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Marie Reyes of RHOD: Instagram Photos

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With the premiere of Real Housewives of Dallas right around the corner (April 11!!!!), we here at Pop on the Pop have introducing some of the cast members, both with comprehensive biographies and Instagram recaps. With a good number of cast members covered, it’s time to get to a real cornerstone of the series (that’s a prediction): Marie Reyes.

Real Housewives of Dallas Star Marie Reyes


Like her costar Cary Deuber, Marie is a registered nurse, she absolutely LOVES charities, and she has a great deal of experience with injecting people’s bodies with things designed to fight age. For someone so busy, she sure does have a lot of time to write checks to charities that cover really worthwhile (that’s not sarcasm, I’m serious) causes, and because of this, she sits on a few different boards, whether that be in an honorary presence or as a genuine board member.

Her Bravo bio describes her as having an easy-going demeanor, but that somehow doesn’t stop her from finding herself in the middle of a real dramastorm, which is a storm started by producers of reality television programs to keep viewers from turning the channel.

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Marie Reyes: Dallas Housewives Bio

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In our neverending quest to familiarize the loyal readers of Pop on the Pop with the stars of the upcoming Bravo reality TV show Real Housewives of Dallas (as if the show itself needed an intro), we find that the more we write bios, the more we are seeing similarities between cast members.

Real Housewives of Dallas Star Marie Reyes

Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond are BFFs who don’t really do anything besides guzzle wine (allegedly), hang out, and make charitable donations. Cary Deuber does yoga, has a kid, and has two jobs, where she can put her skillz as a registered nurse to good use.

So when I was getting ready to write about Marie Reyes, I was expecting to get the same ole’ “She loves impoverished children and enjoys a good mimosa at her daily brunch.” But I was wrong!


Much like Cary Deuber, Marie Reyes is a registered nurse who works as a professional in the aesthetics industry.As someone who has had a lot of shots (injections, not the more enjoyable kind of shots), I try to avoid needles whenever possible. Not Marie!  Currently, she owns and operates SkinSpaMED in Dallas and Tarrant County, and previously she worked as a national injection trainer for Medicls Aesthetics, in addition to sitting on the Expert Injector Advisory Board for Galderma Aesthetics.

Whereas her “colleagues” on RHOD only mention their interests in charities, Marie actually rolls up her sleeves and gets work done. And, of course, by “rolls up her sleeves and gets work done,” I mean, “donates a bunch of money and acquires honorary positions,” which is really important, too. As of now, she sits on the board for the AIDS Services Dallas, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and she is also an avid supporter of Women’s Council for the Dallas Arboretum, which sounds important as heck.

In addition to her charitable endeavors, Marie is described as possessing an “easy-going demeanor,” but there are hints of an undercurrent of sweet, juicy, drama queen in this cast member. I can’t wait!

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Tiffany Hendra Instagram

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Tiffany Hendra Instagram photos give us a glimpse into her life as a ‘real housewife’ in Dallas. She has fur children, her dog is featured in her snap below, and she looks great, if not better, without any makeup on!

Tiffany Hendra Looking Hot on a Couch

The Real Housewives of Dallas premieres next Monday, and if you’ve been following our previews for the show, then you’re probably familiar with former softcore porn actress, entertainer, and philanthropist Tiffany Hendra.

Tiff is a Texas girl through-and-through. Despite spending several years in Los Angeles for professional reasons, she recently moved to the Dallas-area with husband Aaron Hendra. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, Tiffany spends much of her time working with charities, specifically Angels of East Africa, a charity dedicated to helping orphans in eastern Africa. Unlike most Real Housewives that are married and a part of Bravo’s franchise, Tiffany doesn’t have any children of her own; which just means she has more time to drink and go shopping! We don’t know if those are some of her favorite activities, but we’re hoping that they are. A real housewife who doesn’t like to go drinking and shopping is, well, Kim Fields, but she’s quit RHOA so that leaves like no Housewives left who don’t get down with the sauce.

With all the drama being promised to us by Bravo, it doesn’t seem like much of it will be coming from Tiffany, which is both pretty cool and pretty boring at the same time (I WANT DRAMA).

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Julianne Wainstein Biography

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Julianne Wainstein’s biography is an interesting one. The newest addition to The Real Housewives of New York City is an “Asian Jew” who comes from a family of successful parents. While we’ve been spending time highlighting the most interesting cast members of the Real Housewives of Dallas, we just couldn’t forget to take a look at the newest member of the Real Housewives of New York, Julianne “Jules” Wainstein. The Real Housewives of NY is back this Wednesday! In the words of The Countess, “Be cool, don’t be all, like, uncool!” and make sure to check it out!

