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Brandi Redmond Instagram Pics

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On Monday, we took a peek behind the curtain at the cast of the highly anticipated Real Housewives of Dallas and were able to meet one of the characters to look out for: Brandi Redmond. So now that we know a little about the future star, let’s take a look at few of her Instagram pics!

2016 Brandi Redmond Picture

The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader married her high school sweetheart, is a full-time mom (though she makes time for charities), and is probably having a margarita as you’re reading this. Her Instagram is dedicated to scripture quotes, her husband and their adorable children, and to the fact that she hasn’t really aged since the age of 16.

Brandi has been described by producers as “…fun-loving, enthusiastic and unafraid to speak her mind, which can sometimes rub the other ladies the wrong way,” which makes it pretty clear that if Brandi brings her A game, there will be tears, laughter, police reports, and (maybe) lawsuits. What more could we ask for!?

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Bianca Espada: Hot Instagram Pics

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With season 4 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills about to pop off (okay, it premieres Sunday, April 17, what can I say? I’m pretty excited.), we’re taking a look at one of the cast’s latest additions: the relatively unknown Bianca Espada.

Bianca Espada gives good face in her IG pic.

With the promise of tons of drama in the upcoming season, and even though she hasn’t fully entered the lore of reality TV star just yet, it’s still the best time to take a deeper look at what could become one of the network’s most dynamic cast members to date.

Bianca Espada's hotness speaks for itself here.

We know Dorothy. We know Jonny, Brendan, Morgan, Roxy and we most certainly know E.J., but with the announcement that the clique is expanding, and high expectations that the new girl will pile on the drama, now is the time to get a little background info on Bianca Weiser Espada.

Based upon her profile pics, Bianca is either extremely vapid or filthy rich… Actually you can’t be crazy wealthy without being vapid, right? I expect her to have a whiny voice, be passionate about nail polish and only shave her legs twice a day cause anything less would be ratchet. But what’s worse is I can’t tell what her ethnicity is and those are the kinds of problems that keep me up at night.

Bianca’s friend, Dorothy, is Asian and Bianca looks like she is as well. Sometimes. Other times she looks Latina. I can’t be the only one who hates that sh!t. Her first, middle and last name paired together Bianca + Weiser + Espada = confusion… Now that I think about it, Bianca was featured in Latina magazine so I guess the mystery has been solved? You can thank me at Christmas.

Back to this fame whore, it’s difficult for us to dig up dirt on B and put her on blast just yet. Aside from the fact that her parents are giants in the fashion industry, the fact that she graduated from Savannah School of Arts & Design, and the fact that she’s the personal assistant (at least she was) to Sonya Benson, there isn’t a ton of info on who she is exactly. We don’t even know who Bianca’s sleeping with or if she spends her days and nights swiping right on Tinder.

Her pictures make it obvious that she loves posing for the cameras. She has less than 30k followers on IG, but that’s about to change. She’ll be Instafamous within weeks of her trash TV debut.

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Alimi Ballard Instagram Photos

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In Hollywood today, there are a handful of familiar faces that TV fans can rely on to walk across their screen once or twice a week. With a reassuring smile and a mean suit game, Alimi Ballard is one of those faces, but many don’t know that he’s much more than the average character actor.

Set to star in the latest ShondaLand production, The Catch, Ballard is a prolific actor who, like many, enjoys a selfie from time-to-time.

Alimi Ballard Numb3rs

Ballard got his start on daytime television staple Loving and its successor The City from 1993-1996. He then moved on to regular roles on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Dark Angel, and the 2000 drama Men of Honor before landing a major role in the CBS drama Numb3rs, where he played FBI agent David Sinclair.

Alimi is married to Dahn Ballard, and the couple has two adorable children. He is very active on social media, and his feeds are almost entirely dedicated to his obsession with motivational quotes and photos promoting his upcoming work. When not working, Alimi likes to spend time with his family, pose with weapons on set, and look at whatever clouds may be in the sky. The Catch is set to debut on March 24 on ABC.

