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Harry Styles: Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Won’t Keep Up With the Kardashians

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Harry Styles may be going public with his relationship with Kendall Jenner, but don’t expect to see him on Keeping Up With The Kardashians anytime soon.

Harry Styles grill

Apparently the One Direction singer thinks that appearing on the reality show is not the best way to start a new relationship. A source revealed to Confidenti@l:

“Harry Styles has given new girlfriend Kendall Jenner an ultimatum after just over a month together: It’s me or the cameras”. “The One Direction superstar has refused to allow reality TV cameras to follow him on his dates with Kendall.”

A few days ago the paps snapped the couple as they hung out in Mammoth California decked out in their snow gear as they hit the slopes. Although the couple have not made an official announcement, it was pretty clear that they were an item. Now it seems that Styles has put his foot down and made it clear that he doesn’t want their relationship to be a mere storyline on KUWTK.

I can’t say I blame him, Lord knows it didn’t work for Khloe and Lamar, or Kim and Kris or…well anyone really. According to New York Daily News, a source has claimed that Harry has told Kendall he won’t appear on the show “under any circumstances” and that “Harry does not want his love life played out across the world on TV.”

Ironically Harry is apparently a big fan of the show and according to the Daily Mail newspaper “when he travels with One Direction, he makes sure the (E!) network is available in his hotel room.”

I guess he enjoys watching train wrecks but he doesn’t want to be a part of one.

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One Direction Become Nine Direction in New SNL skit

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When One Direction appeared on Saturday Night Live this week, host Paul Rudd joked that he wasn’t intimidated by them since he’d brought his own ‘manband’ along.

One Direction Saturday Night Live

That manband just happened to consist of the cast of Anchorman 2 – Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and David Koechner. In the silly skit, the manband sized up their younger rivals and teased them with lines such as “Why don’t you beat it, Menudo?” and “Why don’t you guys sit on Santa’s lap and ask for balls?”

Giving the 1D guys a run for their money, they even threw in some sexy ‘boyband’ like poses and wore similar grey suits and ties like any self-respecting manband would. Will Ferrell somehow managed to keep a straight face as he stood next to Harry Styles, towering above the boyband member like he wanted a fight.

The teasing didn’t stop there,  as Paul Rudd played ‘Dan Charles’ the “Best Song Ever” singer’s number one fan in a scene where he mixed with real One Direction fans and asked for the boys to sign his back… The funniest part had to be the reaction of the real 1D fans next to Paul. From the side-eyes that they were giving the actor, I’m not sure they were in on the joke.

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Miley Cyrus 21st Birthday Party Details

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The other day I was dismayed to hear that Miley Cyrus’ birthday celebrations were not getting off to a wild a start as I was expecting, in fact – let’s face it – they were downright boring.

miley cyrus 2013 birthday

After tweeting some photos of her dogs, her birthday cake and an arrangement of flowers (*yawn*) I thought that the star had finally lost her edge and it would be a much tamer Miley we’d be seeing from now on.

Well I’m happy to report that I was wrong. It seems that the Disney slut was just gearing up for her real bday bash that took place at Beacher’s Madhouse after the American Music Awards.

Miley did not disappoint, as all the key elements of a good party were there, according to E! News, including a professional twerking team and a gang of little people (two of whom were dressed as Miley and Robin Thicke during their legendary VMA performance).

Taking her usual ‘less is more’ approach to clothing, Miley wore a black bandeau top and tiny black shorts for the occasion. Helping the birthday girl celebrate, attendees included One Direction’s Niall Horan and Liam Payne, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler the Creator, Amber Rose, Kelly Osbourne and Emma Roberts.

The lucky guests sipped on champagne and Casamigos tequila at the star studded event. Miley’s gifts included a $150,00 Swarovski-encrusted, gold-dipped three liter bottle of Beau Joie champagne, and a motorcycle from Billy Ray. Yet the highlight of the night had to be Miley’s cake which was made in her naked likeness, with suspicious looking green leaves covering her modesty.

Well that’s it Miley, I take back all the things I said about you not being controversial enough. All is forgiven.

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One Direction’s Liam Payne Has a Crush on Selena Gomez

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Cute potential couple alert! Liam Payne has admitted to having a crush on Justin Bieber‘s ex. In an interview with Latina.com, One Direction was asked what Latina celebs got them hot under the collar.


Liam showed no hesitation in laying his feelings out for the “Come and Get It” singer: “Yeah, Selena Gomez is hot, I’ll put that out there, on the table.” Liam confessed.

Yep that’s right Biebus, another man is after your ex! You snooze, you lose… Unfortunately Liam must have momentarily forgot he is actually taken (boo!) and realizing that girlfriend Sophia Smith might not be too happy about his answer he added: “Shouldn’t tell the missus. I’m gonna walk away now.”

