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Brandi Glanville Says “Joanna Krupa’s Pussy Smells”

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Well I’m glad I went to college so that I could write stories like this one. Brandi Glanville, whose husband left her for LeAnn Rimes, has a vendetta against every woman who sleeps with a married man.

 brandi glanville sideboob

Joanna Krupa of The Real Housewives of Miami, allegedly slept with Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, while he was still married to Yolanda. Brandi says that Mohamed’s affair with Krupa is “one of many,” which led to the demise of Yolanda’s marriage.

Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live where she gave some more headline making statements, this time taking it future than she ever has before. Brandi told Andy Cohen:

“Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p-ssy smelled. Just saying. It’s true. I’m not lying. And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it. Sorry, bitch. I win!”

Joanna responded with: “I guess Brandi will stoop so low to make up fake stories to hurt her so called friend Yolanda.  She is desperate for attention.  Mohamed has been nothing but a wonderful friend to me for 10 years. What I do in my private life is my business and never broke up any marriage!”

Mohamed says it’s a lie, Yolanda says she’s staying out of it, Taylor Armstrong says Brandi is “disgusting,” and Lisa Vanderpump told Brandi “put a muzzle on it!”

Yolanda should sue for slander, unless it’s true and it probably is. Brandi needs to reel it in. She’s making no one but herself look bad. She has no boundaries and Joanna can’t live this one down. There are just some allegations that you can never bounce back from. We all know Brandi is bitter because her husband left her, but this isn’t the way to make things right. Brandi is mean-spirited, and an alleged alcoholic. She needs to stop talking sh!t about everyone else and get her own life together.

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Exclusive: Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules Talks to Pop on the Pop

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Lisa Vanderpump‘s spin-off, Vanderpump Rules, wouldn’t be the same without Stassi Schroeder, Jax and Giggy! Stassi’s comments are pretty hilarious, and she’s not trying to be funny, she just won’t hesitate to mention how hot she is and how much she hates one of her co-stars.

stassi schroeder

Stassi comes across like a raging, self-righteous, overconfident b!tch on the show, but in person, I found Stassi very honest, easy to talk to and even sweet!

I met up with the reality star at a party in Los Angeles where I asked her about season 2 of Vanderpump Rules. This interview was conducted before season 2 premiered! You can catch an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday nights on Bravo. Make sure to pop on over to POTP on Monday for my exclusive with Yolanda Foster of RHOBH!

POTP: Are you not friends with Schaena anymore?
Stassi: No, I’m not. I don’t think anybody is.

POTP: Will viewers see that relationship unfold on the show? Are we going to get an explanation during season 2?
Stassi: She just kind of disappointed us in a really big way.

POTP: But you were such good friends.
Stassi: You would think that, and then someone that you think is your really good friend disappoints you, it’s that much harder.

POTP: What’s the status on you and Jax?
Stassi: It’s complicated. We’re working on our friendship. He tries every single day to get me back but all I can give right now is my friendship.

POTP: What do you want to change next season. You came across very fiery, very fiesty. Do you want to dial it back a little for season 2?
Stassi: I don’t know how to dial it back, to be honest. I am who I am, a lot of people don’t like it, but I’m honest.

POTP: Is it Jax that brings that out of you? Have you been as fiesty and fiery with other guys and other people?
Stassi: That’s a good point. I am a very fiesty person but Jax does bring pretty much the devil out of me! There is no one who can push my buttons the way Jax can.

POTP: Watching the show, did you regret anything that happened last season?
Stassi: No. A lot of people want to hear that I regret a bunch of things, but it’s how I felt in the moment. I regret I guess giving Schaena such a hard time. That’s something that I do regret, but she proved me right recently.

POTP: What’s the craziest job offer you’ve received after appearing on Vanderpump Rules?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Trailer: Meet Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia

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Bravo has changed it up and added two new women to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Per usual, they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in front of the camera. Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia are replacing Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof.

While you may recognize Carlton from her role on The Young and the Restless, Joyce was named second runner up in the 1988 Miss Universe pageant, and was later featured in episodes of “Baywatch” and Dude Where’s My Car?

So what do the other Beverly Hills housewives have to say about their new co-stars? “Carlton is a bad@ss. She’s hot! I like her!” Brandi Glanville said. Was that before or after Brandi kissed her?

As for Joyce, “She’s beautiful and bubbly,” Kyle Richards said. “But you don’t want to be on her bad side.”