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Nash Grier Net Worth

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Nash Grier’s net worth is in the millions because, of course. Around 4 mil to be specific. Nash is only a teenager and he already has more social media followers than you’ll ever have in your lifetime. The 6’0 Vine star has boy band good looks. Grier has gorgeous eyes and luscious locks… Think Elijah Wood meets Harry Styles meets Rider Strong (Google him), and you have a recipe for success?!

Nash Grier's net worth is built on sales of his apps, clothing and other ventures.

Known as one of the most influential personalities on the internet, Nash Grier was born on December 28, 1997 in Greensboro, North Carolina, to Elizabeth Floyd and Chad Grier. He is the second oldest child with an older brother, Will, Grier who is a quarterback for the Florida Gators! Nash also has a younger brother, Hayes, who also posts vines, and a younger half-sister, Skylynn, now that’s a great name!

He became one of the most popular publishers on YouTube and Vines for his comedic sketch videos. With more than 11.5 million Vine followers and more than 4.6 million YouTube subscribers, Nash pretty much gained a following from the jump. He first joined YouTube less than 3 years ago, in November of 2013, and was getting 100,000 new followers per week for a time!

After his rise to fame, Nash, alongside other Vines celebrities, joined the touring group Magcon, but in 2014 he left saying he was interested in pursuing other goals. At 16 years of age, Grier moved to Los Angeles, California where he bought his first apartment with Cameron Dallas so they could be closer to their management (26MGMT) and to also pursue careers in acting. Because of his popularity, Grier has appeared on various news shows including Good Morning America and The View.

NG and other members of his management have released mobile games and social media apps including Cash Dash, Mobli and Challenged. Grier has his own website where fans can buy his merchandise as well as an Aéropostale clothing line called “UnitedXXVI.”

In January 2015, Grier and Dallas signed on for a movie deal with Fullscreen where they would be acting alongside each other in an upcoming film called The Outfield which premiered November 10, 2015 worldwide on the iTunes Store. Grier also directed a music video for singer Bera called “I Look Good On You” which was released on Grier’s YouTube Channel.

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Ben Hanisch: Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend

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Amy Schumer is dating a handsome 29-year-old furniture designer named Ben Hanisch. The two made it Instagram official over the past few days. Ben wrote about his bae first, and then Schumer let her followers know today that Ben is her Mr.

Ben Hanish 2016

Amy is reportedly “so, so happy” according to People magazine’s source.  “She calls him her boyfriend and says he constantly tells her how pretty, sexy and perfect she is. She feels like she hit the jackpot.”

Ben also gets her sister’s stamp of approval. Her sister, Kim Caramele, has always said that she doesn’t like the guys Amy dates. Luckily Amy doesn’t have to worry about Benjamin ’cause “her sister loves him and that’s important” to the comedienne.

On New Year’s Day, Hanisch posted the picture above with the caption: “Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here’s to what adventures 2016 brings!” Schumer commented on the picture, joking, “I’m pregnant. I didn’t know how else to tell you.”

The Trainwreck star also posted a pic with Ben on Tuesday at the White House with the caption: “Fam and man at the whitehizzy.”

Amy Schumer boyfriend, Ben

Hanisch founded a furniture design company called The Last Workshop and had previously been a design consultant for HGTV.

When Barbara Walters recently asked Schumer if she’ll marry and have children within the next five to ten years and Amy replied: “I would love those things, but I don’t really see it for myself. I hope that happens, but I don’t know how realistic it is.”

Naturally folks online are hating on this couple, which is so predictable. Amy has several haters who say she isn’t funny. It’s like, RELAX, just don’t watch her show, movies or TV specials if you think she sucks! Geezus.

Anyway, it isn’t surprising that Ben is cute. Amy has been vocal about her preference for good looking men and Anthony Jeselnik is kind of gorgeous (he has the perfect smile!). Secondly, most of Amy’s comedy is about being a single woman, right? That’s probably how her fans and haters want her to remain. Unhappy trolls will always say something stupid, but what’s surprising to me is that she’s already letting this guy accompany her to the White House?!?!?! How long have they been f**king?

And lastly, Amy’s traveling schedule is intense, but I can see this relationship working. Both of her siblings are already married and if this guy has any semi-functioning brain cells, unlike Casper Smart, he will lock this one down immediately! CONGRATS!!!

