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Charlie Sheen Wants Denise Richards to Move, Isn’t Paying Child Support

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Charlie Sheen has been rumored to be wanting to cut off his ex-wife for a while now and he has now officially moved forward.


Denise Richards pockets $55,000 a month in court-ordered child support for their 2 kids, Lola and Sam. Sheen paid half of that amount in January and he hasn’t paid any money in February or March.

Charlie bought Denise the house in 2011 so she and the kids could be close to him. Charlie has told Denise he’s selling the house and she needs to GTFO.

Charlie is not hiding his contempt for Denise or the fact that this is retaliation. Charlie believes Denise is keeping Sam and Lola from him. Denise says that isn’t the truth and she can’t just race to give Charlie the kids when he feels like having them on a whim. She also wants to be present when he has the children, TMZ reports.

Denise is preparing to fight her ex-husband in court. It’s likely that she’ll be able to keep getting Charlie’s money. “When there’s court-ordered child support, there’s no such thing as a good excuse for not paying.”

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Brooke Mueller Has Overdosed Six Time in Last Two Years

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Ugh, Charlie Sheen should be thanking whatever higher power he believes in that his ex-wife Denise Richards was granted temporary custody of his two sons because his other ex, Brooke Mueller, has some serious issues.

Drug addict Brooke Mueller

Radar recently learned that the troubled mother of Charlie’s twins has overdosed six times in the last two years. She’s overdosed on crystal meth and Adderall and probably a number of other drugs. A source says,

“It’s amazing Brooke is still alive. The only thing that has saved her when the overdoses occur, is that someone has always been with her, and able to call 911. She doesn’t get how lucky she is to still be alive.”

Her drug issues have led the Department of Child and Family Service to conduct an investigation and they are currently building a case. Mueller is also said to be furious that Denise has custody of her children.

She clearly doesn’t know how lucky she is that they weren’t place somewhere else. Brooke is currently in rehab for the 20th and hopefully, last time.

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Charlie Sheen’s Kids Removed From Brooke Mueller’s Home

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Officials removed Charlie Sheen’s kids from the home of their mother Brooke Mueller after the house was deemed an unsafe environment.

Brooke Mueller twin sons

Officials arrived at Brooke’s home Thursday with a warrant and took the twin boys. The children are now in the care of Denise Richards, Charlie’s ex-wife and mother of his two daughters.

Sources say that officials determined Brooke’s house was unsafe after suspecting that she may have began abusing drugs again. A court date has been set for next week to find a permanent solution to where the children should live.

Charlie should be thanking whatever higher power he believes in that he has Denise Richards in his life.

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Denise Richards Claims That She Regrets Her Boob Job

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If Denise Richards hated her fake breasts so much, she would take them out, but instead she has posed for Playboy a few times with her friggin’ implants.

Denise Richards nude and wet

Denise is hawking a new book in which she reveals a lesbian experience she had with another actress. She also claims that she regrets getting a boob job.

“When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn’t research my doctor. You have to be your advocate for your own body and ask 100 questions.”

I guess. Or you could just not get breast implants.

In the book, Richards also claims that she posed for Playboy in 2004 “to encourage women that it’s OK to embrace your sexuality even though you’re a mom.” So said a wealthy hot b!tch with a bangin’ body. We can relate, yo!


Denise Richards Adopted A Baby Girl, Eloise Joni Richards

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Denise Richards has added another addition to her family by adopting a baby girl. Her daughter's Sam and Lola helped Denise chose her first name, Eloise. Denise Tweeted the news of her new bundle of joy.

Denise Richards with Lola and Sam Picture

"Thank you all for your sweet messages. The girls and I are over the moon and so is my dad Grandpa Irv…xo"

Denise's girls are adorable but they look so much like Charlie with those tiger blood eyebrows, and they almost make them look evil. Hopefully the new addition won't have that #winning look.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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Quote Me Of The Day – Denise Richards

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I wonder if this is a position Denise Richards performs when she's getting her poke on with her buddies? Denise on getting her needs met by f*ck buddies in hotels.



"You don't want to bring them home to your house, but I have certain needs. Friends with benefits are awesome. I used to be like, 'Oh no, you have to be in a relationship.' But after going through a divorce, I'm like, 'Life is short, I wanna have a good time.'"

That's right Denise, bang 'em while you can. One of these days your naughty spot will be old, crusty and out of commission so put it to good use while men still want it.

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