets this upset when she gets some press. We never hear about this girl! The last time we heard about Alexa, it was because she tried to commit suicide (allegedly) after a break up. Naturally entertainment writers are going to think that she has some self-esteem issues. She does sound a lil, um, hypersensitive and emotional. For someone who admits to having had plastic surgery, it’s ridiculous that she would have a panic attack when people accuse her of having plastic surgery.

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Lucy Cloyde: 17 Year-Old Outs James Franco, He Apologizes

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James Franco flirted with a 17-year-old fan named Lucy Cloyde and she thanked him for it by going public with their direct messages. Lucy filmed James outside of his Of Mice And Men performance on Broadway in New York City.


James asked her to tag him in the video and Lucy did just that. He then began following Lucy on Instagram and sending her private messages, or so he thought. The alleged proof is below.

Today, Franco apologized on Kelly and Michael. We’ve posted his video below. I have NO IDEA why James would admit to this. Some messages asking a girl about whether or not he should rent a room is far from a smoking gun, it’s just a fan said/ actor said story, but then he went ahead and confirmed it! WHY?

Franco clearly plays by his own rules. We did not need to know he’s desperate for a one-night stand with a teenage girl. I like James, even though he’s an @sshole in person, so I’m just going to go ahead and pretend I didn’t see this scandalous story.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lovers List: Ashton Kutcher, Benecio Del Toro, Ryan Phillipe

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In Touch Weekly claims to have a list of the 36 famous men that Lindsay Lohan had sex with. Because the tabloid is getting its money’s worth out of the exclusive, only portions of Lindsay Lohan’s sex list are being released at a time.

 Lindsay Lohan lovers list

Click to enlarge

Lohan allegedly had sex with James Franco, Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Max George and Wilmer Valderrama. Those were the names we read about last week. Today more of the names on the list have been unblurred and LiLo allegedly sexed Mila Kunis’ fiance Ashton Kutcher, Benecio del Toro, Ryan Phillipe and more.

Basically, if there was someone with a penis in the room, Lindsay made sure to get it inside her firecrotch.

As if we needed another reason to think that Lohan is a disaster, we now have this list. I just don’t understand how she’s always sold out by everyone. She allegedly left the list in her hotel and the housekeepers took it and sold it.

There was no reason for Lohan to write down the names of the men she’s f**ked. Why couldn’t she have just told her opportunist friends who she hooked up with? Lindsay only makes bad decisions, dassit! When you’re a delusional entitled has been like she is, you’re going to brag about your conquests as if it validates you in some way. SMH. Get a job Lindz!

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Justin Bieber Plea Deal in the Works for Egging Incident

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Justin Bieber didn’t want to accept the initial plea deal that was offered, which would require him to submit to drug tests, but Justin’s lawyer has something else in the works.
Justin Bieber arm tattoos

Justin will be charged for allegedly egging his neighbor’s house but the case won’t go to trial and it will not be a felony charge, just a misdemeanor. That sounds about right! Egging isn’t that serious.

TMZ says “The L.A. County D.A. has contacted Bieber’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, and asked for a meeting to discuss restitution for the egging damage — which the neighbor puts at $20K.

“The discussion between Weitzman and the prosecutor will center around paying for the damage, and pleading no contest to misdemeanor vandalism.  Bieber would serve no jail time and be placed on informal probation.

The D.A. and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. aren’t seeing eye to eye on this one.

The Sheriff wants Bieber charged with a FELONY because the egging was intentional and it caused a huge amount of damage but the D.A. doesn’t think the crime deserves a felony charge and says a misdemeanor is more appropriate.

The case is expected to be resolved, and closed, as early as next week. Now Justin just needs to make his paparazzo lawsuit go away.

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Hugo Hesney: Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Faces Felony Charges

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Justin Bieber’s bodyguard turned bestie, Hugo Hesney, is facing felony charges for 2 separate assaults.

Justin Bieber deposition

Hesney is being charged with assaulting a photographer and assaulting a police officer. He tried to accompany Biebus when he flew to Toronto last week, but was turned away at customs because of his pending criminal cases. Justin paid for him to fly back to the States.

According to TMZ: Hesney has become Bieber’s main man … not just a bodyguard but someone Bieber relies on for advice.  Bieber said in his now-infamous deposition … he trust Hesney to give him straight answers.

TMZ actually said that when Hugo doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid. Lol. NO SH!T! Justin can still remain friendly with Hugo and we’re sure that are several qualified beefcakes who can guard him at any time. The last thing Justin needs is to lose an ally right now, but they’ll both just deal with it.

