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Azealia Banks Twitter Fight With T.I.

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Azealia Banks is a talented rapper who has yet to drop her debut album. Azealia has been around for years but her career hasn’t gone anywhere. Azealia is famous for fighting with people online. So sad. This time Azealia insulted T.I.’s wife and T.I. clapped back with an epic read that would make Charlie Sheen jealous.

 Azealia Banks, T.I. insult

Azealia’s love poem to T.I. and his wife Tiny began with: “But your wife has meth face and your wife can’t read.” But it doesn’t stop there! Ms. Banks added:

“I saw you backstage at Kanye and you had nothing to say. I stood next to you ON PURPOSE. To see if you would say something. I’m taller than you in my heels. Come see me nigga. And come by yourself.”

T.I. posted the comment above in response and Azealia fired back with: Guess who’s about to get sued for threatening me! Niggas Love Jail.”

You’d think that grown adults would know how to behave like, ya know, adults, but Azealia is always getting into it with someone. She’s addicted to drama and she always takes the bait or she’s coming for you. T.I. and Tiny’s marriage is allegedly on the rocks. The reality TV couple are always in the middle of some breakup rumor, but this time it seems like their official breakup is imminent. T.I. doesn’t have time for insults right now and Azealia knows how to push his buttons.

Azealia kept Tweeting:

  • you’ve already been to jail for drugs and guns, your wife can’t read… can you be more of a statistic?
  • I BET HE WON’T DO SHIT. But sit and simmer, and watch the rest of the atlantis video.

It’s seems like T.I. is the one person you never want to piss off at any time EVER. We wonder what Tiny thinks about all this? Tiny must have been mocked her entire life for her unique facial features. She’s already had a boob job and she has butt implants. She cares about what people think about how she looks. Ease up Azealia. Release your music or just STFU. This is not a good look.

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Noah Cyrus: Pictures of Miley’s Little Sister

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Noah Cyrus pictures with her big sister have been flooding Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account recently. They’re overnight BFF’s, or Noah is just starting to frequently get photographed with her sister and the images are going up on Instagram.

Noah Cyrus looks cute here while posing with her famous sister Miley.

Miles must be lonely. I’m not trying to shade her, but there are rumors that she wants to get back with Liam Hemsworth and she’s lonely. Miley strikes me as the co-dependent type.

Back to Noah. Noah Cyrus is to Miley what Solange is to Beyonce. Both Solange and Noah aren’t as attractive as their older siblings and both of their sisters are filthy rich A-list singers who tour the world and party with just about any and everyone, or at least they can.

Noah was or is an actress and she is cute in her own way. She clearly really looks up to her controversial older sister, which is a bit scary. Miles is always talking about smoking pot and when she isn’t talking about it, she’s tweeting about it. And when she isn’t tweeting about it, she wears clothes with a marijuana leaf on it – and that’s when she’s actually wearing clothes.

Excluding Will and Jada Smith’s hands-off parenting style, most parents have some ground rules and don’t want their kids to wild out. When it comes to Miley, she’s able to film a music video while naked, smoke marijuana on stage, and make just about everything she does sexual. Miley is an adult, but it’s not like she hasn’t been selling sex for years now.

Poor Noah. What works for Miles will not work for her simply because Miley’s confidence is non-transferable and her talent isn’t either. I’d love to see Noah doing something creative, like hawking products or something. I just hope that no one is lying to her about her prospects.

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Kendall Jenner on Sexy Dress ‘Two Slits Are Better Than One’

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Kendall Jenner  wears a dress with high slits on each side and captions the photo with “why do one slit when you can do two.” Simple, because wearing underwear is a good thing and dressing like a whore isn’t.

Kendall Jenner cutout dress

I’m not saying the woman has to be draped in thick material from head to toe. It’s just that I hate this look on the second to youngest Kardashian/ Jenner. Kendall Jenner is skinny and her bones are sticking out and that’s with all the weight added by the camera. Not to mention those boobs are SMASHED.

The K-family may be the most superficial stars on TV, and they’re so proud of it. How often do we see this family doing anything charitable or raising awareness for something other than when their next episode will be on? Kendall knows that she’s hot and sexy and she, like her sisters, posts sexy pics of herself on her Instagram all the time. Kris Jenner probably supports that because it just means that she’ll get mentioned on the blogs and increase her number of followers.

Kendall and Kylie blend right in with their older sisters and it’s not like they ever had a chance. Kendall said that she doesn’t use her last name because she wants to get modeling gigs because of her talent and not her father. Sigh. I wanna live in the bubble Kendall lives in.

