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Hailie Scott: Eminem’s Daughter Crowned Homecoming Queen

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Hailie Jade Scott pictures prove that Eminem’s daughter is gorgeous, but it wasn’t until this weekend that we learned she’s also popular at school. Dakota Fanning was crowned Homecoming Queen twice and Hailie was crowned with the same title for the first time on Friday.

Hailie Scott 2013 Homecoming Queen

According to Macomb Daily, Eminem was in the crowd as Hailie was escorted on the field by her mother, Kim Scott. “[Eminem] didn’t want to cause a scene — he wanted Hailie to have her own moment,” one parent said.

The Detroit native rapper, 40, reportedly watched the homecoming football game from inside one on of the high school classrooms. “He opened the door and looked out like – ‘That’s my daughter!’ He just looked like a proud father,” the parent said.

Students and those who live near Hailie let the teenager have her space, which could only happen somewhere far from LA or New York, right?

“I think all of the kids in the district have shown respect to their family and just let her live a normal life here out of the spotlight,” one parent said. A final source said Hailie is “a smart, athletic and caring young woman.”

Congrats to Slim Shady’s beautiful daughter!

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Hailie Jade: Eminem’s Daughter is Not on Twitter

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Some girl impersonated Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade and she did it well! The fake Hailie account posted tweet after tweet of positive messages that were picked up by some major media outlets. Turns out the impostor was posting quotes from historical figures like Anne Frank and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Hailie Jade is gorgeous

Hailie is super hot now

The impostor chick was good, even saying that her account is being verified. Then Eminem‘s rep came out and said that the account is “100% fake,” which isn’t exactly surprising. I don’t think Eminem would approve of Hailie getting on Twitter.

I was looking forward to reading Hailie’s tweets too.

Hailie Jade smiling pictureHailie Jade curly hairHailie Jade and friends pictureHailie Jade dressed upHailie Jade volleyball picture

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Hailie Jade: Eminem’s Daughter Keeps Getting Cuter

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Hundreds of folks have weighed in on POTP about whether or not Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade, 15, is cute. I say she definitely didn’t start off cute, but she keeps getting better looking as she grows up.

Hailie Jade picEminem's daughter picture

Here are some more pictures of Eminem‘s pride and joy. I really adore Emimem for stepping up to the plate and being a responsible parent all the while talking trash about his deadbeat father. There’s no shortage of deadbeats out there, but Eminem has a strong fan base and at least he leads by example.

Hailie is so under the radar. Marshall Mathers doesn’t take her to any red carpet events, she lives in Michigan, and I take it she has a pretty normal life? Good for her.

Hailie Jade cheerleader pictureHailie Jade up closeHailie Jade imageEminem's daughter isn't uglyHailie Jade is gorgeousHailie Jade smiling pictureHailie Jade is prettyHailie Jade and friends pictureHailie Jade dressed upHailie Jade curly hair

So what do you think – IS HAILIE JADE CUTE OR UGLY?

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