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Brandi Glanville Says “Joanna Krupa’s Pussy Smells”

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Well I’m glad I went to college so that I could write stories like this one. Brandi Glanville, whose husband left her for LeAnn Rimes, has a vendetta against every woman who sleeps with a married man.

 brandi glanville sideboob

Joanna Krupa of The Real Housewives of Miami, allegedly slept with Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, while he was still married to Yolanda. Brandi says that Mohamed’s affair with Krupa is “one of many,” which led to the demise of Yolanda’s marriage.

Glanville appeared on Watch What Happens Live where she gave some more headline making statements, this time taking it future than she ever has before. Brandi told Andy Cohen:

“Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p-ssy smelled. Just saying. It’s true. I’m not lying. And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it. Sorry, bitch. I win!”

Joanna responded with: “I guess Brandi will stoop so low to make up fake stories to hurt her so called friend Yolanda.  She is desperate for attention.  Mohamed has been nothing but a wonderful friend to me for 10 years. What I do in my private life is my business and never broke up any marriage!”

Mohamed says it’s a lie, Yolanda says she’s staying out of it, Taylor Armstrong says Brandi is “disgusting,” and Lisa Vanderpump told Brandi “put a muzzle on it!”

Yolanda should sue for slander, unless it’s true and it probably is. Brandi needs to reel it in. She’s making no one but herself look bad. She has no boundaries and Joanna can’t live this one down. There are just some allegations that you can never bounce back from. We all know Brandi is bitter because her husband left her, but this isn’t the way to make things right. Brandi is mean-spirited, and an alleged alcoholic. She needs to stop talking sh!t about everyone else and get her own life together.

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Exclusive: Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules Talks to Pop on the Pop

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Lisa Vanderpump‘s spin-off, Vanderpump Rules, wouldn’t be the same without Stassi Schroeder, Jax and Giggy! Stassi’s comments are pretty hilarious, and she’s not trying to be funny, she just won’t hesitate to mention how hot she is and how much she hates one of her co-stars.

stassi schroeder

Stassi comes across like a raging, self-righteous, overconfident b!tch on the show, but in person, I found Stassi very honest, easy to talk to and even sweet!

I met up with the reality star at a party in Los Angeles where I asked her about season 2 of Vanderpump Rules. This interview was conducted before season 2 premiered! You can catch an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday nights on Bravo. Make sure to pop on over to POTP on Monday for my exclusive with Yolanda Foster of RHOBH!

POTP: Are you not friends with Schaena anymore?
Stassi: No, I’m not. I don’t think anybody is.

POTP: Will viewers see that relationship unfold on the show? Are we going to get an explanation during season 2?
Stassi: She just kind of disappointed us in a really big way.

POTP: But you were such good friends.
Stassi: You would think that, and then someone that you think is your really good friend disappoints you, it’s that much harder.

POTP: What’s the status on you and Jax?
Stassi: It’s complicated. We’re working on our friendship. He tries every single day to get me back but all I can give right now is my friendship.

POTP: What do you want to change next season. You came across very fiery, very fiesty. Do you want to dial it back a little for season 2?
Stassi: I don’t know how to dial it back, to be honest. I am who I am, a lot of people don’t like it, but I’m honest.

POTP: Is it Jax that brings that out of you? Have you been as fiesty and fiery with other guys and other people?
Stassi: That’s a good point. I am a very fiesty person but Jax does bring pretty much the devil out of me! There is no one who can push my buttons the way Jax can.

POTP: Watching the show, did you regret anything that happened last season?
Stassi: No. A lot of people want to hear that I regret a bunch of things, but it’s how I felt in the moment. I regret I guess giving Schaena such a hard time. That’s something that I do regret, but she proved me right recently.

POTP: What’s the craziest job offer you’ve received after appearing on Vanderpump Rules?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Trailer: Meet Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia

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Bravo has changed it up and added two new women to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Per usual, they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in front of the camera. Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia are replacing Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof.

While you may recognize Carlton from her role on The Young and the Restless, Joyce was named second runner up in the 1988 Miss Universe pageant, and was later featured in episodes of “Baywatch” and Dude Where’s My Car?

So what do the other Beverly Hills housewives have to say about their new co-stars? “Carlton is a bad@ss. She’s hot! I like her!” Brandi Glanville said. Was that before or after Brandi kissed her?

As for Joyce, “She’s beautiful and bubbly,” Kyle Richards said. “But you don’t want to be on her bad side.”

This season features a cheating scandal, health problems, girl on girl action, and the scripted new feud between former friends Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump. Season 4 premieres on November 4th on Bravo. Joyce and Carlton will be more entertaining than Camille and  Adrienne for sure because they want their contracts renewed. Looks interesting!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Video

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Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filled with drama from the start. Brandi Glanville exposed that Adrienne Maloof used a surrogate, which prompted Adrienne to threaten to sue her and then quit the show. Yolanda Foster joined the cast, Taylor Armstrong has a new boyfriend, Dana Wilkey is drunk as hell, the women traveled to Paris and Adrienne and Paul filed for divorce. Kyle’s friend Faye Resnick was also constantly stirring things up, and, well, you know the rest. Check this video out! Bravo sometimes stretches out these reunions to 3-part specials sometimes. It’s disappointing that this year’s RHOBH reunion will only be two episodes.


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Lisa Vanderpump, DL Hughley, Kelli Pickler Join Dancing With the Stars Season 16

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This cast is a shocker. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump will be shaking her big butt on the Dancing With the Stars floor.


Lisa, along with a bunch of D-listers and a few C-listers, has officially joined this year's cast. Sixteen "stars" will begin competing on ABC's popular show beginning on March 18.

Here is the roster:

• Boxer Victor Ortiz and new pro Lindsay Arnold
• Singer Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough
• Country star Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani
• Soap star Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
• Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
• Comedian Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess
• Reality star Lisa Vanderpump and new pro Gleb Savchenko
• Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
• Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus
• Comedian D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke
• NFL star Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
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Lisa Vanderpump Owns SUR Restaurant, Camille Grammer Says She Doesn’t

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Camille Grammer‘s role on the Real Housewives of Beverly HiIlls was downgraded after she stopped bringing the drama last season. On tonight’s episode Cammy tries to stir things up by saying that Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t own SUR restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Lisa Vanderpump work done

Lisa Vanderpump pic Lisa Vanderpump dog Lisa Vanderpump young face

Considering that Lisa had a new reality show Vanderpump Rules, which is based around SUR, this was one of the worst accusations Camille could possibly make.

Lisa explained that she owns 51 percent of the restaurant which gives her the controlling interest of the restaurant. She Tweeted that the Zapatas own the other 49 percent of Sur. Camille has since apologized, saying she was misinformed. SMH.

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