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Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Heather Locklear‘s sister called 911 yesterday and the actress was taken to the hospital by ambulance Thursday afternoon after taking a dangerous mix of prescription drugs and alcohol.

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Paramedics examined Heather and determined that she needed to be hospitalized.

Locklear’s doctor was concerned that she may have overdosed on prescription meds in 2008. He called 911 and described the situation as a “suicide attempt,” however, it turned out to be false alarm. Locklear called off her engagement to Jack Wagner two months ago. She was photographed looking inebriated at the Lakers game on Tuesday night.

TMZ reports that Heather is responding well to treatment and should be released today.

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Heather Locklear Engaged to Jack Wagner

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Heather Locklear is giving marriage another try. The beautiful actress is now engaged to her Melrose Place co-star, Jack Wagner.

Heather Locklear, Jack Wagner

Heather, 49, was married to Tommy Lee from 1986 to 1993. She also married Richie Sambora, but Denise Richards allegedly started sleeping with Richie even though she was BFFs with Heather. Denise and Richie's hookup happened post-split, but Heather morphed into a wreck and was arrested for driving under the influence after her breakup.

Four years after Heather's heartbreaking split from Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, she is now getting married to Jack Wagner, 51, after four years of dating.

We wish Ms. Locklear and Jack all of the best!

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Heather Locklear Returns to Melrose Place

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She’s baaaaack! Heather Locklear has been in talks to reprise her role as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place since the remake was given the green light, and now she’ll be making her triumphant return.

Heather Locklear back on Melrose Place

Heather was on Melrose Place since the first episode and remained a member of the cast until it went off the air in 1999. Heather’s fierceness returns on Nov. 17.

The CW says,

“We’re ecstatic to have the chance to bring Amanda Woodward back to Melrose Place. Heather’s involvement in the show is something we’ve been working on for some time as we couldn’t imagine creating and producing this show without the iconic character’s inclusion.”

I loved Heather Locklear on Melrose. I will definitely be checking it out when she returns. No word on how many episodes she’ll be in or if she’ll become a permanent fixture.



He Needs To Write A Book

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Seriously, David Spade has nailed some hot ladies. He got a playmate pregnant. He’s also dated Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson. Now David is rumored to be dating Nicolette Sheridan. He was seen with her on a dinner date in Las Vegas.

Either these ladies think they are swinging the other way with a short hairy lesbian, or David Spade is so good in bed that the word of mouth is ramped amongst ladies on the rebound. If it’s the latter, David should really write a book for men. He would make millions.

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Heather Locklear’s DUI Case Dismissed

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Heather Locklear’s driving under the influence case has been dismissed, TMZ.com reports.

The actress’ lawyer entered her no contest plea for a misdemeanor reckless driving charge Friday morning in a Santa Barbara, California, court, the Web site reports. A judge placed Locklear — who was not present — on three years probation, and ordered her to pay a $700 fine and attend a 12-hour drug education class.

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Locklear was arrested in September for allegedly driving under the influence of prescription medicine. The district attorney said her blood tests showed no trace of alcohol.

I would sue. This is completely ridic. The po po didn’t do a blood alcohol test? WTF?


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Heather Locklear Arrested For DUI

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How embarrassing. Bitch got a DUI in broad daylight. Shameful! What an amateur.

A resident called authorities after allegedly seeing Locklear driving “erratically” in a parking lot. But the CHP didn’t see her driving — she had pulled over on her own accord before they got there.There are reports she was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication — but we’re told the tests are still being analyzed. No alcohol was involved.

The bottom line — Locklear has a lawyer with a Ty Cobb batting average, Blair Berk. Especially given that deputies apparently didn’t see her driving, look for a plea bargain and very possibly a reduced charge — e.g., reckless driving.


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