Kendall’s followers are noticing that she’s wearing sexier clothes by the day and some are none too pleased. She is a Kardashian, for the love of gawd. The only thing Kendall hasn’t done yet is date a black guy. Meanwhile her sister Kylie has been with Jaden Smith for years and Rob Kardashian is too fat to see his own penis. But I’m sure he’s down with the swirl, too. Sadly the Kardashians are some of the most popular people on Instagram. Welp, at least she photographs well.

Kendall Jenner topless Topless Kendall Jenner

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Chrissy Tiegen Torches Instagram Trolls Who Call Her Fat

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Trolls are the internet’s version of nasty cockroaches. Or a far less powerful version of HYDRA. You try to kill off one clump of trolls, and another set of trolls will likely replace them by nightfall. That still doesn’t mean though that taking trolls to task aren’t incredibly fun.

 Fat Chrissy Teigen

I have to imagine there was a part of that in play when model Chrissy Tiegen took to task on Thursday a group of trolls who left quotes like “You gained weight” and “Putting on that weight momma” on her Instagram page. Suffice it to say, because she has a heart and a brain, Tiegen got angry.

“Honestly f**k you all. Why do I even open anything up to you. In what other real life situation would you walk up to someone and tell them they’re fat or gained weight? Seriously you are POS,” she said on her page.

“I don’t know why I am always surprised when you let me down. I gotta get used to this s**t. It’s amazing to me that I am told to get over the a**holes but the a**holes are never told to stop being pieces of s**t. Anyhow over and out.”

Well done, Ms. Tiegen! You may argue she overreacted over some innocent comments from fans. But in a social media format she has no obligation to perform for the male gaze on her Instagram feed. In her shoes, I probably would’ve gone as nuclear on them as she did.


Selena Gomez Unfollows Everyone on Instagram, Causes Likely Pointless Drama

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There was a great tumult throughout the Internet on Tuesday. No, it wasn’t from those poor souls who listened to Miranda Kerr‘s debut single “You’re The Boss” (I’ll take the fact I couldn’t load the song on my laptop as a merciful blessing from the great musical gods).

Selena Gomez skinny legs

The tumult came from Selena Gomez unfollowing many of her famous friends like Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

People have taken the move as some type of potential setback in her recovery from her brief rehab stint in January for exhaustion. I am not one of them. Even when you factor in the snapshot she posted of lyrics from R&B High Priestess Mary J. Blige’s “Work in Progress”:

“I got every material thing I could ever need/I got the love from my fans that adore me/and I’m grateful/But my love for myself is lacking a little bit/I can admit that I’m working on me.”

To me, this all looks like Ms. Gomez is trying to lessen her social media footprint and the stress that comes with it. How can anyone criticize her, even with the aforementioned past, for not wanting to deal with the endless bombardment of status updates and selfies? Her staying with King Joffrey Bieber…that’s another tale. Albeit one where we equally don’t have control over the outcome.

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Beyonce Photoshops Thigh Gap in Bikini Pictures

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Beyoncé’s fans are unhappy that the iconic singer isn’t happy with her bootylicious body, allegedly. Bey posted two bikini pics onto her Instagram and the Photoshopping was horrible!

Beyonce 2014 Photoshop bikini Beyonce Photoshop instagram

Check out the huge thigh gap and the unsmoothed out thighs.

The photos were posted yesterday, showing Blue Ivy’s mom golfing in the Dominican Republic…. I can’t remember where the pictures were but wherever they were taken, isn’t the setting gorgeous?

One shot shows Beyonce holding a golf club and lining up her shot.  Behind her is an enviable tropical scene, complete with palm trees, sparkling  waters, and a pool with umbrellas. Jay Z’s wife wore an unconventional outfit for the  day of putting, sporting a high-waisted pair of striped bottoms and a  midriff-baring pink bandeau top. Beyonce topped off the relaxed vacation look  with bare feet and her highlighted hair flowing naturally.

Yonce knows that she’s stunning and she’s probably pretty cocky in real life. The problem with Beyoncé is that whoever manages her Instagram doesn’t know what they’re doing. They post pictures by the dozen and naturally they’re dumb enough to take a poorly Photoshopped image and share it for her millions of fans. I don’t think Beyoncé doctored the picture herself. She’s too much of a perfectionist to approve of such sh!tty work. Someone needs to get fired!

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