Oh well, maybe it wasn’t meant to be…besides when asked about the Directioners in an Extra interview, Selena said: “I love all of them. They’re so sweet. They’re really good guys.” Yet when pushed about what member she would get down and dirty with, Selena revealed it would be “Zayn”.

The songstress seems to be a big hit with the 1D boys, according to Hollywoodlife.com, Selena was first hit on by Niall Horan at the 2012 Kid’s Choice Awards, then in an interview in January this year Zayn Malik admitted he had a crush on the star too.

Heck, take them all Selena! That’ll be the end of your goody-two shoes persona once and for all – and think of all the fun you’ll have!

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One Direction: Three New Albums Coming, Renews Contract With Simon Cowell

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One Direction has extended its partnership with the man who made them famous. Simon Cowell’s Syco company, along with Sony, will continue working with the biggest boy band around right now, all the way until 2016.

One Direction smiling

One Direction has already made $1 billion and the band will be releasing plenty more music and going on more world tours over the next few years. 1D’s new contract guarantees that the group will release THREE more albums.

“The group, who are set to release their third effort ‘Midnight Memories’ in November, will follow up the record with two more studio albums and a greatest hits collection. They will also embark on more world tours in addition to their ‘Where We Are’ world tour next year.”

Each One Direction member has made 10 million pounds each just from signing the new contract.

Business Standard reports:

“A spokesperson for Syco confirmed the news, saying, “Simon Cowell and One Direction are delighted to confirm they have agreed to continue their hugely successful relationship with a new long-term agreement with Syco. Simon and the band look forward to many years of continued success together.”

Simon is seriously the person that you want to work with. He hustles! He gets your products out their quickly. These boys are striking while the iron is HOT and they are going to continue making big money. Good for them!

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One Direction is Billboard’s Top 21 Artist Under 21

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Who else could this honor go to? One Direction is a massively successful boy band whose debut album premiered in the no.1 slot on Billboard a few years ago. Things haven’t slowed down ever since.

 One Direction 2013 group pic

One Direction has been crowned Billboard magazine’s most powerful artists under 21 years old. Billboard notes that the British band not only had its first album premiere at the top of Billboard’s 200 chart, but their second album also enjoyed a debut at the top of the charts!

It is quite an accomplishment. Many musicians who compete on talent shows have to compete with pop stars once the television cameras start working, and the pop stars usually win. But 1D’s X Factor fan base has carried the band to international success within a few years. Their level of success, at such an accelerated pace, is a massive achievement. I hope they’ll be around for years to come. Love their catchy, fun music.

Here’s the list:

1. One Direction
2. Justin Bieber
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Ariana Grande
5. Earl Sweatshirt
6. Lorde
7. Austin Mahone
8. Scotty McCreery
9. Cody Simpson
10. Emblem3
11. Cher Lloyd
12. Chief Keef
13. Bridgit Mendler
14. Miguelito
15. Joey Bada$$
16. Tori Kelly
17. Martin Garrix
18. Mindless Behavior

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One Direction: Our Moment Fragrance is Biggest Celebrity Launch of 2013!

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OK, let me just start off by saying, I saw a commercial for One Direction’s first fragrance and thought it was some kind of parody. Unfortunately it wasn’t and that foolery will be stuck in my head forever. However, that hot mess of a commercial did its job because the boys will be pulling in some major bank from their perfume.

One Direction’s new scent, Our Moment, was released on August 25 at Harrods in London. The fragrance is predicted to sell 180,000 units the first week of its release, making the boys $550K and making it one of the fastest selling fragrances of all time!

Those sound like impressive numbers but that’s not it. The fragrance is set to go on sale September 9 at The Fragrance Shop, but pre-orders began August 1 and have already surpassed 20K units across Europe alone.

“With such an interest we made the decision that Our Moment will need its own warehouse to help keep up with demand for what looks to be the biggest celebrity launch of 2013,” spokesman Daniel Thompson says.

How in the world are these boys selling this many fragrances and making this much money? This is why they’re expected to make $1 billion by the end of the year.


Liam Payne: Apartment Fire Leaves Friend in Hospital

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One Direction may have had the best weekend ever as their movie, 1D: This Is Us, took home the no.1 spot at the box office, but for Liam Payne things got a little too hot for comfort.

 Liam Payne hot picture

And this time when we say hot we don’t actually mean him… even though let’s be honest, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

A fire broke out in Liam’s apartment Monday night leaving his buddy with second degree burns to the upper portion of his body. The young man was rushed to the hospital after the 20-year-old singer’s balcony went up in flames. It’s being reported that the guy was trying to refuel an outdoor heater.

