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Noah Cyrus: Pictures of Miley’s Little Sister

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Noah Cyrus pictures with her big sister have been flooding Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account recently. They’re overnight BFF’s, or Noah is just starting to frequently get photographed with her sister and the images are going up on Instagram.

Noah Cyrus looks cute here while posing with her famous sister Miley.

Miles must be lonely. I’m not trying to shade her, but there are rumors that she wants to get back with Liam Hemsworth and she’s lonely. Miley strikes me as the co-dependent type.

Back to Noah. Noah Cyrus is to Miley what Solange is to Beyonce. Both Solange and Noah aren’t as attractive as their older siblings and both of their sisters are filthy rich A-list singers who tour the world and party with just about any and everyone, or at least they can.

Noah was or is an actress and she is cute in her own way. She clearly really looks up to her controversial older sister, which is a bit scary. Miles is always talking about smoking pot and when she isn’t talking about it, she’s tweeting about it. And when she isn’t tweeting about it, she wears clothes with a marijuana leaf on it – and that’s when she’s actually wearing clothes.

Excluding Will and Jada Smith’s hands-off parenting style, most parents have some ground rules and don’t want their kids to wild out. When it comes to Miley, she’s able to film a music video while naked, smoke marijuana on stage, and make just about everything she does sexual. Miley is an adult, but it’s not like she hasn’t been selling sex for years now.

Poor Noah. What works for Miles will not work for her simply because Miley’s confidence is non-transferable and her talent isn’t either. I’d love to see Noah doing something creative, like hawking products or something. I just hope that no one is lying to her about her prospects.

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Noah Cyrus: Shaved Head Picture Posted on Instagram

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Miley Cyrus‘ little sister is following in Miley’s footsteps and shaving her head! Noah Cyrus is only 13 years old. .Her sister Brandi Cyrus posted a picture of her sister’s new hairstyle on Instagram.

noah cyrus shaved head

Brandi captioned her photo with: “Lil sis @noahcyrus just one up’d me.”

In May, Noah told Teen Vogue that she would never cut her hair like Miley did, saying: “[Miley] called me and was like, ‘Are you with Mom? Go look on Twitter. So I looked and … she’s bald! I would never cut my hair like that, but it looks good on her.”

Eh, I think Noah’s hair looks just as awful as Willow Smith’s bald head and bad wigs look, but she’s 13 and she still has plenty of hair left! Noah has a very unique look, she should definitely try different hairstyles out to find out what works best with her face.

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Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Call Off Divorce. Again.

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Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce a few years ago then Tish Cyrus filed for divorce last month. Miley Cyrus then retaliated by posting a picture of Billy Ray and another woman, hinting that he may have cheated. Now it’s being reported that 10 days after Tish filed, the couple was spotted on a date in North Hollywood!

Tish Cyrus 2013, Billy Ray

The photo above was posted on on Instagram with the caption “Date Night.” The couple gave a statement explaining why they’re back together.

“We both woke up and realized we love each other and decided we want to stay together. We both went into couples therapy something we haven’t done in 22 years of being together, and it’s brought us closer together and really opened up our communication in amazing ways. We’ve had rough times but we both realized we didn’t want to be another statistic and wanted to make it work.”

The couple has five children together and their youngest, Noah Cyrus, wasn’t taking the split very well. Good for them for making things work! I hope it’s final this time so they don’t look even more ridiculous.

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Tish Cyrus Files for Divorce From Billy Ray

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Three years after Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce but later changed his mind to keep his family together, Tish Cyrus has pulled the plug.

 Tish Cyrus divorce

Tish and Billy Ray have been married for 19 years. They have five children together, including Miley. Their youngest child is Noah Cyrus, who is 13. Tish would like full physical and legal custody of Noah, with visitation to Billy Ray.

“Tish is also asking for spousal support, and she wants him to pay her attorney’s fees.  The date of separation is listed as TBD.

A few hours ago, Miley tweeted @billyraycyrus, “since your texts and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this.”

CRAZY! Miley, stop tweeting b!tch.

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Noah Cyrus Calls Out Taylor Swift for Mocking Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift faked a British accent while performing "We Are Never Getting Back Together" at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Taylor was trying to make fun of Harry Styles of One Direction.


Noah Cyrus believes that Taylor was in the wrong. It's shocking that a 13-year-old is more mature than Swifty is!!!!! Taylor was spotted filming her new music video today while dressed like Harry Styles! #Issues.


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Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles: In Bed Together!

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Miley Cyrus busted out a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles‘ cute face and was kissing on him, along with her younger sister Noah Cyrus. Miles Tweeted: All I want for my birrffffday is a big booty hoe. All wants for her BIRFFFDAY is

Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus in bed Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and Noah

She also posted a picture of herself alone with Taylor Swift’s ex.

When Miley’s Twitter followers asked her about her fiance Liam Hemsworth, she responded with: “In no way do I want Harry. No offense. I’m sure that’ll be a story now 2. I’m happily engaged. Just got saucy with a cardboard cut out.”

