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Ed Westwick Gets Naked!

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Well not exactly, but you should know my style already. I use my imagination. Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass was shaking his ass on the dance floor of his girlfriend Jessica Szohr’s friend’s wedding when he began to disrobe.

Ed Westwick unbuttoned his shirt and it looks like some guy wants Ed to pec feed him.

Ed looks like he wouldn’t even mind. I wonder how much this picture sold for? I wanna go to a wedding with a drunken Ed Westwick. I’m not interested in the pics. With all that drinking comes the need to piss; and when he’d be ready to go, that’s when I’d jump in the bathroom and lock him up. All those unrequited crushes have finally paid off. My psycho stalker game is on point.

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Gossip Girl Threesome Episode: Video and Spoiler Alert

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The much-hyped salacious Gossip Girl threesome episode aired last night. I thought it would include Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, but instead of seeing Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester go all “one, two, three” on us, it was Dan, Vanessa and Hilary Duff (Olivia Burke).

It all started when Dan and Vanessa wanted Olivia to enjoy the complete “college experience,” since she had to leave school, which led to a to-do list for the famous actress and NYU student. The last thing on the things-to-do-in-college list was “have a threesome.”

They all partied and got drunk which led to some tongue down throat action. The grown folk’s business proceeds to the bedroom and Olivia, Vanessa and Dan are found laying in bed as Olivia discovers that she no longer has to leave college to film a movie. This means there’s a lot of potential for Vanessa to become jealous of Olivia’s f*ckship with Dan. I love it. The plot is pretty brilliant.

Next week Nate tells Dan that the third person in a threesome isn’t supposed to be someone that you know. True! They’re such amateurs.

The video of the hookup is after the jump.

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Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester Get Sexy in Elle

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Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl did a delicious Korean Elle photospread together.

Leighton Meester wears tights

Leighton steals the spotlight in some shots and Ed does in others. They are such a hot couple! They turn me into one of those crazed The Notebook fans who want to see Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling married. I’m like that when it comes to these two. They should wed.

Leighton MeesterLeighton MeesterEd Westwick steals the spotlightEd Westwick crotch shotLeighton Meester on the runwayEd WestwickEd Westwick shorts

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Ed Westwick Lost Weight

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Ed Westwick Hot and SexyEd Westwick gets chiseled

SWOON! Hot dayum, boy. After weight gain rumors and unflattering shirtless photos of Ed Westwick were all over the internets, it looks like Gossip Girl's resident bad boy has gone manorexic. Ed Westwick has lost weight and he's lost it fast. Damn, he is hawtness and he's left handed too? Yet another reason to swoon!

Ed looks much better now, more chiseled, more gorgeous. Here's Ed arriving at Radio 1 in London. He also greeted fans and took some pics with them.

Ed Westwick beardEd Westwick sexyEd Westwick is so deliciousEd Westwick lost weight

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Ed Westwick Is Fat

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Gossip GIrl’s bad boy Ed Westwick needs to slim down because “fat” wasn’t written anywhere in Chuck Bass’ character description. Ed’s getting too big to rock Chuck Bass’ signature GQ suits.

 In Touch Weekly reports,

Ed Westwick gets chiseled

“Ed has been gaining a lot of weight — not just around the waist, but throughout his whole body,” said an on-set source. “First, the costume department had to buy him new, bigger pants. Then, his shirts and jackets got way too snug. The costumers even requested that producers talk to Ed — they don’t want Chuck to be fat!”

Well you know that Ed will do whatever he pleases because he’s a diva. Ed doesn’t need a bra just yet, but his weight does go to his face. It’s doubtful that any producers will need to talk to him, though, now that this story is out. They probably leaked it. Finding out that your gut is an unwanted on-set extra via the blogs has gotta be an ouch!

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