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Bianca Espada Plastic Surgery

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Bianca Espada was born in the ’80s but she’s already had so much work done that she could easily pass for a woman in her 40’s. While researching about the newest addition to Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, we couldn’t help but notice that Bianca has had plenty of plastic surgery (we believe she has at least).

Bianca Espada's nose job, before photo?Bianca Espada's plastic surgery makes her look plastic.

First of all, check out how slimmed down Espada’s nose appears to be?!?! This difference is more prominent in our thumbnails below. Next, check out her lips, they look much more plump than they used to. And her eyes? Those look bigger as well. What’s most obvious when comparing Bianca’s original face with her newer one is that she now looks stretched out and airbrushed when she’s just serving up some good resting b!tch face.

This chick effed up if you ask me. The last thing you want to do is get knifed up when you’re in your teens or 20s. I don’t really believe in plastic surgery at all because I think everyone should be confident. Plus you always have to get more work done no matter what cause there’s plenty of up-keep.

Unknown to many, women who have breast implants have to get new ones every 5 to 10 years… I just believe that any “work” that gets done for the most part needs to be touched-up in an attempt to keep things looking as natural as possible. But most people just end up looking worse and therefore have to keep messing with their face.

Leaving a surgeon’s office looking like a life-sized Barbie reminds everyone you must be old cause it looks like your skin is melting even in the winter.

Bianca E. is also Latina or half Latina at least, which means she’s pretty dumb for having plastic surgeries. Everyone knows some minorities age like Benjamin Button, so wtf is up with this chick? A smart aspiring gold digger doesn’t waste her money like this. She’s on a show that begins its title with “Rich Kids,” which should indicate that she has the best surgeons “of Beverly Hills” but B’s been left lookin’ like an older low budget Kardashian.


Alexa Ray Joel Rejects Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Us Weekly ran a story suggesting that Alexa Ray Joel had all kinds of plastic surgery done on her face. The 28-year-old was less than thrilled about the allegations, and she sounded furious in her response.

Alexa Ray Joel 2014 plastic surgery

Joel said: “The only thing I have ever had done is my nose, which I have always been completely candid, honest, and open about- and I can swear on my Beloved Gypsy-Stella The Cat that this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God! (But hey, there could be worse rumors circulating, so, I’ll take it).

“Any visibly-positive alterations in terms of my public-image are an absolute and sole credit to my brilliant makeup-artist and stylist, @darlingcait … Who is a true beauty-wizard and visionary.”

Alexa says her weight loss has come “simply from maturing.”

She continued: “I have only gotten one nose-job done. That is the absolute extent of the surgeries I have had. I’m very sorry to disappoint everyone who wants to believe that I have had multiple surgeries, but that just simply isn’t true.” [The only secret is] makeup and a push-up bra.”

It’s pretty hilarious that Alexa gets this upset when she gets some press. We never hear about this girl! The last time we heard about Alexa, it was because she tried to commit suicide (allegedly) after a break up. Naturally entertainment writers are going to think that she has some self-esteem issues. She does sound a lil, um, hypersensitive and emotional. For someone who admits to having had plastic surgery, it’s ridiculous that she would have a panic attack when people accuse her of having plastic surgery.

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Sharon Osbourne’s Vagina Was Tightened From Surgery

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It’s beyond obvious Sharon Osbourne has had a numerous face lifts and other plastic surgery procedures, but I doubt anyone, could have imagined that she’d actually get her vagina worked on too.


The reality star turned talk show host shared this disturbing news while on British TV show, Graham Norton’. The 61-year-old told Graham and fellow guest Colin Farrell that it was the most painful procedure she’d ever had.

After she’d made the confession a confused looking Colin asked “what did that entail?” To which Sharon answered: “I’ll show you later”. Leaving the audience with the awful mental image of Sharon Osbourne showing off her geriatric vagina to Colin Farrell.

The worst part is he’d probably like it…bleugh… While on the show, Sharon also shared some of the juicy details of her recent marriage breakdown with aging rock star Ozzy Osbourne. Apparently the bumbling Brit had turned to drugs again and Sharon threatened to leave if he didn’t get his act together:

“He’d relapsed and it was a combination again of the drugs and the drink and it was like not again. I’ve got ten minutes left and I’m not gonna spend it like this. It was down to him and he did what he was supposed to do which is work a 12-step program and stay clean and sober and that’s what he does,” she went on.