This season features a cheating scandal, health problems, girl on girl action, and the scripted new feud between former friends Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump. Season 4 premieres on November 4th on Bravo. Joyce and Carlton will be more entertaining than Camille and  Adrienne for sure because they want their contracts renewed. Looks interesting!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Video

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Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filled with drama from the start. Brandi Glanville exposed that Adrienne Maloof used a surrogate, which prompted Adrienne to threaten to sue her and then quit the show. Yolanda Foster joined the cast, Taylor Armstrong has a new boyfriend, Dana Wilkey is drunk as hell, the women traveled to Paris and Adrienne and Paul filed for divorce. Kyle’s friend Faye Resnick was also constantly stirring things up, and, well, you know the rest. Check this video out! Bravo sometimes stretches out these reunions to 3-part specials sometimes. It’s disappointing that this year’s RHOBH reunion will only be two episodes.

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Lisa Vanderpump, DL Hughley, Kelli Pickler Join Dancing With the Stars Season 16

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This cast is a shocker. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump will be shaking her big butt on the Dancing With the Stars floor.


Lisa, along with a bunch of D-listers and a few C-listers, has officially joined this year's cast. Sixteen "stars" will begin competing on ABC's popular show beginning on March 18.

Here is the roster:

• Boxer Victor Ortiz and new pro Lindsay Arnold
• Singer Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough
• Country star Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani
• Soap star Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
• Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
• Comedian Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess
• Reality star Lisa Vanderpump and new pro Gleb Savchenko
• Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
• Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus
• Comedian D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke
• NFL star Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
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Lisa Vanderpump Owns SUR Restaurant, Camille Grammer Says She Doesn’t

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Camille Grammer‘s role on the Real Housewives of Beverly HiIlls was downgraded after she stopped bringing the drama last season. On tonight’s episode Cammy tries to stir things up by saying that Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t own SUR restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Lisa Vanderpump work done

Lisa Vanderpump pic Lisa Vanderpump dog Lisa Vanderpump young face

Considering that Lisa had a new reality show Vanderpump Rules, which is based around SUR, this was one of the worst accusations Camille could possibly make.

Lisa explained that she owns 51 percent of the restaurant which gives her the controlling interest of the restaurant. She Tweeted that the Zapatas own the other 49 percent of Sur. Camille has since apologized, saying she was misinformed. SMH.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Trailer Released

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Some of the most famous single women in Los Angeles who go by the title of “Housewives” are back for more drama on season 3 of one of Bravo’s most popular shows.


Yolanda Hadid, the wife of music mogul David Foster, has joined the cast. Marisa Zanuck is also a newbie. If you don’t know who’s who, it doesn’t matter – all these b!tches are blonde and fake. It’s hard to tell them apart.

Brandi Glanville is fighting with Adrienne Maloof’s now estranged husband. Lisa Vanderpump’s husband is also arguing, Kim Richards is supposed to be sober but still sounds drunk, Camille Grammer and her new boyfriend Dimitri kiss, and Adrienne’s house is on fire. It’s shocking to see the men acting like middle-aged Mean Girls now. Season 3 premieres on November 5.

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Lisa Vanderpump is Singing Now, Debuts New Song

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Former British actress Lisa Vanderpump of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has accidentally stumbled into the music industry. Lisa played her song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” for Lionel Richie and he remixed it for her. Lisa appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning and she played a clip of the song. It sounds like Lisa needs Kandi Burruss to work her magic on this one. Would we still love Lisa tomorrow? If she sounds like this, hell no!



Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Brandi Glanville is Here! On Crutches!

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This week’s episode began where last week’s left off. Adrienne Maloof is waiting for drunken Kim Richards to show up at the airport so they can take a private plane to Sacramento for the final Sacramento Kings game of the season. When Kim arrives, she slurs out some excuse about the power going out on her block. Everything she says is comedy gold. On the plane, Kim gets up and straddles the seat she’s sitting in, she’s recreating what someone did or something, or she’s just horny. You can never tell with drunk b!tches these days.

Kyle Richards has a gay black “Ladysitter” who is helping her coordinate her first charity event. Taylor Armstrong shows up at Kyle’s house to whine about being a Z-lister. When Kyle offers the anorexic something to eat or drink, she says “I’m fine.”

Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong

Brandi Glanville bonding with her fellow skinny a*s b!tch

Taylor tells Kyle that there’s a gossip website article about her troubled relationship with her husband Russell. Taylor claims that “Russell is FURIOUS!” and her personal details had to have been leaked by an insider because the story’s “source,” knew too much.

