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Casper Smart: Jennifer Lopez Turns Marc Anthony Down

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Uh, this makes sense?! Marc Anthony wanted to reconcile with his estranged wife and mother of his twins Jennifer Lopez, 42, but Jenny from the block is in love with Casper Smart’s cock – write that one down, kids. Marc reportedly spoke to JHo about getting back together a few weeks ago but she said no!

Casper Smart fashion

According to insiders, Marc “wanted to give the marriage another try, but Jennifer confessed … she was deeply in love with Casper … and wanted to pursue that relationship. Marc was blindsided … he had not idea things were so serious — and he was hurt.”

Marc then filed divorce papers last week after Jennifer rejected him.

You can’t make a ho a housewife!!!!!!! It’s called karma. Jenny will put all of her stock into 22 year-old Casper, who she pays $10,000 a week to f*ck her, and he’ll be onto the next one, but Casper’s next chick will probably be like 19 years old. Good luck with this one Jenny! If all else fails, Justin Bieber should be available within a year.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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Marc Anthony Files For Divorce From Jennifer Lopez

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With all the recent talk about Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart it’s easy to forget that J. Lo is technically still married to Marc Anthony. But not for long. Anthony has filed for divorce after a nine-month separation from the American Idol judge.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Happier Times Photo

In papers filed earlier this week, Anthony cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the split and he’s seeking joint custody of the couple’s four year-old twins. Naturally, he also requested that the judge dismiss any spousal support claims from Lopez.

Marc and J-Lo both famously moved on quickly, with her getting serious with Smart and him dating 24 year-old model Shannon De Lima. With their marriage soon to be officially over, the former couple can now try again with their new (much younger) flames.

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Casper Smart is Called “Daddy Casper” By Jennifer Lopez’s Kids

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Jennifer Lopez‘s 3 year-old twins, Emme and Max, refer to her boy toy as “Daddy Casper.” Marc Anthony is already not a fan of Casper Smart. He got pissed when he saw photos of Casper playing with his kids on the beach, he banned Casper from driving with his kids in the car, JLo flew in her gigolo when she had to work with Marc… Jen really knows how to throw her romance in her husband’s face!

Casper Smart picture

The National Enquirer via Celebitchy reports: Marc Anthony exploded in a fit of rage after his kids called Jennifer Lopez’s much-younger new boyfriend “Daddy”!

Emme and Max referred to Jenny’s 24 year-old boyfriend as “Daddy Casper” and Marc lost it.

“An enraged Marc immediately called Jennifer and blasted her, telling her that if she didn’t fix the situation pronto, he was going to let the kids call his new girlfriend, 24-year-old Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima, “Mommy Shannon”!…

The Enquirer adds that Marc said that if Casper wants to be called Daddy that he needs to start paying some of their children’s expenses – I’m not believing that portion of the story. Lopez allegedly told Marc he was childish and she promised to correct the situation. Sigh.

I kind of think that Jen’s an unfit parent. She knew Casper for like 3 hours before she began letting him babysit her kids. If Marc wanted to fight her for custody, he’d probably win.

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Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony Are Dating

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Jennifer Lopez may have moved on from her marriage in record time by getting serious with boy toy Casper Smart, but she’s not the only one anxious to get it in with someone new. Marc Anthony is showing his ex that two can play that game by going public with new girlfriend Shannon De Lima, and from the sound of it, in the battle of the new pieces, Marc definitely wins.

Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony

While J-Lo landed herself a broke-@ss back-up dancer with a rap sheet, Marc’s new girl is a Venezuelan model with a thriving career of her own. He recently posted the above pic of the two of them on Facebook, and sent her a tweet that translates as, “To Shannon, my statue of liberty. Kisses baby!” Wow. Statue of Liberty. I’m not sure if he means she freed him from Jen or that she likes to carry his torch, but either way, it sounds like things are getting serious.

Marc’s son Chase was even more explicit about the serious nature of the relationship, Tweeting: “To all my followers and all Twitter peeps, follow the best couple of 2012 and for many for years Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima!” Sounds like someone is glad that dad is done with the J-Ho!

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Adriana Ontiveros and Marc Anthony Are Dating

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Marc Anthony was reportedly very upset about Jennifer Lopez dating 24 year-old backup dancer Casper Smart, and even banned him from driving her Bentley while his kids are in the car, but now he has a new piece to get his mind off of JLo’s whoring out.

Marc has reportedly been dating Mexican supermodel Adriana Ontiveros.

Marc Anthony image

Life & Style reports that he was seen with Adriana at the December 11 Miami Dolphins game where they were spotted looking like a couple.

A source says: “They exited the stadium via a private entrance and stepped out of the elevator together. They were holding hands, and he seemed very comfortable with her.”

Adriana and Marc were introduced by another singer named Alejandro Fernandez.

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Will Smith and Marc Anthony Hang Out in Miami

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United by their love of Tom Brady and one another’s wives, Will Smith and Marc Anthony met up to catch the first Monday Night Football game of the season in Miami last night. Despite rumors that Marc caused the break-up of Will’s marriage and Will tried to get him back by banging J-Lo, the two seemed to be getting along pretty well.

Will Smith and Marc Anthony Photo

Will and Marc watched the game together in Marc’s luxury box. They were joined by star Miami Heat point guard Dwayne Wade who confirmed after the game that Will and Marc really are good friends.

So either Will deserves another Oscar nomination for acting like he doesn’t wanna murder Marc, or another rumor has been confirmed as BS. Even if these two are romantic rivals, they’ve managed to set aside fighting over the same woman long enough to focus on what’s really important: football.

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