Julianne Wainstein: Star of RHONY

When news broke that Heather Thompson would not be returning to the cast of Real Housewives of New York, speculation was rampant as to who would replace the former cast member. Now that she focuses her efforts on her burgeoning career as a stay-at-home mom and socialite, Jules  Wainstein was one of several potential replacements to throw their respective hats into the race to replace the “HOLLA!” back girl herself.

Jules was born in Hong Kong and followed her father, the esteemed Gene Forrest, a retired vice president of an international manufacturing company called Crystal Brands, into the fashion industry, graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She has spent several years as an event planner for the Women’s International Zionist Organization, a movement that raises money for schools and programs for women and the elderly in Israel.

Her husband, Michael, a principal of the well-to-do merchant bank Private Capital Group, is best known for his rocky business relationship with the twins Derek and Daniel Koch, a relationship that allegedly came to an end when one of the brothers used a racial slur to describe Wainstein.

A “friend” of Wainstein’s told Page Six, “She’s pretty. She’s fun. She parties.” To put it lightly, Jules is no stranger to the international partying scene. Even her bio on Bravo alludes to her love of the Manhattan social scene.

Currently, Jules splits her time between “various career opportunities,” spending time with her family, partying like a rockstar, and, of course, as many charities as possible.

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Tiffany Hendra: Porn Star to Housewife

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In the run-up to the premiere of the latest Real Housewives series — Real Housewives of Dallas — future fans of the show are getting a glimpse at all the stars, and are teased with storylines that will, no doubt, be discussed ad nauseum on the show. Stephanie Hollman and her buddy Brandi Redmond don’t really do anything, and busy themselves with expensive brunches and working with underprivileged people. Cary Deuber is a nurse, has two jobs, and travels (in addition to doing yoga).

Tiffany Hendra, however, has a past that sets her in a different league than her fellow cast mates: she used to star in softcore pornographic films.

Tiffany Hendra: Reality Star and...Pornstar?

While stories that one of the cast members of RHOD was a former pornstar are technically true, there are a number of differences between the porn that people seek on the Internet and the stuff that the current Mrs. Hendra partook in.

Let’s get one thing straight: softcore porn is decidedly different than the stuff you can find on the Internet (not that you can’t find softcore porn on the Internet, I’m just trying to make a point). For one, there are actual storylines that require actual acting. Another thing, they’re not having sex: thanks to multiple camera angles and tricky positioning, the stars just looking like they’re getting down to business. I wouldn’t know, but that seems like something that is really hard to do.

A native-Texan, Hendra and her Australian rocker husband, Aaron Hendra, moved back to the state relatively recently, having spent most of her career in Los Angeles, CA. Though the couple is unable of having children of their own, their combined philanthropical efforts are focused mainly on underprivileged children in Eastern Africa (a place that can use all the help it can get).

Bravo teased Tiffany and her BFF LeeAnne, but that’s a different biography for a different day. Until then, let’s take a look at the gorgeous Tiffany Hendra!

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Tiffany Hendra Bio

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Perhaps the most interesting cast member of the upcoming addition to the Real Housewives franchise is really only interesting because of her past career.

Tiffany Hendra poses like a pro

Check out Tiffany Hendra’s Bravo bio, and you will find that the upcoming RHOD cast member recently moved back to her native Texas after a successful career as an actress, TV host, and model. Do a little deeper digging, past the roles in Walk Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion, Galaxy Hunter, and Primetime Glick, and you will find that some of her acting was done without the hindrance of clothing. Well, Tiffany’s gorgeous so it makes sense. She’s an exotic beauty with a bangin’ body.

Tiffany Hendra was a pornstar. Softcore, but still porn. Does it really matter? Yes, but only because the network is billing her background as a storyline for the show. Had Hendra not been okay with it, she could have just, ya know, not joined the cast. What makes all of this fun is revealed in something she told the New York Post, “‘In Dallas, we have a very different way of insulting each other,’ Hendra teases. ‘If someone else has a problem with you, everyone else will hear about it before you do.'”

For the past 12 years, Hendra has been married to Aaron Hendra, an Australian rocker who the show bills as a known commodity. We’re still trying to find out more about him because there doesn’t seem to be much info available on the guy. Aside from releasing albums as a member of bands titled “SUPANATURAL” and “OCIANIC,” Aaron hasn’t gone mainstream just yet, but if Lady Gaga can feature the RHOBH cast in her music video, who knows how much some RHOD cameos can boost Aaron’s profile.

His style can be described as “pandering,” and his wife’s involvement on RHOD is featured prominently on his site. As mentioned, the couple only recently moved back to Texas, where Tiffany was born and raised. Though unable to have children of their own, the Hendras are big time supporters of charities that benefit children. Aaron tours regularly and has some upcoming gigs lined up in his home state of Texas.