Back in Sacramento, the hype that Adrienne was so worried about was trivial. Some Sacramento Kings fans even took photos of Adrienne and Kim. No one threw anything at Adrienne or even booed her because she may have to move the team!

And now it’s time for Camille Grammer. She’s shopping for a wet suit and a paddle board because she’s taking her kids to Hawaii, which is another excuse to mention that Kelsey Grammer sucks cause he’s not with her this year. Camille says that one of her guy friends knew that Kelsey was cheating, so she cut him out of her life.

Kyle’s charity event begins and Lisa Vanderpump attends although “It was at some Godforsaken place at the back of a mall, but it’s Kyle so of course I’ll go!” The mere sight of dust on the floor really freaks well to do women out. It’s not like being in the ghetto will set off a hot flash, so relax.


When Taylor arrives to Kyle’s charity event, Lisa gets in her face and lectures her about her weight and eating habits, or lack thereof. Lisa says “Taylor, get your skinny ass over to my house and let’s sort yourself out!” That sounds inviting. Lisa said that in her confessional interview, but Taylor is offended that Lisa’s offering to help her when they were never close to begin with. Makes sense?

Finally, Brandi Glanville arrives, officially joining the cast of middle-aged Mean Girls. Brandi said “I was married to one of the biggest douchebags of all time, Eddie Cibrian. He’s an actor (air quotes). He’s really good looking, that’s what he does.” I love her already. Brandi has always been hilarious when she would talk about LeAnn Rimes, so she’s bringing a ghetto style of cattiness to the show, which the series needs.

Brandi is on crutches, which Kyle and Taylor think is SO funny. Taylor jokes, “Did you sue Louis Vuitton?” Kyle gets all the women worked up, saying that Brandi’s ex-husband cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes and “that’s her claim to fame.” And this is why I’m not too fond of Kyle. She thinks that everyone who isn’t married is beneath her and one’s single status should be used for mocking.

Kyle said “Why would you wear a stiletto when you have a broken leg” to the other Mean Girls and then they all start laughing. Brandi apparently overheard the conversation and vowed to be b!tchy right back if the ladies are going to treat her badly.

Next week, we see more of Dana Wilkey, who is friends with Taylor. With Brandi’s arrival, there’s plenty of clashing and backstabbing in store.

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Dimitri Charalambopoulos: Pictures of Camille Grammer’s Boyfriend Revealed

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Camille, 42, was not lying when she said that her new boyfriend is hot. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is now dating 35-year-old bankruptcy attorney Dimitri Charalambopoulous. Worst last name ever?

Camille Grammer Looks Fake

Camille Grammer and her new man showed up to Lisa Vanderpump's birthday party at her West Hollywood restaurant, SUR, last night.

The two celebrated alongside co-stars Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, Kyle's BFF Faye Resnick and the one and only Giggy.

Lisa and Adrienne were both seen dancing with some hot, shirtless guys … not their husbands.

I love it. Kelsey Grammer got an ugly b!tch and Camille got a good looking guy (and a thick divorce settlement). Nice. To check out Dimitri, click HERE

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Taylor Armstrong Has a Panic Attack, Alcoholic Kim Richards is Drunk

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This week’s episode was all about Taylor Armstrong to the extent that the other rich chicks didn’t even need to appear. After the ladies return to Camille Grammer‘s house after skiing for a few hours, Kim Richards “was in the deepest sleep of exhaustion” in her room when the “next thing” she knows, Taylor’s in her bed trying to have an impromptu counseling session. “Taylor drank too much,” Kim says – and so the episode began. The alcoholic was calling the non-alcoholic a drunken a*s b!tch! This is gonna be a good episode, or is it?

Bravo then plays a clip from season one where Taylor tells Kim “I’m about to take you out back and pull some Oklahoma on your ass!” with the Southern accent we only hear from Taylor when she’s pissed. For being a girl who looks like she weighs 80 pounds when wet, Taylor has always been feisty. Now drunk, Taylor is crying to Kim, apologizing and saying she doesn’t “wanna go back to that,” which should be easy to do considering that she and Kim never fight.

Taylor Armstrong in a suitcase

Next, Kyle Richards walks into the room and all three women start laughing about who was “the biggest a*shole” last year. That was pretty funny.