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Bitsie Tulloch Instagram Pics, Biography

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Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch was born on January 19, 1981, in San Diego, California, but grew up in Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina. Yep, she’s bilingual.

Bitsie Tulloch 2016

Her nickname is an homage to her oddly nicknamed grandfather, a World War II bomber pilot. Her father, Andrew Tulloch, works in Latin American banking, which is why she grew up abroad.

Bits graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a double major in English and American Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies! The skinny brunette is of Scottish descent on her father’s side and Spanish descent on her mother’s.

Tulloch co-starred in the star-studded 2013 film Parkland, produced by Tom Hanks, opposite Paul Giamatti and Billy Bob Thornton. In 2012 she starred in an independent film, Caroline and Jackie, opposite Marguerite Moreau, which she also co-produced.

Elizabeth’s ability to score important roles continued when she co-starred in the Oscar-winning film The Artist with Jean Dujardin, John Goodman and James Cromwell. The Artist took home the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2012. Tulloch was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Ensemble Cast for the movie. Her first acting credit was as R2-D2’s ‘girlfriend’ in R2-D2: Beneath the Dome, a mockumentary produced by Mr. George Lucas himeself.

In 2009, Tulloch shot one of the 3 leads in HBO’s buzzed-about comedy pilot Washingtonienne based on the book by Jessica Cutler. In early 2010 she filmed Most Likely to Succeed, a comedy pilot for Imagine Entertainment through the FOX network, and a recurring role on NBC’s Outlaw. She’s a series regular on Grimm and an active representative of Corazon de Vida Foundation, visiting orphanages in Tijuana.

She also volunteers with the elderly at nursing homes in Los Angeles. When she isn’t working or volunteering, Bitsie is spending time with her boyfriend, David Giuntoli. David and Bitsie both star on Grimm and the latter enjoys posting pics with her significant other online.

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Tanya Bardsley: Instagram, Biography

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Tanya Bardsley Instagram photos are all about selfies and family. She isn’t into posting pix of what she eats two spoons of or the heels and purses she likes to buy.

Tanya Bardsley Robinson, of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, is a 33 year-old model and mother of three. Tanya used to be pretty hot, so hot that she’s graced the covers of FHM and Zoo Weekly,. TB was even named one of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World” five years in a row from 2003 to 2007.

Tanya Bardsley Instagram pizza pic, because of course.

For whatever reason, Tanya’s wiki says that she “had breast enlargement surgery going from a B cup to a 32D.” Is this important?!?! She later appeared topless, with her new girls, in a few magazines. I guess she’s proud to be fake. That sounds like something Tanya’s co-star, Ampika Pickston, would be proud of.

In 2004, she released a single called “Do U Think I’m Sexy?” SMH. The song reached no.7 on ‘the charts.’ Two years later she released another single, this time it was called “I Touch Myself”. SMH.

Bardsley is a founding member of a pop music group named Mrs. Robinson. The group was backed by the head of a paparazzi company named Big Pictures. Mrs. R’s first single, “I’m a Little Obsessed,” dropped on April 3, 2006.

Tanya’s ‘band’ was featured on the BBC programme Paparazzi, which followed the work of the Big Pictures photo agency. The show originally aired on BBC Three, but has been shown in repeats on BBC One. She can currently be seen on season one of The Real Housewives of Cheshire in the States. Season 2 of the series currently airs abroad and some are already speculating that there may be a 3rd season in the works.

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Stefanie Scott Bio, Instagram Photos

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Stefanie Scott is a singer and actress who started off as a Disney Channel darling. As her talent has been recognized, Stef is successfully breaking away from her Disney character. She’s a haunted teenager in the blockbuster Insidious Chapter 3, and she’s also in the cute musical, Gem and the Holograms.

Stefanie Scott's Instagram photo is perfection. Those red lips!

Shortly after completing those movies, Scott was cast opposite Pierce Brosnan in I.T., a high-adrenaline revenge thriller. She will play Brosnan’s daughter. The film is about a successful owner of a private jet business who finds himself pitted against a disgruntled young I.T. consultant who begins stalking his daughter and using technology to threaten his family, business and life.

