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Mob Wives Season 2 Premiere Recap: Renee Graziano’s Plastic Surgery Goes Bad, Ramona Rizzo Shows Up

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Renee Graziano meets with a plastic surgeon to talk about her “full body makeover” where the surgeon will be “cutting you all the way around your body, taking your skin up, taking the fat out. They inject it into your ass, sew it all together and then you’re perfect.” She says she’s getting her body “today, and will be skinny tomorrow.”

While on the operating table, Renee says that she’s thinking of Kanye West’s late mother. Great timing!

Mob Wives season 2 cast picture

Carla Facciolo and Drita D’Avanzo meet up at Carla’s house. They haven’t hung out for a while, Drita says. But aren’t they supposed to be such good friends?! Drita and Carla lay out in their bikinis, both looking smoking hawt! More T&A please. Drita says that she wants to hit the woman her husband cheated on her with with a crowbar “for general purposes,” lol.

Renee wakes up from surgery talking about how bad her pain is, saying the medications aren’t working. It’s a little too real, a little too sad. Renee accidentally ripped her stiches open by moving in bed. She lost so much blood, she “almost died!”

Karen Gravano calls Renee to see how she’s doing in the hospital. Renee says that she lost 6.3 pints of blood and her body went cold!! Damn. Renee says that Carla sent her one text on the day of her surgery and hasn’t contacted her since to see if she’s okay, which is unacceptable. Word! Carla says that she wishes that Renee would have gone with her to the gym because her surgery “wasn’t worth it.” Well that was sensitive, Carla.

Renee tells Karen that she came out of surgery looking “ugly” and that her surgery has taken her depression to a level she never thought she’d get to. Renee says that she should have just gone to the gym. This sh!t is too sad for me. I need some drama, the kind that doesn’t involve any tears.


Karen tells newcomer Ramona Rizzo that Drita is lying and telling everyone that she kicked her ass and now Karen wants to fight Drita. Nevermind that months have gone by since Drita and Karen last saw each other. They’ve both had ample time to fight or makeup already, but the cameras weren’t rolling so they didn’t. Just sayin’!

Renee is talking to a new therapist this season, a guy who, unlike her counselor last season, truly seems interested in helping her and is also kind of hawt. I love him. Renee tells him about getting depressed after her surgery and that Carla didn’t visit her in the hospital after her surgery. Her therapist advises her to avoid seeing Carla because he doesn’t want a fight to break out.

The premiere ends with Renee’s “Celebration of Life” party where Karen confronts Drita and Drita throws the first blow at Ramona Rizzo or Karen (I couldn’t tell), but we’ll find out next week!

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Ramona Rizzo Joins Mob Wives Season 2 Cast in Promo Shots

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Ramona Rizzo is the cute girl who has joined the cast of Mob Wives. She’s besties with Karen Gravano and she doesn’t like Drita D’Avanzo just cause. Renee Graziano‘s ex-husband Junior also has a more prominent role this season, as you can see. Junior posed for the promotional photo shoot.

Mob Wives season 2 cast picture

I know the network is keeping its mobster theme going, but the dim lighting and the costumes are too over the top. These broads only wear tank tops and jeans most of the time so they can fight someone. Like, none of these women are women are likable, which means that I’ll definitely be tuning in!

Ramona Rizzo imageDrita D'Avanzo Mob Wives season 2Renee Graziano Mob Wives season 2Karen Gravano Mob Wives season 2Carla Facciolo Mob Wives season 2Junior Pagan picture

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Mob Wives Season 2 Supertrailer and Sneak Peak Videos

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They’re baaaaaackk! The “ladies” of Vh1’s hit show Mob Wives are back, along with new castmember Ramona Rizzo, to bring more cursing, hair pulling, drinking, and sh!t talking to Vh1. Staten Island, represent! This season it looks like the ladies are really hyping up the drama (acting) for the cameras, but I don’t mind. It’s fun listening to these broads talk with their thick Jersey accents! Renee Graziano is looking hot, Karen Gravano thinks she’s gangsta, Drita D’Avanzo finally filed for divorce, and Carla Facciolo still just remains kinda there. You don’t wanna miss these videos. Jump in!


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Mob Wives Season 2 Premieres on New Year’s Day

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How ridiculous is the promo poster and ad for Mob Wives season 2? Just as ridiculous as the show! Original castmembers Drita D’Avanzo, Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo are back, along with newcomer Ramona Rizzo.

Drita has finally decided to leave her abusive husband, who is still serving time behind bars, but she still has beef with Karen. I think Drita’s jealous of Karen cause Karen has her freedom, and she didn’t waste as much time with Drita’s man as she did… Check it out. I think this promo is genius. The music alone reminds me that season 2 airs on New Year’s Day.