“He realized what he was gonna lose… not just me, but everything he would’ve lost.” Luckily Sharon managed to convince Ozzy to get back on the wagon and they are back together once again. Aww… now why would a 61-year-old get work done on her vadge? Sharon’s a surgery addict, right? I mean, how much sex is she having to justify doing what Brandi Glanville did. Brandi’s a slut but Sharon’s been married forever. Why is she still even having sex?

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Megan Fox’s Pregnant Face Mystery

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Poor Megan Fox. The star was recently snapped on the red carpet looking puffier than ever. Although the actress is seven months pregnant with her second child by Brian Austin Green, it looked like something else was at work here.

megan fox 2013 red carpet megan fox botox, collagen lips

Yet since the Transformers actress has always denied using botox the only plausible explanation is that she is suffering “pregnancy face” – a term coined by Kim Kardashian who showed off her ‘pregnancy lips’ while carrying North West.

This condition only seems affect A-list celebs and symptoms include wrinkle free foreheads, puffy lips and/or breasts.  Whatever the cause, Fox put on a brave (yet puffy) face while she attended the new Avon Foundation initiative to help educate people on recognizing the signs of domestic violence.

The star dressed beautifully for the event in a black long sleeved fitted dress which showed off her growing belly. Her hair was equally as flawless, as Megan wore her ombre’d locks down in a curly style and kept her make-up natural.

While I praise Megan for lending support to such a good cause, I think she should still seek some help for her condition, otherwise she might end up like Sharon Osbourne, Madonna and other veteran ‘pregnancy face’ sufferers…

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Heidi Montag Removes F-Cup Breast Implants

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Heidi Montag had 10 plastic surgeries in one day four years ago, (can you believe it’s been that long?), and she’s been sick of her F-cup breasts for years now. Montag explains that her boobs were painful and she’s been suffering because of her oversized melons.

heidi montag boobs

Heidi explained that her breasts keep dropping every year because of gravity. She told Entertainment Tonight:

“Sometimes when I’m just sitting there my breasts hurt so bad… I just want to, like, rip them off. I do regret getting the implants. My new doctor was like, ‘You should never have been allowed by the doctor to get implants this big. … I put my security and sexuality in my breast size instead of my confidence.”

Heidi’s implants weigh 3lbs. each! She claims that her F-cups have caused:

A ruptured disc in her neck, pinched nerves, severe back problems, spine pulled forward from the additional weight and numbness in her arm.

Heidi says that if anyone wants to get huge breast implants they should “really think about it and really research it.” She claims that big boobs sound fun, “but once you get them that’s it, you’ve done the damage to your skin, your back, your muscles… Is that vanity worth potentially harming yourself? For me the answer is no.”

Good for her! It’s about time.

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Courtney Stodden’s Boobs Look Like Heidi Montag’s

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Courtney Stodden is desperate and Peta loves to exploit desperate women, IMO, so Court and Peta make for the perfect pairing. I, along with gawd knows how many bloggers, were alerted via email that Courtney would be wearing a “lettuce bikini” in Hollywood so that we could cover it. I didn’t attend this mess, but check out some of the photos.

Courtney Stodden for PETA

Courtney Stodden Peta bikini Courtney Stodden lettuce bikini

Stodden’s fake breasts look worse every single time that I see them. She’s so thin and pale and… just gross!

“The 18-year-old blond celeb filmed a PSA for PETA right on Hollywood Boulevard and held up a sign that read, “Get Fit, Go Veg!” She educated fans about the benefits of becoming a vegetarian and spoke openly about becoming an advocate for animal rights,” E! Online reports.

I didn’t miss a damn thing. Courtney isn’t even hot. She’s like a walking, talking blowup doll and her 15 minutes are seriously drying right up. Time for more plastic surgery?

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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Boob Lift

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Even though she claims she’s “never had plastic surgery” before, Lady Gaga’s secrets are coming forward via her former BFF Brendan Jay Sullivan’s new book, “Rivington Was Ours: The Lower Easy Side, Lady Gaga, and The Prime of Our Lives.”

 Lady Gaga before and after plastic surgery

Question remains whether or not he’s actually telling the truth.

Sullivan reveals that there was a night out early in her career when Gaga announced, “I’m getting a nose job. She said it so offhand. I think she put more thought into bleaching her hair.”

