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Jesse Eisenberg Awkward Interview With ‘Carrot Top of Interviewers’

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I like Jesse Eisenberg. There’s just something about him that works for me. He’s reserved, kind of arrogant… I choose to think there’s a lot beneath the surface with this guy. He had an interview with some young looking girl from Univision to promote Now You See Me, and the entire q&a is a DISASTER!

Because the interviewer is a rookie, clearly, she doesn’t know how to steer the interview away from the awkward exchanges. She’s silent whenever Jesse snaps at her. She has a lot to learn. You’ll get there hun.

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Mark Zuckerberg Meets Jesse Eisenberg on SNL

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It was a union of the Bergs on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Jesse Eisenberg, Andy Samberg, and Mark Zuckerberg appeared together for a very memorable opening monologue skit. Jesse, who plays Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network in case you’ve been living in a cave, has always said that he didn’t meet Mark. So while Jesse was reading his cue cards, “The Zuck” came out.

Jesse is so adorable and so is Mark. Ya, Mark won’t be in the running for any Academy Awards anytime soon, but that’s what I find so refreshing about him. He’s a nerd and he’s not really trying to hide it. 

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