Miley loves to have fun! Harry and Miley would look cute together.

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Miley Cyrus and Noah Get a New Puppy

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Miley Cyrus is obsessed with animals so she headed to Spot! Pet Boutique yesterday to pick up a new puppy for her sister Noah Cyrus and her mother Tish.

Miley Cyrus in tightsNoah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus pictureMiley Cyrus pet store

Miley Tweeted: “@tishcyrus @noahcyrus just rescued baby “Rosie” from @spotrescuedogs another angel saved.”

Miley’s recent stint on Two and a Half Men was a ratings success, but she should do something with animals if her new album flops and the acting gigs dry up.

Photos: Fame/ Flynet

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Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus Hit the Mall

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Miley Cyrus looked fresh faced and happy as she walked through the parking lot at the Beverly Center. Like her big sister, young Noah Cyrus has also been tied to scandal. Particularly because her parents allow her to walk out the house dressed like THIS, or because she’ll slap her a*s for ya like this.

Noah’s just like Ke$ha. Members of the opposite sex may talk to her because she’s famous. I’m so glad the poor girl is famous, too, cause damn. Noah’s like a 4-foot-something animated character come to life – like SpongeBob, only more oval. Instead of having a normal head like most folks, Noah has an egg resting on top of her shoulders. Just look at how that thing is shaped! Sweet Jesus.

Noah Cyrus hits the mallNoah Cyrus is a plain janeNoah Cyrus and Miley

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Noah Cyrus is Pursuing An Acting Career

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Noah Cyrus is only 10 years old, but that won’t stop me from saying that she has an unfortunate looking face. Miley Cyrus‘ little sister was spotted going to an audition for “Wizards of Waverly Place” last week.

Noah Cyrus image

Noah has frequently appeared on Miley’s show “Hannah Montana”, even appearing on the movie version as a background dancer. Her first major engagement in a movie was providing a voice in animation “Ponyo” together with the youngest Jonas sibling, Frankie Jonas.

I have my doubts about how many roles Noah will actually get, and I don’t like stage parents, but I think Noah should pursue a career in entertainment. It may be the best way for her to make friends and have boyfriends cause, ya know… may God bless her. That is all.

Miley Cyrus' little sisterNoah CyrusNoah Cyrus future actress

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Noah Cyrus Wants To Marry Justin Bieber: Proposes On Video

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Noah Cyrus has such a crush on Justin Bieber that she’s showing her love in a dance video to his song “Bigger” with a marriage proposal in the beginning. Check out those dance moves!

The shades she throws on are bigger than her head, and she keeps confessing her love for Justin as she dances throughout the video. Maybe that’s why she was dressed like she was working some lingerie modeling gig just over a month ago. She wants Justin to see what he could be working with in 8 years.

Justin has already said Miley isn’t his type, so I don’t think he’ll be writing Noah’s name on his love list anytime in the future!

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Noah Cyrus Lingerie: Coming Soon!

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Anything but singing is Noah Cyrus’ calling. She’s already got the short dresses and hooker boots look down pat, making Noah, 9, the perfect person to start a children’s lingerie collection. Noah’s lingerie line isn’t about ripping people off though, hell no! Young girls need lingerie to get by in life. Without it, how else would they prepare to grow up to be adult sluts? Afterall, kids aren’t maturing fast enough these days and they’re remaining innocent for much too long, a startling epidemic that must be stopped. Noah Cyrus to the rescue!

Noah Cyrus and her friend Emily Grace are creating children’s lingerie for Ohh! L, La! Couture.

Noah Cyrus is a plain jane

The website describes The Emily Grace Collection as “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel, is reminiscent of Emily’s true personality.

Miley Cyrus‘ sister is collaborating with Ooh! La, La! Couture designers for styles that can go with ballerina slippers, sneakers, lace stockings and boots. There will also be a Teen Collection available.

This is genius, really! Noah Cyrus already likes to perform and sing slutty lyrics, now she’ll have her own age inappropriate outfits to wear for her performances.


Noah Cyrus Smacks That After Miley Cyrus Tells Her To

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The Cyrus family is like a hybrid of the Spears, Lohans, and Simpsons. All of their families have stage parents and dysfunction, but some of them actually have some love in their crew and mental stability. So far the Cyrus family seems to be semi-grounded.

But Miley Cyrus is a horrible influence on not only teenagers, but on her 9-year-old sister, Noah Cyrus, as well. Miley tells Noah to perform for Miley’s entourage backstage, then Noah busts into her rendition of Akon’s sexually-charged song “Smack That.” Noah has the lyrics down pat and she loves the spotlight and Miley gets to laugh about it at her sister’s expense.

Noah has already basically dressed up as a hooker for Halloween, and now this? At least Miley Cyrus is somewhat good looking; Noah is very busted in the face and I’m scared for her cause if she thinks she has any chance of attaining the same status as her big sis, she’s in for a lot of surprises.

No one wants to smack that now, Noah, and I doubt many folks will wanna smack that in the future. Poor thing for so many reasons.

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