The actress revealed, “I love experimenting and trying new things in acting. I’ve been really lucky that every project I’ve done this year has been like polar opposite to the one I did previously.”

Born Stefanie Noelle Scott on December 6, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois, she is one of three children. She has two older brothers brothers, Troy and Trent. Being raised in Florida influenced Stefanie’s love of the outdoors.

“When I’m not working, I love going to the beach. I am from Florida, so I definitely love the beach life. I love horseback riding. Just to go out to a barn, it’s fun. It’s kind of like a get-away from the city. And also, I love animals.”

Her breakout role was in Flipped. directed by Rob Reiner, then she appeared in No Strings Attached where she played a young version of Natalie Portman. She also played the young Sarah Walker on the popular network television show Chuck. In addition to acting, Stefani has tried her hand behind the camera (in 2011 on the first season of Disney’s A.N.T. Farm, she is credited as the First Assistant Director) and signing on the soundtracks of her shows and films (she also writes music).

Stefanie is only 18 but is looking forward to doing even more, “I have so many things that I want to go into,” she says. “I’m always striving to do something that really challenges me. It’s exciting that way. I think I’ve been lucky [in that] every project kind of comes at the right time, and has been completely different. It’s been really, really wonderful.”

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Rachael Taylor Instagram, Net Worth of ‘Jessica Jones’

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Rachael Taylor has been a standout in all kinds of film roles – from massive blockbusters like Transformers (2007) to little indies like Bottle Shock (2008). Her mainstream success has garnered her a net worth of $4 million.

rachael taylor's topless photo makes a great magazine cover.

Taylor has also scored several TV roles. You’ll be seeing more of her soon, as she recently landed a costarring role in the Netflix original superhero series Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

Rachael was born on July 11, 1984, and she grew up in Tasmania, Australia, with her parents Nigel and Christine Taylor. As a young teen, the leggy beauty (who say she never wears high heels) was signed by Skye-Jilly International agency and worked regularly. She was crowned Miss Teen Tasmania 1998, and she competed in the Miss Universe/Miss World State Finals.

When she was only 16, Rachael moved to Sydney to further her career in modeling, and she took up acting as well. She also began studying for a degree in History and Politics at the University of Sydney. But after her first big role in a 2004 made for TV movie, The Mystery of Natalie Wood, RT left school and was sooner playing a regular role on the Australian drama Headland. She won a Most Popular New Female Talent Logie Award for her performance, then headed to Hollywood where she landed Transformers.

Rachel is not married, but she was in a long term relationship with Australian actor, writer, and director, Matthew Newton. It ended in 2010, with a restraining order filed against him. In 2014, Rachel started giving interviews about the pain of being a victim of abuse.

“Falling in love, romance, matters of the heart — when you fall in love, on some biochemical level you know there is a chance it won’t work out. It’s ingrained in us that if you take such an enormous risk on someone with your heart that it might not pay off. I gamble all my chips and I might actually lose everything.” Luckily, with her new series on the horizon, Rachel’s bets are paying off now that the odds are in her favor.


Haley Bennett Net Worth, Instagram Pics

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Haley Bennett – whose friends call her ‘Halo’ or ‘Hales’ – is a young, up-and-coming actress who got her first big break in 2007’s Music and Lyrics, starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

Haley Bennett's Instagram photo is simply beautiful. She's reminding me of JLaw here.

Other big roles were to follow: The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008), Gregg Araki’s Kaboom (2010), The Equalizer costarring with Denzel Washington (2014), and After The Fall (2014).

The 5’8 blonde was born Haley Loraine Keeling on January 7, 1988 in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, to Leilani Dorsey Bennett and Ronald Keeling.. Bennett credits her mother for cultivating her creative side.

“My mom was an artist, and she had this amazing ability to transform everything into something beautiful.” She grew up with her father in Stow, Ohio, where she attended Stow-Munroe Falls High School and graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Akron. After that, Halo and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career.

Haley’s film debut was as the pop singer Cora Corman in the romantic comedy Music and Lyrics; she sang several songs for the film’s soundtrack, including “Buddha’s Delight” and “Way Back into Love”. Fragments of “Entering Bootytown” and “Slam” are heard during concert scenes in the film. Shortly after that, her first album (with singer-songwriter Shaley Scott) was released.