However, her former BFF makes it unclear whether she actually went under the knife. “No one will know. No one has heard of me. You won’t even be able to tell. But I will.”

In addition to her plastic surgery allegations, Sullivan alludes to her drug use, which she has admitted to in the past. He claims he witnessed Gaga brushing a white powder off her carpet and rubbing it onto her gums. Gaga asserts that, “It’s mint. I wish it was coke. I used to do bags and bags of it.’


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Courtney Stodden’s Breast Implants Look Painful

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Courtney Stodden already allegedly had breast implants to begin with, but she threw those out and implanted some cantaloupes into her chest. Or her docs did. Seriously. How is this supposed to be considered hot?

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchinson Dine Out At Mr Chow Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchinson Dine Out At Mr Chow

Court’s t!ts look swollen and I’d be too scared to touch them or crush them if I were a guy. Courtney’s husband Doug clearly doesn’t mind.

… At least these two haven’t been granted their own reality show. I can’t think of a couple more undeserving of any publicity whatsoever. Courtney is young but she continues to get extreme plastic surgery. She clearly has serious self-esteem issues and she’s with a man who thinks it’s okay for her to keep changing her face and body. Someone should save her, but that won’t happen until she figures out that there’s a problem.

More nasty photos.

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Lil Kim Flaunts Plastic Surgery Body on Looks Like Money Cover

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Lil Kim looks like she walked off the pages of a comic book. Talk about a freakish, cartoon shape! Her breasts are huge, her waist is microscopic, her face is tweaked to death and her hips are massive. So sad.

 Lil Kim plastic surgery 2013

Lil Kim released “Looks Like Money,” a song that was officially announced as a single in 2011 but is only being released now.

Kim Tweeted: “Here’s just a LITTLE gift from ME to U on MY birthday that U guys have been waiting for!!”

Lil Kim recently linked up with Miley Cyrus for another project. She needs to fix her self-esteem before attempting to release new songs and has to appear in front of the public on a regular basis. I think she’s in far too deep at this point though. She probably has to keep getting her more and more surgery to attempt to look normal.

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Lady Gaga at NYC Pride, Had Plastic Surgery?

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After spending months out of the spotlight after injuring her hip, Lady Gaga emerged this weekend to speak at the Gay Pride Festival in New York City. Gaga claims that the LGBT community has always embraced her and that’s why she’s always fought for gay rights. Blah, blah, blah. Gaga has said that many times before because she exploits the gay community cause she knows they’re a loyal fanbase.

Her face looks different here. Stefani Germanotta’s nose looks thinner. Did Gaga get a nose job or have I just forgotten what her face looks like? She’s clearly lost some weight, which could be why she’s looking a bit tweaked. She’s lookin’ good!

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Courtney Stodden Got a Boob Job

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I don’t know why Courtney Stodden’s porn hasn’t been released yet. It’s not like she has anywhere to go but down. Stodden already has a sex tape and she’s been knifed up to look like Barbie. It’s time!

Courtney Stodden before and after boobs

Court had breast implants and one of the paparazzi sites she works with snapped exclusive photos of her in the hospital and when she was leaving post-surgery.

Courtney tells E! News: “My results are looking incredible and very sexy. Looking forward to slipping into a bikini. . .or out of it!”

Courtney has a bit of an odd shaped body to begin with and her allegedly already fake breasts were already too big for her. Now she’s going to look like the male version of Heidi Montag.

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Farrah Abraham Breast Implants, Now a D-Cup

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Farrah Abraham wasn’t happy with her C-cup “tranny boobs” so she bought herself some D’s. The 22-year-old tells In Touch magazine “I look more natural now.” HUH?!

Farrah Abraham tranny boobs

Farrah got knifed up on May 31st. Her C-cups were saline and now she has a pair of silicone D-cup breast implants.

The single mother explained why she got the procedure: “I want to look my best. And I’m looking amazing.” Abraham’s C-cup boob job, chin implant and nose job cost her $10k. Her new breasts cost her $7,145.

Farrah doesn’t think her new boobs are too big for her frame. “I’m very realistic about keeping myself looking natural.”

Farrah also looks like she got herself some lip injections too. She’s insecure, desperate and, uh, insane! Farrah is going to get so much more work done! She keeps getting all of her procedures within months not years. We’re scared to find out what she’ll do for her next story.

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