Because we’re a family-oriented site (LOL), we won’t share any of Tiffany’s NSFW photos, but if you were to Google her maiden name, “Tiffany Bolton,” from the privacy of wherever you really feel like, you would be able to find several revealing images of her.

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Cary Deuber Instagram Photos

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Although the show doesn’t premiere until April 11, it’s no secret that Cary Deuber is the frontrunner for “Most Likeable Cast Member,” based solely on a few reports about how she seems to be a worldly individual. Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to take a look at her Instagram feed for further investigation.

Cary Deuber Family


Originally hailing from Connecticut (DAMN YANKEE!), Deuber was raised in Ohio, and eventually found her way to Texas (Don’t Mess With Texas, y’all). She studied nursing, eventually becoming a CRNFA (certified registered nurse first assistant). Unlike some of her castmates, Cary works as an operative assistant for her husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Deuber, and also maintains her own aesthetic injectable practice.

In addition to her two jobs, Cary has a daughter (with her husband, obviously), is a passionate traveller, and a dedicated yogi. She is described as a Type A personality, and her dry sense of humor probably won’t be received well by some of her associates on the upcoming (and anxiously awaited) reality TV  series.

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Cary Deuber: Dallas Housewife’s Bio

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Next up on Pop on the Pop’s somewhat comprehensive list of cast members of the upcoming Real Housewives of Dallas is the absolutely stunning and shockingly qualified Cary Deuber. If you were expecting something along the lines of “Cary spends most of her time at brunch with her girlfriends and sitting on the boards of various charities that don’t really mean much to her,” then boy are you in for a treat.

Cary Deuber

First of all, Cary isn’t a Southern Belle. Nope, she’s a YANKEE. FROM CONNECTICUT, NO LESS. Though she grew up in the wonderful state of Ohio, Cary realized the error in her parents’ ways and moved to Texas as soon as she possibly could. Though instead of seeking an overly-wealthy husband like a heat-seeking missile, she opted to study nursing. WOW!

Upon her graduation, she “…pursued an advanced practice degree to become a CRNFA,” which stands for “certified registered nurse first assistant.” As if that needs any more comment, nurses are badass, so Cary MIGHT be a card-carrying BAMF.

In addition to being (at the very least, formerly) worldly, Cary actually has a job (in addition to the prerequisite support of charities): she acts as the operative assistant to her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Mark Deuber. She also holds an “aesthetic injectable practice,” which means that — unlike her castmates, who probably visit their plastic surgeons in an unmarked car and use the back entrance — Cary can speak intelligently as to the effectiveness of injectables, and even boasts getting injections (see the image in the gallery below). Bold move!

All told, Cary Deuber seems like the cast member you are most likely to root for. Her Bravo bio alleges that she has a dry sense of humor (which I certainly appreciate), and is a Type A personality. She has an adorable daughter, is a dedicated yogi, and seems to support some pretty worthwhile causes (SAVE THE TURTLES) Whereas many of her castmates will spend time lamenting how “busy” their schedule, Cary will be able to sit back and laugh and man is that going to be fun to watch.

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Travis Hollman: Stephanie’s Husband Arrested

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Travis Hollman, husband of Real Housewives of Dallas cast member Stephanie and future somewhat-willing reality TV star was once arrested in Washington County, Oregon after refusing to take a breathalyzer test. In a post from Radar Online in which the gossip site baits users into believing that the event happened recently via a shady headline, Hollman was arrested for Driving under the influence of intoxicants (in 2007), which is apparently a new fancy way of saying he was driving in an altered state.

Travis Hollman

Neither Hollman, nor his wife (to whom he gives chores to keep busy), commented on the issue, but then again, it happened so long ago that they probably made some sort of comment to whatever company he works for and whatever charity she sits on the board of (wouldn’t it be awesome if it was Mothers Against Drunk Drivers?). Driving under the influence of anything is a selfish, irresponsible act, and should be punished accordingly. But since Travis Hollman has loads of cash (“long paper” as the kids say these days), he merely was required to complete required DUII education/treatment programs and attend a Victims Panel following the arrest.

Is this news? Not really. Will it come up in the debut season of RHOD? Only if the drama gets reallllllly good.

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Stephanie Hollman: Bio of RHOD Star

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The Real Housewives franchise have given us reality TV gold for more than a decade now, and now Dallas is joining in on the fun. The most recent new series, Real Housewives of Potomac, has been a snoozefest so we’re hoping that the Dallas cast will keep things interesting.

Now that we’ve gotten to know Brandi Redmond, it’s time to meet her partner-in-crime: Stephanie Hollman. It’s unclear how long the two have been friends, but they both seem to cultivate the “extended brunch before the charity meeting,” lifestyle, which seems really stressful so thank goodness their husbands are so accommodating!