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Lindsay Lohan Sex List Leaked: Sex With Jamie Dornan, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine?

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Lindsay Lohan allegedly slept with pretty much every penis she could get her hands on. The 27 year-old introduced 36 famous men to her firecrotch, and that’s just the number of men that are actors!

Lindsay Lohan sex partners list

click to enlarge

Lohan compiled a list of the men she’s had sex with while she was with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel on January 30, 2013. That was a year ago. Makes you wonder how many more dudes she banged!

A source, who claimed to have watched her write the document, said: ‘They were giggling and talking s**t about people in the industry. ‘It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.’

While writing names down, Lohan would pause to remember who she boned. So who made the list? Colin Farrell, Evan Peters (Emma Roberts’ fiancé), Wilmber Valderrama, Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey in 50 Shades), Justin Timberlake, Max George, Heath Ledger, Bruce Willis, Adam Levine, Zac Efron…

Some names have been blurred out, as you can see. According to an industry insider: “The list has some pretty big names on it, and they’re not all single guys. This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core.”

It was recently rumoured Lindsay would be writing a tell-all book about her colourful behaviour since making it as a child star. And this dramatic leaked list may see a renewed interest in such a tome among publishers, the Daily Mail reports.

Don’t you feel like you need a shower just after reading that list?!?! Lindsay is so gross. From the footage I’ve seen on her reality show that I’ll never watch again, she’s a straight up hoarder. She’s just dirty, in a bad way. SMH. Get tested.

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Lena Dunham Molestation Tweet Draws Backlash

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Lena Dunham was brilliant on Saturday Night Live last weekend. Say what you will about the self-indulgent nudist, but Lena knows how to stay in her lane. All of her sketches worked. She played characters that felt like an extension of herself and it worked.

Lena Dunham 2014 SNL photo

Riding high on the praise she received for her solid performance, someone Tweeted Dunham: “you don’t always have to get naked” and she responded with: “Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He’s been making me!”


The trendy feminist then had a lot of explaining to do for her offensive message. After deleting the tweet, Dunham quickly apologized:

  • I just made and deleted a not so great molestation joke. Sorry guys. I am really sleepy.
  • SNL has a way bigger audience than our usual cozy girls audience, so I was seeing a rash of very different kinds of twitter rage.
  • But I should know better, and do. Even naked girls get embarrassed. Sleep well and thanks for an amazing weekend.

Mindy Kaling defended her friend and Tweeted: @lenadunham you’re perfect, fuck ‘em

The Girls creator said her SNL experience was “joyful.” Critics had positive reviews for Lena, but ratings were down 11 percent compared to last week’s episodes, marking one of the lowest rated episodes of the season.

… Well of course Lena’s episode was down in the ratings. So many people still don’t know who the hell she is! I don’t know how she was able to host SNL so soon anyway. She must have a lot of connections. Her co-star’s dad is Brian Williams. Makes you wonder about if Lena’s connections to NBC made this happen for her.

As far as Dunham’s molestation tweet is concerned. I’m really shocked by it. It was an innocent joke, but one I wouldn’t expect Lena to make. Twitter ruins everyone.

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Katharine McPhee and Husband, Nick Cokas, Back Together

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Katharine McPhee was photographed making out with Michael Morris, the married director of her short-lived series “Smash.” The scandalous photos surfaced in October. Btw, Katharine hasn’t posted a single Tweet since getting caught!

Katharine McPhee, husband Nick Cokas

Because Katharine is no Kristen Stewart, as far as her celebrity status is concerned, no one was talking about the scandal just a few days later. No one knows how long Katharine and Michael were allegedly sexing. No one knows anything and no one’s been thinking about whether McPhee and her 47 year-old husband are still together.

We now have answers to a few of those questions.

In the aftermath, it was revealed that American Idol runner-up  McPhee and husband Nick Cokas, 47 had been separated and “living apart” for  months before the kissing photos surfaced, but she was nevertheless  “embarrassed” by the scandal.

Just yesterday Nick and Kat were pap’d in LA walking their three dogs together. An insider says: ”Katharine and Nick are working on their marriage.”

Michael has been married for more than 10 years and has three kids. He and his wife have since reconciled.

Katharine is beautiful, talented, rich, in her 20′s and she cheats on her man. There is literally no reason for her to try to work it out with her husband. If they stay together, I predict a lot more infidelity in the future or Katharine remaining in the marriage and lusting about being with other older married dudes. She isn’t wifey material.

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