Even though she has a full dance card in music, movies and TV and is booked through 2017, Haley says she’s appreciative of everything that has come her way, and it seems she wouldn’t even mind if it all stopped soon. “I don’t need anything else at this point. I could move back to Ohio and grow old and tell all my stories.” We like her perspective, and it probably helps when your net worth sits at a cool $2 million. The rising star can be found on Instagram where her username includes her nickname, in case you were curious.

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Ella Wahlestedt Hot Photos, Biography of Goosebumps’ Anna

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Ella Wahlestedt is one of those rare actors of Generation Z who’s not only beautiful, but poised and truly talented. Maybe it’s because she wasn’t born in America and her parents are not reality stars! Just sayin’.

Ella Wahlestedt is hot as hell. Who wouldn't wanna (fill in the blank) with this chick.

Born in 1996, Ella comes from Stockholm, Sweden and lived there for six years, before moving to Palm Beach, Florida. She pursued an athletic career very early on, and was a USAG Level 7 gymnast by the age of 10.

By the age of 10, she was starring as one of the daughters in the TV series Army Wives. Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles, California, and landed roles in Earth to Echo and several short films.

Next up, she’s got roles in two features: Goosebumps, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars. Ella has also appeared in numerous commercials, theatrical productions and national print and Internet advertising campaigns.

Her hobbies include writing, photography, singing, playing soccer, cross-fit training, and supporting her favorite charities. This chick is into cross-fit training?! We’re confused. She also makes the effort to true close to her Swedish roots, practicing the language regularly with her dad, and visiting Sweden with her family every summer. She currently splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles, and lives with her parents, younger brother, and their two dogs Freya and Oden. How many 19 year-olds in Hollywood live with the ‘rents?

Maybe Wahlestedt felt like it was time for her to get her own place? The actress recently announced that she’s moving to Miami and that she doesn’t want to leave all of her friends. She wrote: “I’m going to be leaving be leaving behind a lot of close friends that I’ve made throughout the years. LA will forever have my heart. All I can do from here on out is keep working hard and trust the process.” We’ll sure she’ll do just fine in Miami.

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Dylan Minnette: Bio, Pictures

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Dylan Christopher Minnette first burst onto the scene in a big way in 2003 in our living rooms through the boob tube as young Charlie in the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Dylan Minnette's picture is hot, right? The rising star looks good here.

That fame and forum helped catapult him into the hugely popular mystery series Lost a year later, playing Jack Shepherd’s son. He’s been on so many TV shows – Prison Break, Supernatural, Scandal and Ghost Whisperer, to name just a few – he ought to own stock in the Neilsen’s. But in 2010, Dylan Minnette appeared in his first major feature film role in the romantic horror Let Me In with Chloë Grace Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee, and he has not stopped working since.

Dylan was born on December 29 in 1996, Evansville, Indiana. He’s an only child. Minnette and his parents, Craig and Robyn, soon left the Midwest for Los Angeles, where he was able to pursue his passions.

In addition to acting, DM loves writing and performing music. His band, “The Feaver” won the 98.7 FM Battle of Bands contest and performed at the Vans Warped Tour (2011). Dylan is the singer and rhythm guitarist; his band mates are Zack Mendenhall (bass), Cole Preston (drums) and Braeden Lemasters (singer and lead guitar).

Minnette’s band’s song, “Bleeding Man” was used in the promo for Season 2 of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. In 2014, The Feaver changed its name to The Narwhals. (A Narwhal is a medium-sized whale and it possesses a large tusk from a protruding canine tooth. It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia.)

The Nahwhals have soundtrack credit on a movie Dylan appeared in, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014). Dylan’s musical tastes lean toward classic rock: Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. He also enjoys the alternative hard grunge and blues of groups like Nirvana, and The Strokes.

While Dylan doesn’t talk much about his personal life (girlfriend? Boyfriend? We don’t know!), he is very active on Twitter and tweets quite a bit about his life on set and (of course) his band and music in general.

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