Stephanie Hollman Family


Stephanie, as you might imagine, is fighting off father time with an army of syringes, a medical team on staff for most of the day, and a gargantuan (joint) bank account, and hot damn is she doing a good job at it! As with her bestie, there isn’t a ton of specific information about Steph, but thanks to Bravo (and Stephanie’s management team), we have some great (useless) stuff to pass on.

According to her bio, Stephanie’s “…spirited personality shines brightest when she is beside her best friend, Brandi. Together they are two peas in a pod with youthful attitudes that are sometimes in stark contrast to the more established veterans of the Dallas charity circuit.” Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, Stephanie met her husband-to-be some time after birth, and moved to Texas, where she and her family live on a golf course.

Like her BFF, Stephanie is very (and by very, I mean “somewhat.”) involved with charities, because who needs a job? Apparently, Stephanie isn’t as busy as her super, duper busy pal, but at least, she’s proactive about it. According to her bio, “In order for her to make her own money, Stephanie’s husband, Travis, frequently writes up a list of chores for her to complete when he is away on business.” My parents did the same thing growing up, but all I got was food and some walking around money.

Finally, we learn that Stephanie isn’t afraid to say what she thinks (regardless of whether she is qualified to voice her opinion or not). “When push comes to shove, Stephanie is not afraid to speak her mind and find her voice.” I don’t think it will come to it (hey, ya never know), but if there was a tag-team match between Stephanie and Brandi and two other cast members, I have no problem forecasting a victory for the debutantes from Dallas (Brandi and Stephanie, to be clear).

I don’t think it will come to it (hey, ya never know), but if the show devolved into violence, I have no problem seeing the juggernaut that is the Stephanie and Brandi combination taking down the rest of their cast members, before celebrating like Stone Cold Steve Austin, but with wine coolers.

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Brandi Redmond Instagram Pics

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On Monday, we took a peek behind the curtain at the cast of the highly anticipated Real Housewives of Dallas and were able to meet one of the characters to look out for: Brandi Redmond. So now that we know a little about the future star, let’s take a look at few of her Instagram pics!

2016 Brandi Redmond Picture

The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader married her high school sweetheart, is a full-time mom (though she makes time for charities), and is probably having a margarita as you’re reading this. Her Instagram is dedicated to scripture quotes, her husband and their adorable children, and to the fact that she hasn’t really aged since the age of 16.

Brandi has been described by producers as “…fun-loving, enthusiastic and unafraid to speak her mind, which can sometimes rub the other ladies the wrong way,” which makes it pretty clear that if Brandi brings her A game, there will be tears, laughter, police reports, and (maybe) lawsuits. What more could we ask for!?

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Brandi Redmond Bio

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The wonderful thing about reality TV is that it’s a year round sh!t show with premiere dates that don’t adhere to your standard Fall, Winter or mid-season premiere schedule. Because Bravo fans are obsessed with all things Real Housewives, as the Atlanta and Beverly Hills seasons wrap up, we’re happy to dive into the highly anticipated new series, The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Brandi Redmond Dallas Housewife

You can definitely expect to see the same over-privileged, bored women stirring the pot and keeping us entertained by how out of touch they are with reality. So to keep us entertained while we wait for the show to debut, let’s take a look at one of the cast members: Brandi Redmond.

Brandi Redmond is an esteemed individual. Before embarking on career of homemaking, she was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, which sounds really, really hard (according to her Bravo bio, which was most assuredly written by her agent/representation, she was also an All-Star and Pro Bowl cheerleader, which is impressive considering that the Pro Bowl is the All-Star game for the NFL, and are therefore the same thing, but I digress).

She attended Texas Women’s College (which definitely exists, maybe) at some point, where she got her MRS (haha get it!?) degree before marrying her high school sweetheart, which is really boring (Oddly enough, she looks like she could still be in high school, which isn’t how aging works, I think).

Listen, guys, Brandi Redmond is super busy. Aside from being a wife to a guy who travels a lot, she also has two kids, and she works “extensively” with a few of the more generic sounding charities in the US today (bravo!). If that weren’t enough, NOW she has to deal with a stupid camera crew following her and her friends out to brunch every day, which is super inconvenient, and probably necessitates at least two more mimosas than she normally would order.

Maybe we’re being a little harsh on Brandi, but for someone described as, “…fun-loving, enthusiastic and unafraid to speak her mind, which can sometimes rub the other ladies the wrong way,” we can expect a ton of drama to be started by Brandi. But let’s face it: that’s why we tune in on a weekly basis. So for now, let’s set the over-under of times that it’s mentioned that she was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys at five times per episode, pour ourselves a glass of pinot, and take a look at her ginger family Instagram pics.

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