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Drita D’Avanzo and Karen Gravano End Friendship Because of Lee

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Drita D’Avanzo is the idiot who is married to abusive husband Lee D’Avanzo and she rather defend her incarcerated husband’s honor than stick by her friend. On last week’s episode of Mob Wives, Drita and Karen Gravano resolved their feud, or so we thought.

Karen finally told Drita that she thinks Drita should have called her and told her that she began a relationship with Karen’s ex, Lee D’Avanzo.

drita and karen

Karen said: “For me, it was not about Lee. We could have been friends and it wouldn’t have been drawn out if she said sorry and said it sincerely without hitting me with timelines and excuses and reasons for why she did what she did. But she kept missing the point — she kept thinking I was getting at him.”

Karen says that she can’t trust Drita because she kept making excuses.

Drita says that Karen shouldn’t have talked sh!t about Lee in her house, “insulting him and calling him a scum bag.” Drita added: “I can’t see being friends with her. I just think that she crossed a line that I don’t think I really could come back from. In my heart, I don’t know if I could trust her.”

I guess. Drita thinks she should lose friends over a man that tells her to shove a package up her “dirty c*nt”? Makes sense.

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Mob Wives Recap: Drita and Karen Hug it Out, Renee Graziano Deletes Online Dating Profile

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The episode begins with all of the women screaming at each other in Renee Graziano’s house because her “cage fight” dinner party is “on and poppin!” Karen Gravano starts telling Drita D’Avanzo that Drita should have told her that she started dating Karen’s ex-boyfriend, Lee D’Avanzo. Drita says that they weren’t talking for years.

Renee butts in and says that Karen’s upset because “it’s about friendship” and Drita says, “Is it about friendship or is it that your new man doesn’t pound you out good enough like Lee did?” Gasp.

mob wives

Renee tells Drita that she should tell Karen that she’s sorry for hurting Karen. Karen starts crying. Drita walks up to Karen, hugs her and apologizes. We’re so glad this high school bullsh!t is ovah.

Carla Facciolo and Renee then hug it out too. Renee says that she’s taking Carla’s relationship too personally.

Drita shows up at Carla’s house the day after Renee’s dinner to talk sh!t with Carla. Drita says that she did not even get to eat at Renee’s dinner! Carla’s so annoyed about the situation that her Jersey (but she says she’s from Brooklyn) accent is now coming through more than ever.

Carla Facciolo talks to husband

Drita says that she’ll just shoot them all the next time there’s drama like this. ‘Guns! Bullets! Murder! Muahahahahaha!’ Violence is funny to these chicks.

Karen and Renee meet up for lunch. Renee says that she will have her ex-husband Junior handle Carla’s boyfriend if Carla’s boyfriend upsets her again. Renee says that her ex-husband is living in her house right now to spend as much time with her son as possible before he’ll be sent to jail soon.

Renee also reveals that she “should be in a sexually active relationship.” WHO SAYS THAT?! Renee claims that dating is difficult, but anyone can see that part of the reason why it’s “difficult” is because Renee is clearly not over her ex-husband and she’s not even trying.

Carla goes out with two of her friends. She says that she never knew her husband would go to jail and that heir marriage looked perfect from the outside.

Back at Renee’s crib, she’s giving online dating a try and Drita is there to help her set up a profile. Renee brags that she’s going to put her boyfriend through a lot of drama before looking at website members and claiming that they all “look like cheaters.”


Drita says that being with someone in prison “is like a long distance relationship.” WHATEVER HELPS YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT, DRITA. Drita calls her 3 year-old daughter out from her room to look at the sexy photos Drita took for her husband. Drita’s 3 year-old says “I like you naked.” Haha.

Carla says that her husband is coming out “in weeks” after being in jail for 6 years. We’re back at Renee’s house where her depressed looking friend listens to Renee talk about “psychos” who want to date her online. Renee flips out and deletes her online profile. She’s all bark, no bite! Dating isn’t that serious. Relax woman.

Renee talks to her therapist and they decide that she needs to soften up and that she’s not ready to start dating again.

Drita’s husband calls to tell her that he received her sexy photos. He asks her “How big are your t!ts?!” Drita says that a small part of her wonders why she’s making Lee happy when she isn’t happy. Drita is so pathetic. She says that she wants her family to work. The episode ends with Drita ending her conversation with Lee, if only she would also end her relationship with him as well.

… I like it when these broads are fighting. It just isn’t the same when hair isn’t being tugged on and every other word isn’t bleeped out.

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