Downstairs, two chefs are cooking for Camille because cooking is for poor people. Meanwhile Taylor is now IN KYLE’S SUITCASE whining about not wanting to go home. She then gets out of Kyle’s suitcase and starts screaming “My entire makeup bag is gone!” Losing your makeup is a crisis, but it’s not a crisis of epic proportions like Taylor would suggest. “I’m not doing this f*cking bullsh!t!” Taylor screams. She then continues with her drunken diva Lindsay Lohan like rant, saying, “I don’t wanna be the crazy b!tch.” Too late!

Lisa Vanderpump said that they were having fun one minute, then 2 hours later it’s rock bottom. Camille can’t keep a serious face as she says “Not another dinner party from hell,” because her party last year was also a disaster. Camille’s smile indicates that she, too, thinks this grown-women-acting-like-toddlers shtick is stupid.

When offered some food at dinner, Taylor blurts out “I NEVER EAT!” like a proud anorexic. Cat lady Adrienne Maloof-Nasiff tells her “You’re having a nervous breakdown, pull it together. Don’t drink.” Mother of four Kyle went on vacation to get away from her kids, not to babysit. Kyle says “I feel bad for Taylor, but we’re on vacation. Come on.” Sadly, Taylor was on a mission to ruin the trip.

Taylor gets in Camille’s face and starts crying to her while everyone stands in front of the dinner table. Camille suddenly gets emotional and is now on the verge of tears. Then everyone sits down to eat. Kyle, who is supposed to be one of Taylor’s close friends, looks completely livid because of Taylor’s behavior. Lisa and Kyle are sitting across from each other engaging in an entire conversation with their eyes, communicating through eye rolls and pouts. This was passive-aggressiveness at its best.


We now suddenly find ourselves at a lounge with the husbands. Mauricio, Paul and Ken are hanging out smoking cigars. The men are following the script by talking about Taylor’s marriage (as if they care).

Back at Camille’s dinner “party,” the women are encouraging a teary Taylor to leave Russell. Drunken Kim gets out of her seat and says that she will “throw magic” on Taylor with her napkin, and she actually waves her napkin over Taylor’s lap.

Kim Richards' magic napkin

Kim makes everyone laugh, and that was the end of that. Colorado was ruined thanks to Mrs. Russell Armstrong.

Back in Los Angeles, Camille is with her friend Diedra and they’re sitting by the pond in her house. Kelsey Grammer’s ex says “I miss having a partner. I’m not happy about being publicly humiliated and discarded, but I’m happy. Maybe it needed to happen the way it did.” I’m starting to think that Camille hired scriptwriters. RHOBH fans across the blogs really like her – last season Camille was “The Most Hated Housewife” in the franchise, but she’s so down to earth and personable this season. Good for her! I think she was nervous around the cameras last season and she just didn’t know how to act. I think we’re seeing the real Camille now, or she hired scriptwriters.

Now we’re randomly watching Lisa and her husband disagree on whether or not they should expand their West Hollywood restaurant, SUR. Lisa says that she’s going to have sex with her husband so that she can get her way. Ha.

But the rich girl problems don’t end there. Adrienne may have to move the Sacramento Kings to another city if she’s unable to get a new state of the art arena built in Sacramento.

Next, the doorbell rings at Taylor’s house and her British life coach arrives to tell her how awesome she is because she’s made so much fake progress.

Adrienne claims that her husband is “overstepping his bounds,” by suggesting that she stay in a different hotel suite so that Sacramento King fans don’t know where she will be. Adrienne invited Kim to go with her to Sacramento, but when Adrienne gets to the airport, Kim isn’t there. When Adrienne calls Kim, she is clearly drunk out of her mind. Kim talks about putting her hair in a wet ponytail and vows to be at the airport soon. The episode ends with Paul saying “[Kim’s] f*cked up!” We agree, and so was the episode. Taylor made her drama everyone else’s drama and everything that happened this week was so random.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Camille Grammer Talks About Kelsey’s Hairy Back, Everyone Goes Skiing

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This week’s episode begins with Kyle Richards moving into her new “7,000 sq. feet” mansion that has seven bedrooms and a gym. It’s her “dream home” that she feels a connection to. Kyle also talks about how lucky she and Mauricio know they are because they have something special… That’s beautiful, romantic even, but I don’t get the ‘Awwww! That’s so sweet!’ feeling when Kyle talks about her marriage like I do with other couples. Instead, she makes me wanna vomit in her hair. Kyle is always holier than thou whenever she mentions Mauricio. Her declarations of love aren’t coming from a good place.

Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky

And now it’s time for The Bickersons. Adrienne Maloof-Nassif has “three pieces of luggage. Two of those bags are shoes,” she says while prepping to see Camille Grammer in Colorado FOR A FEW DAYS. I take everything I’ve bought within the last 5 years with me everytime I take a 1 to 2 day trip, so I totally understand. Adrienne tells her husband Paul what he must and must not do while she’s away. Naturally, they’re disagreeing on what he should do while she’s gone.

At the airport, Kyle is dressed like a pimp cowboy and Kim Richards has pre-gamed it for the plane ride. B!tch is acting drugged, not even drunk like she usually is. On the plane, while seated in first class, Kim begins punching a man’s a*s cheeks while he’s standing up simply because he “has buns of steel.” I need to learn how to flirt like this.

Beverly Hills Housewives Limo Ride

The ladies are now finally in Colorado, but the journey isn’t ovah! Their limo driver tells them that, due to a detour, it will take 4 hours to get to Camille’s property. The look of horror that ran across their high maintenance faces said it all, (photo above). If only they had booked a private jet to take ’em from the airport to Camille’s. DAMN IT!

Kim is providing the ladies with a soundtrack for the lengthy drive, given that she can’t STFU about any topic that pops into her crackhead. Kyle asks “Ms. Vanderfabulous,” aka Lisa, if her husband was upset with her for saying he offended Taylor Armstrong at Adrienne’s dinner party, which results in Lisa telling Taylor to talk to Ken about her issues.

The women finally make it to Camille’s house, which she has to sell as part of her divorce agreement, and Kyle says that she’s happy to see Camille cause she was “trapped in a car with all these women!” Kyle repeatedly feels the need to explain why she and Camille are close now throughout the past two episodes. People can make up. We get it Kyle! Still, I’m happy that Camille is showing off more of her fun side and Kyle keeps reminding viewers that Camille is good people. Although repetitive, it’s refreshing.

“I do feel sorry for [Camille],” Lisa says. “She has to sell all these houses. She’s gonna be down to just a couple soon. I mean, it’s a dire situation here!” Although Lisa was clearly joking, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some viewers thought she was serious. What was actually serious, though, was all the junk in the trunk that Lisa was workin’ wit. Who knew that uppity Lisa is actually a big booty ho! She looked like she had a butt for 2 in her slimming black jeans.


On the way to dinner, all of the ladies are sitting in an SUV limo and Camille continues to laugh away her pain. Kyle says “[Kayte Walsh] can wax Kelsey’s back now.” Camille adds: “I was doing the manscaping on the back!” Camille adds that she’d start “the hedge trimmer” and work it up Kelsey’s back! Gawd I love Camille.

Camille Grammer last laugh

Once the ladies are at dinner, Kyle encourages Kim and Camille to flirt. Camille says that she’s having trust issues with men, Kim says she can’t just have sex with anyone, and Camille announces that “My ex was a terrible kisser!” The ladies start laughing hysterically. I would feel bad for Kelsey Grammer, but last season he already said that he doesn’t watch the show. And Camille complains that Kelsey won’t speak to her? We wonder why.

Kim slurs something at the dinner table about family. We don’t care. And the next day Kim has a hangover, which her alcoholic self labels “a headache.”

Camille has a ski conceirge show up early in the morning to get the women fitted for their snow gear. Kyle says that she has “never seen these kind of people before, but I like it.” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is always filled with surprises. I can’t wait until the professional leg smoother shows up to shave the ladies’ legs each morning; a separate vagina waxer will be on call for special occasions, like Sundays.

Now at the ski resort, Camille is skiing down the slopes like she was born on a pair of skis and Lisa is having so much fun, even after she falls down. The women are loving life even more once they’re served warm chocolate chip cookies by the staff at the resort after they finish skiing.

Back at Camille’s Colorado home, Taylor and Kyle spend some time in the jacuzzi. Taylor reveals that she got married at 34 and she was alone her “entire life” before that. Taylor is so damn skinny that her veins are popping outta her arms. Try some comfort food, woman. Get fat and get happy! Taylor is crying to Kyle about being scared to be alone. She says that she loves Russell. Kyle tells Taylor that she’s strong and she encourages her to leave him since she’s unhappy.

Taylor was bawling last week, she’s bawling this week, and she’s bawling next week. This week’s episode was filled with fun and positivity. Bravo should edit out Debbie Downer.

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