Payne was in the kitchen at the time but quickly took matters in his own hands as he rushed to put the fire out. He then jumped in the back of the ambulance to be by his pal’s side.

While his friend is still being treated in the hospital for his burns, sources are saying Liam is doing just “fine.”


One Direction Defends Harry Styles After Taylor Swift’s Dis

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While most winners at Sunday nights MTV Video Music Awards thanked their managers, family, and friends, Taylor Swift wanted to applaud the man behind her break-up anthem… Harry Styles.

1D group photo

“I also want to thank the person that inspired this song, and he knows exactly who he is, because I got one of these!”

The 23-year-old “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer publicly slammed her 19-year-old ex in more ways then one that night. But leave it to Style’s One Direction band mates to defend him during their very own movie premiere Monday night for This Is Us.

“We were a bit confused. We thought she was actually calling out Niall [Horan] so the whole thing’s a bit confusing.” Liam Payne even talked about the dis admitting Swift’s behavior was “lame.”

“I just thought it was a bit no needed.I mean, you just won an award, it’s like concentrate on yourself!”

The boys of 1D took the stage for the first time to present an award. But all eyes quickly turned to Taylor as she was caught on camera giving them a message of her own, “shut the f— up!”

Let’s keep in mind the two broke up back in January… 7 months ago! You’d think Swift would have gotten over it by now.

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Taylor Swift Says STFU to One Direction at the 2013 VMA’s

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Leave it to Taylor Swift to come across all sweet and innocent in front of the camera, and then when she thinks no one is looking… BAM, she gets a little classless.

When One Direction hit the stage to present the award for the Best Pop Video, the 23-year-old pop singer was caught on camera mouthing the words “shut the f*** up” to her bestie Selena Gomez.

But her ridiculous actions didn’t stop there.

Later on in the award show, Swift won the Best Female Video Award for her hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” which, surprise surprise, was inspired by an ex-boyfriend. During her acceptance speech she wanted to make sure that ex she wrote it for felt her wrath.

“Thank you. Wow. I want to thank the fans because I tweeted about this a lot, I really really wanted this,” she said. “I also want to thank the person that inspired this song, and he knows exactly who he is, because I got one of these!”

Cameras quickly panned to Harry Styles where he presumably smirked from his seats. So what do you think? Did Taylor drop the F bomb because of Harry?

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One Direction’s This Is Us Premiere Draws 70k Fans

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The members of One Direction took London by storm Tuesday as they debut their highly anticipated documentary One Direction: This is Us.


Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan stepped onto the red carpet looking oh so charming, surrounded by 70,000 screaming directioners as they premiered their very first concert movie at Leicester Square.

It’s been reported that hundreds of those dedicated fans camped out for several days, in hopes of getting a glimpse of their five “boyfriends” and fulfilling all of their teenage fantasies. And from the looks of the pictures, it was definitely worth the wait because the guys made sure they stopped for autographs and photos with their fans.

Directed by Morgan Spurlock, the film follows the five members as they transition from your average teenage boys to individual contestants on The X Factor U.K. to global sensations.

Simon Cowell, who put the individual singers together to form a group, walked the red carpet. However, Cowell wasn’t the only celebrity in attendance. Little Mix, JLS, and Ronnie Woods from The Rolling Stones were among the stars who supported the band’s big premiere.

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Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards are Engaged!

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Directioners… you may want to sit down for this one! Because after being spotted wearing a ring on her finger at One Directions: This Is Us movie premiere on Tuesday, onlookers were wondering the million-dollar question… is Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards engaged?


The answer… YES!

Go ahead and take some time to quickly gather your thoughts.

The Little Mix’s mother went on Real Radio and confirmed the happy news saying, “Yes it is, it’s true. They got engaged on Sunday and it was absolutely lovely.”

“And it’s wonderful because Zayn’s absolutely gorgeous and Perrie loves him to pieces and it’s just perfect,” Deborah added. “They just get on so well together and they understand each other, so it’s just fabulous.”

So how did it all go down?

Of course Deborah gushed about how Zayn kept it clean and proper, “He did the traditional asking me and then asking his mum and dad. It was fabulous. It was lovely.”

But Debbie wasn’t the only one who wanted to share with the extremely happy news with the rest of the world. Perrie’s brother actually took to twitter to congratulate the happy couple saying, “Right, my sister and Zayn are engaged! It’s true! You seen the ring on the finger and all that jazz! Congrats!”

But that’s not all.

Hackford Jones PR, who represents Perrie and Zayn, has made an official statement confirming the news: “Zayn and Perried are engaged, but any further detail regarding their relationship is private.”

Sorry directioners… Zayn Malik is officially going to be a married man!

…The sound of teenagers’ hearts breaking can be heard around the world today.

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